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We hiked this yesterday. Started towards Frozen Lake, but views would have been better from the opposite entrance. Did Boroughs 1 & 2, had three snow passes which were melting and very slippery. Wasn’t easy without poles, but we made it. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone with strong fear of heights or without good grip on boots. Views were stunning, wildflowers were lovely. Stopped for lunch at Shadow Lake, but the bugs were biting hard despite bug spray, so had to abandon. Overall still an amazing hike.

We had an amazing time! When you get to the top of Summerland you can hike up a bit further to the Panhandle Gap for some further spectacular views. Absolutely beautiful. Will definitely be back.

Beautiful trail. Walked it on July 13th and the whole sourdough trail was free of snow.
I recommend taking the wonderland trail to get back, instead of hiking the sourdough trail up and back (a few spots covered with snow on this trail, but no problem to hike with normal hiking shoes).
Beware of lots of mosquitos! (Recommend deet)

This hike was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever done. First 2.5 miles weren’t bad at all but the last mile and half was pretty tiring. I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath. Still a little snow at the top but you won’t need spikes or anything like that.

I started about 7am from the parking lot. Weather was nice and cool in the morning with clear skies. I made it to Burroughs #3 by 11am with a few stops so I could take it all in. The views are absolutely breathtaking. I was able to beat the crowds, as I saw from my hike back to Burroughs #2. That being said, if you get to #2 and it's still early in the day, you might as well venture to #3. I was fortunate to see a bear on the hike back. I couldn't have asked for a better day hike. Parking lot to Burroughs #3 and back using loop - 9.8 miles.

Easy hike from the Sunrise to Frozen Lake. The sweeping views offer big rewards for little effort. Escape the crowds by taking the Wonderland Trail back down to Sunrise.

Set out on 4th of July. Started around 8:15 in the morning and crossed paths with just a few people. Both lakes were beautiful. Some patches of snow still, especially if you’re going all the way to the gap. We did it, but there was a sketchy patch with just hiking boots. Clear views of Rainer, Adams, and St. Helens if you do the whole trail to the gap. Worth the time and effort!

Amazing views on a clear day! Some patches of snow on slopes. My family of 4 were able to overcome but I would recommend an early start as it got hot later in the day.

Beautiful Vistas. Nice, relaxing hike.

We loved this hike. I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids to the peak. The path is narrow, but the hike up to the lake is perfect for older kids 8+. Swing by both lakes. Not too many people.

It was cool and rainy today at the start of the trail. It turned very windy and cold a ways into the trail. There was snow still on the sides of the mountain, and with the wind, I decided to turn around. Other people were also turning around. I bet it is an amazing hike in good weather! Will definitely be back!!

17 days ago

Incredible trek to a high mountain meadow. Keep a look out for marmots, mountain goats and the local extroverts, the many chipmunks that hang close in want of snacks.

We did the trail to the peak and lake late June.The trail to the crystal peak is 3.8 miles and to the lake is 3 miles. The route separates after 1.6 mile. The crystal peak trail has great view of the Mt.Rainer. You need little bit of luck to have clear sky and all breathtaking views. Trail starts in the forest and you will have clear views about after 2 miles. Both trails to the lake and peak are steep.If you wanna do only one of trails I recommend doing the crystal peak as you will have view Rainer and both upper and lower crystal lake.

Hiked all around majestic Mt. Rainier in August of 2017. On our last full day we woke early and drove directly the Burroughs trail and hiked 1, 2 and 3. For me it was the best hike of Mt. Rainier. Spectacular and easily doable for anyone used to hiking 5 plus miles with elevation changes. Saw a fisher close up and several bear from a distance. Highly recommend this hike. For those who get around, it was not as hard as the Fiery Gizzard Trail in TN. Would love to hike the Burroughs trail again! Enjoy.

in early August, the wildflowers are amazing. The mountain is as big as life. Marmots amusing.

Beautiful Hike. Hiked from Crystal Mountain Resort, to the PCT then up to Sourdough Gap ( GREAT views of MT. Rainier!! ) then down to Crystal Lake (The upper lake) Beautiful scenery, deer everywhere, great place to backpack.

Nice trail, kind of far from the view of the lake though. Wish there was a way to get closer

Great hike with some good weather. Clear view of Mt Rainier.

One of my favorite hikes. Summerland, in early August, is splendid with wildflowers of all colors and a refreshing, cold, beautiful stream.

Beautiful trail first 2 miles easy then next 2 were tough in snow stooped at the group cabin and made awesome cup of coffee and enjoyed the view with the sun shining in my face

Amazing view of Rainer at the top. Little bit icy the last quarter but manageable. Highly recommend

I combined this hike with Fremont Lookout Trail. The signage is good and the trails are easy to follow. The Frozen Lake wasn't a lake when I was there, so it confused me to thinking I was on the wrong trail, but the signs straightened me out :) I hiked to the first and second Burroughs to catch a view of the glacier at a wonderful overlook to eat lunch. The trail to get up the Burroughs is steadily steep and you're walking on shale rock that can easily slip beneath your feet. It's definitely a heart-pumper! From the visitor center most of the trail is in the sun and above tree line, so bring hat, sunscreen, and water. Totally doable if you are used to hiking distances.

Absolutely beautiful, you almost hike up on a cliff trail, with the glacier tops on one side and green lush on the other! Get closest to Mt. Rainier to admire the vertical height of it.
You'll reach a flat land when you reach the end of this trail and it's the most beautiful spot to tent out!
It was snowing and had mixed views when I went up there, but still quite grand!

We hiked all the way to the 3rd burrough. It was a very fun hike but the last burrough was steep

We hiked all the way to the 3rd burrough. It was a very fun hike but the last burrough was steep

Awesome hike. The trail is moderate. It can get a little cold up by Burroughs 2. It was a little hazy from the smoke today but still worth it.

10 months ago

I have hiked this trail multiple times. Once as part of the Wonderland Trail and other times just by itself for an overnight camping trip. Trail is beautiful with jaw dropping scenery. Lots of wildlife to see. I highly recommend this trail for its beauty. One of my favorite camps on the Wonderland Trail! The first time I stayed in the 3-sided group shelter and it was a full moon. Woke up to the sun coming up and warming me up in my tent. During the night a huge elk was wandering around next to my camp and was so beautiful to see.

10 months ago

Beautiful day; the trail was very well maintained and not too difficult. I took my teenage son who was very reluctant but this adventure has definitely changed his tune!

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