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Most favorite place to be, 45 minutes from my house.

Started the trail at sunrise today and loved every aching minute of the 7 hours it took us to finish the hike!

I'd recommend an early start if you want to avoid the crowds. We met maybe a handful of people on our way up to the Burroughs and didn't have any issues with parking at the trailhead. It's definitely chilly early in the morning though, so bring a jacket and wear layers.

I did the trail counterclockwise and loved watching the sun come up over the mountains, especially as we were heading up to the First Burrough. The climb up to the Second is steady but manageable (on our way down, we saw plenty of families with small children on the trail). And I will say that even though you'll see most people stopping at the Second Burroughs, definitely continue on to the Third! It's about 800 ft of steady climbing, but so worth it.

I would recommend that if you plan on doing the full 9-10 mile hike to bring water, sun protection, and maybe a snack. Although watch out for the ground squirrels! They know no fear when it comes to food.

One of the best hikes at this park. A lot of people stop at the second Burrow, but the most dramatic view is at the third. Enter clockwise if you want continuous views that blow your mind. Couldn’t stop to eat without chipmunks trying to nibble at your hands or looking in your backpack. Don’t feed wildlife!

Great hike and beautiful view but I wouldn’t have gone if I knew I had to pay $30 for a one day pass to go up there. Also way over crowded and a lot of tourist who don’t move out of the way for experienced hikers.

15 days ago

Great views & beautiful hike after a solid incline. Missed views due to the fog It was also misty at top & some snow was crossed. Portions of trail rocky and uneven but worth the gorgeous glacier falls. Great to see all the WA Conservation Corp volunteers crushing rock by hand & trail maintenance - gratitude. Baby marmots actually posing for photos, look for goats on the cliff side. Facilities at the top were a bonus.3 up 2 down. Busy trail but expected.

Beautiful hike. Highly suggest going past Summerland camp for at least 1 mile because the best part was after the camp. Lots of marmots and beautiful wildflowers. Fun crossings over rivers. Not too strenuous, just a steady climb. Lots of walking in woods which was nice but prefer a little more open hiking.

19 days ago

We went to this trail on July 26th. It was an amazing trek. We saw a lot of wild flowers and the view of Mt. Rainier was breathtaking. Throughout the hike we saw a lot of things and it was worth the effort .

21 days ago

Pretty hike. Connected to several other trails.

21 days ago

Great hike. Made it to 2nd Burroughs but did not continue since I didn’t have water or sun protection. Weather was amazing. Trail was easy to follow and connected with several other trails.

Loved this fun and challenging (for us) family hike. Views were amazing.

The view from here is always fantastic. We went clockwise which I think was better due to the rough terrain and a snowfield we had to traverse. Downhill would have been much more difficult. The only thing I didn’t like about the hike were the flies and mosquitoes. They were relentless every time we stopped to look at the mountain and take pictures. No way we were stopping for lunch here. Although they were annoying, I still would recommend this hike.

26 days ago

Everything you could look for in a dayhike:
Waterfalls, bridges, tall trees, wildflowers, crossing glacier streams & glaciers and a glacier lake. Plus keep following the wonderland trail to glaciers and bright blue rocks, spectacular!

What an incredible hike! If you can get to the Third Burroughs, it’s worth it. Hiked this 7/22/18, and there was one short snow crossing between the First and Second Burroughs—this one is probably the most dangerous out of all the snow crossings (based on where you’d end up if you did slip and fall) but, there was a decent platform built up with footprints to step in so it wasn’t too slippery and didn’t seem too scary. There were 3 more snow crossings on the Third Burroughs—these were fairly easy to cross. Plus, if you did happen to slip and fall, you’d slide and still end up on the hiking path. People were crossing the snow in nike tennis shoes. Just do what you’d be comfortable with. A park ranger recommended taking the Frozen Lake trail on the way to the Burroughs and taking Sunrise Rim and Shadow Lake on the way back to Sunrise, and I think that is probably the more enjoyable way to hike this trail. Trails are well marked and well trafficked. The parking lot at Sunrise was very close to full around 10:30am on a Sunday. Don’t forget bug spray and sunscreen!

This is now one of my favorite hikes ! I combined this with Fremont lookout and did about 9 miles total. The weather was perfect, definitely bring sunscreen and BUG SPRAY for the top of the second Burrough. The views were spectacular and the trail is so easy to follow as everything is marked really well. I didn’t even need a map. Lastly, get there early ! I got there at 830 and the lot was at least 1/4 to 1/3 full. When i left at 2, the whole lot and road were full. Enjoy !

It was awesome)))

Worth every ache and pain I have in my body lol! You MUST arrive as early as possible. We got there at 8am and the parking lot was about 1/3 full. When we left about 12pm the lot was full and cars were parked all along the road. Then there was at least a 1 mile line up at the rangers station.

Plenty of wild flowers in Summerland basin this weekend

Beautiful views with lots of other hikers on a Saturday. Weather changes quickly and while we were hot climbing up we could have used light gloves while enjoying the views at the top looking out at the glaciers. We saw a large herd of mountain goats down one slope and one pika in the rocks. Really great hike that we all enjoyed.

short and gorgeous. mostly exposed on ridge.

We hiked this yesterday. Started towards Frozen Lake, but views would have been better from the opposite entrance. Did Boroughs 1 & 2, had three snow passes which were melting and very slippery. Wasn’t easy without poles, but we made it. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone with strong fear of heights or without good grip on boots. Views were stunning, wildflowers were lovely. Stopped for lunch at Shadow Lake, but the bugs were biting hard despite bug spray, so had to abandon. Overall still an amazing hike.

We had an amazing time! When you get to the top of Summerland you can hike up a bit further to the Panhandle Gap for some further spectacular views. Absolutely beautiful. Will definitely be back.

Beautiful trail. Walked it on July 13th and the whole sourdough trail was free of snow.
I recommend taking the wonderland trail to get back, instead of hiking the sourdough trail up and back (a few spots covered with snow on this trail, but no problem to hike with normal hiking shoes).
Beware of lots of mosquitos! (Recommend deet)

This hike was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever done. First 2.5 miles weren’t bad at all but the last mile and half was pretty tiring. I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath. Still a little snow at the top but you won’t need spikes or anything like that.

I started about 7am from the parking lot. Weather was nice and cool in the morning with clear skies. I made it to Burroughs #3 by 11am with a few stops so I could take it all in. The views are absolutely breathtaking. I was able to beat the crowds, as I saw from my hike back to Burroughs #2. That being said, if you get to #2 and it's still early in the day, you might as well venture to #3. I was fortunate to see a bear on the hike back. I couldn't have asked for a better day hike. Parking lot to Burroughs #3 and back using loop - 9.8 miles.

Easy hike from the Sunrise to Frozen Lake. The sweeping views offer big rewards for little effort. Escape the crowds by taking the Wonderland Trail back down to Sunrise.

Set out on 4th of July. Started around 8:15 in the morning and crossed paths with just a few people. Both lakes were beautiful. Some patches of snow still, especially if you’re going all the way to the gap. We did it, but there was a sketchy patch with just hiking boots. Clear views of Rainer, Adams, and St. Helens if you do the whole trail to the gap. Worth the time and effort!

Amazing views on a clear day! Some patches of snow on slopes. My family of 4 were able to overcome but I would recommend an early start as it got hot later in the day.

Beautiful Vistas. Nice, relaxing hike.

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