Looking for a great trail near Stevenson, Washington? AllTrails has 40 great hiking trails, trail running trails, views trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Guy W. Talbot State Park or Beacon Rock State Park, we've got you covered. Ready for some activity? There are 21 moderate trails in Stevenson ranging from 0.8 to 12.5 miles and from 39 to 5,147 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!




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Stevenson, Washington Map

5.9 TH to lake. Solid workout.

5 days ago

awesome short climb to some amazing views

5 days ago

7 days ago

Loved the trail! Shaded, slow climbing trail up to an amazing view!! Would like to take the grandkids here next year. We brought our two small dogs with us. The rock climb at the end was easy and view was spectacular! ❤️

steep hike, you will be panting like a dog if your trying to stay at your normal hiking speed. View of St Helens, Hood and Adams are the payoff at the top. a few different layers of tree variety kept the hike interesting. I tried to hike after work, out and back took me 2:45 was pretty dark in the thicker sections. Sept 11th. Never Forget.

Great trail, very remote. Now that it’s cooling off, I’d recommend wearing pants. Parts of the trail are slightly overgrown or tall brush. Easy to follow the trail though. Steep inclines, and what you climb, you have to get down. Worth it for the peaceful lake at the end.

Great experience. Super difficult, rough terrain. View is amazing.

14 days ago

As an experienced hiker, this trail was definitely challenging! Completed today (Thursday 9/5) in under 4 hrs with many breaks due to my dog, heat and well...the incline. Views were definitely worth it even for it being considered its off season. Arrived at the parking lot at 9 am amd only 3 other cars, very quiet day on this trail. Very dry and rocky, wish I took my Trek piles. Did the most difficult trail up and caught the lesser on the descent. However, the heat was picking up so the partial shade was a drawback. Just moved to Oregon and this was on my radar last year while on vacation. While I'm sure it's spectacular during wildflow season, I can't imagine I'll want to tackle this again.

off trail
15 days ago

This trail is beautiful and at the same time NO JOKE! Get your knees ready for the way back down .

16 days ago

A great shorter hike with incredible views from the top. A bit of a thigh burner with a gradual incline. Took us 2.5 hours with a stop for lunch and photos at the top

Very technical towards the top but worth it, bring lots of water!

over grown
17 days ago

We loved it! Will do it again!

Amazing hiking. No bugs at all. A bit “crowded” at the lakes but overall a great trip. Lots of huckleberries. Bear lake was beautiful. Blue lake was amazing tho it was windy!!

17 days ago

It was about 80 degrees back in Vancouver on 9/2/2019 for this out and back hike. At the trail, I’d guess it was 10 degrees cooler. Perfect conditions. I started at Thomas Lake Trailhead and after reaching the Indian Heaven plateau, turned South to see Salahie Tyee and Blue Lake. It was a great hike and came in at just about 8 miles. That’s a long hike for me but once you get to the plateau area, it is flat and gorgeous. I must have seen nearly 2 dozen bodies of water (from lakes to tarns to small ponds) along the way. I applied DEET down in the parking lot but didn’t need it. No kidding. I ran into several parties returning from their overnight adventure and none complained of mosquitos. I was hiking on September 2nd and we’ve had a rather tame summer for the most part. I don’t know what affects mosquitoes but here at the start of September, they were not a problem - though I’d still want to have my bug spray close at hand. This isn’t a hike with sweeping views of distant peaks. But the lakes are beautiful and the meadows are idyllic. I didn’t see a single red huckleberry still on the bush. Plenty of black ones though. There were lots of mushrooms along the trail. Keep eyes pealed!

Trail was great, people were all kind and respectful. We will be back to do the whole loop. Did just a small portion with my son who’s 8 for a overnighter at Blue lake. Only suggestion is don’t forget your $5 parking fee it’s a hefty ticket if ya do.

Great trail! Beautiful and well maintained! We followed the trail exactly and our fitbits told us it was a little over six miles, so be ready for a little extra push

great hike. two hours up, and two hours down.

18 days ago

Plenty of parking on a Sunday afternoon; even enough room for our 30 ft RV. Walk down the gravel road to find the trail head. The trail is mostly steep & rocky, and often narrow. There are 3 fallen trees you will need to climb over. It’s challenging but short. The views make it well worth it. Not overly crowded today. Took about 1.25 hours up and an hour down.

McCall Basin to Camp 20 below Hogback Mtn, via Shoe Lake where we got water. Shoe Lake wonderful. Not too difficult day. Lovely day, nice camp. Room for 6 tents. No water.

One of the best trail!

You gotta work for it buts it’s worth it!

Snowgrass Flats to McCall Basin. Tough trail, much of it Alpine with Ricky loose trails and lots of up and down. Took alternate PCT loop to Old Snowy. Spectacular but added a lot of difficulty. Gorgeous views today.

Sheep Lake to camp #14 near Snowgrass Flats. 5.9 miles, minimal elevation change. Beautiful hike.

20 days ago

After reading the reviews , I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s actually close to a mile up to the top of Beacon Rock, climbing all the way. The trail is plenty wide enough with numerous observation points along the way. If heights are a problem, this may not be the trail for you. The switch backs are right on top of each other for most of the trail, hence the need for the railing. The views along the way and at the top make this short trail well worth the effort.

Beautiful hike with lots of lakes and ponds. Streams were dry in late August making the few Creek crossings easy. Also, the.mosquitoes weren't too bad.

24 days ago

The trail down to the lake is fine. The left and right trails vanished within 10 minutes of walking. Too many fallen trees and overgrown paths.

on Beacon Rock Trail

25 days ago

Amazing amazing amazing. Heavily trafficked but paid off. Gorgeous view at the top.

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