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Solid trail, better to go up the back end and come back the river side. Water fall was cool, views are great, well worth going up there, leave early, parking lots are small.

Great hike!!! It’s moderately very challenging! Differently recommend Trekking Poles. Won’t need them till you get to the summit kinda treacherous without them. The view once you get there is sooo worth it!!!!

Nice moderately challenging hike with beautiful views of the gorge! The summit is a bit underwhelming, but the views on the ascent and from the saddle more than make up for it. Much of the hike is shady, which is nice on a hot day.

Absolutely gorgeous view of the gorge, only problem is the best view is halfway. The top has little payout because it is so overgrown.

If you’re out of shape and unused to steeper inclines (like me) there are sections of this trail that are absolutely brutal. Going up my lungs and legs were on fire; going down my knees and toes were getting murdered; but the views were beyond worth it.

The saddle up top is one of my favorite spots in the Gorge. There are more impressive views to be had elsewhere, but the high plateau has a surreal feel to it that I just love.

Did only little Hamilton Thurs 6/7. It is a very steep incline after Hardy Falls. I wanted to reach the summit but once at little Hamilton, the trail to get there was right at a cliff edge and I guess, as I get older, I have more fear of heights and vertigo :( I enjoyed reaching little Hamilton and the view was spectacular. I started at 8AM right when it opened so I had lunch at the semi-top by myself. If you go in the early morning, pack a light jacket if you want to rest at the top, it is very windy and cold. Recommend this hike as it is very beautiful all the way up! If you come down the same way, I highly recommend poles...my knees were very thankful!

Such a fun little trail! Can be very crowded but we had a great time hiking on it.

Forestry pass needed and park opens at 8am. Get there early to avoid crowds. Depending on season (now) there is a lot of sun exposure even at the early hours. Lots of inclines, I'd say the entire hike is almost uphill so going down can be quick. Hardy falls and Pool of the winds is a sweet cool treat halfway up. The top of the mountain is a nice view but very obstructed by brush..there is however a nice rock lookout to the right on the way up to the top about 1 mile before hitting the top. Nice wildflowers during this time and views of Mt Hood and Mt Adams were awesome.

Just did this on Sunday 6-3-2018. Beautiful area with amazing viewpoints along the way. Took the counterclockwise direction loop and included the Hardy Creek trail. The summit is not signed but then has limited views due to brush growth. If you continue down the trail, you'll come up to a wide open area with better views and an opportunity to rest and eat while sitting down on rocky spots. It's definitely steeper going this route. If you want to go easier initially, take the Hardy Creek Trail route first and do the loop clockwise, but I don't recommend that as coming down will be steep on the Hamilton Trail. Another beautiful hike with views in the gorge.

lots of wildflowers, east ascent steep at times

I've done this hike twice and it's always a blast! Starts out steep but gets better and the waterfall and views from the top make it all worth it. Bathrooms and camping at base of trail

Very beautiful but Very heavy foot traffic.

Love this hike! It’s a fun climb with rewarding views at the top. I’ve only done it as an out and back, but you can make it a loop.

Hiked Hamilton Mountain TH yesterday. It has a neat waterfall. The hike is a bit rough if you want the reach the top of Hamilton.

20 days ago


Enjoyed the trail and overlooks of the gorge.

21 days ago

Hiked 5/16/18 (Mem Day weekend). Lot filled up by 9am. Nice hike overall. Hardy Falls is small in comparison to others nearby, but the little cave it goes through is cool. Some nice overlooks when you get up high, although today it was cloudy and raining at the summit. Much colder too! The climb is moderate to hard depending on your skill level. But the trail is popular and there were more and more hikers of various skills as the morning wire on. Completed the 7.5 mile loop in about 3.5 hours.

Hiked 04/24/18

This was a very beautiful hike. The summit was a mix of terrifying and beautiful seeing the georgeous landscape from such an open viewpoint. I did get a bit lost on this one however since I didn't do an out and back I tried for a loop which was a big mistake. The trail markers are not clear to where the lead or where you will end up. There are alot of confusing options for a first time Hamilton explorer. I parked at the camp ground parking to the left of Beacon Rock off Hwy 14 as my GPS instructed to begin my hike and ended up in the Equestrian trailhead parking 3 miles away when I finished! A good Samaritan drove me to my car so I didn't have to summit all over again and hike back down the trail came in from. Lesson learned. I'll do an out and back next time!!!

this hike was borderline hard at times but was amazing!! i suggest to do the loop to capture all the amazing views. i clocked it at 8.5 miles. was well worth it, i would start earlier in the day because it get pretty hot in the sun. enjoy!

This trail is one of my favourites within 1 hour of Portland. I’ve hiked this trail twice so far this Spring, and the quality of trail/views/challenge/weather is incredible. I would highly recommend getting to the site earlier in the day since a good amount of the hike is in full sun, and the parking fills up fast. Heed steep parts of the trail, as well. Wear proper footwear.

Fun hike! Chinook Creek Falls was a beauty!

This was a great hike in the Gorge! I would say it borders on hard if you do the whole trail, as there are some pretty steep and long uphills. But absolutely beautiful views of Mt Hood and Mt Adams. Actual summit has a bunch of thrush and some obstructed views. Dog friendly too!

Great hike. We're first timers and though there are a couple steep areas (right near the parking lot, killer on the way back) it was a fantastic experience. Great camp areas; though most of them are at the end there are a few in the first 1-2 miles and some nicely hidden ones at the bottom of the first major waterfall if you take the trail downhill.

Road is paved all the way up but there are fairly regular washouts and bulges that will hit you hard if you don't watch out. Our Outback did great but anything too low might be dicey.

Overall amazing, just amazing!

Steady climb, great work out if you do more incline intense way up on the loop. Parked below beacon rock and added additional easy hike, nature walk to trailhead.

This is an amazing hike! Can’t recommend it enough :)

Great forestry and greenery in the beginning. Passes over gorgeous waterfalls and Pool of the Winds about a mile in. The climb is pretty steep but you are motivated by the beautiful views of the gorge at every switch back. The summit is pretty vegetated, so it's not a 360 view or anything, but if you continue along the ridge for another half mile or so there is a saddle point which is a great open spot for a picnic and sightseeing. Definitely shorter and easier to do the loop as opposed to summit out and back. Quintessential gorge hike!

Picturesque trail to get away from the city, about 50 minutes away from Portland. The hike is classified as “Moderate” but should be noted that there are some steep inclines and strenuous portions at times even. The view at the top of The mountain is breathtaking and worth the trip up. The parking lot filled quickly, but there are secondary parking areas to accommodate a popular trail.

Great conditioner hike, however the views are obstructed. Lot’s of people.

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