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I loved this small hike. Such a big reward and it was clearly marked, luckily the road wasn’t closed.

This was the best hike!! We had an incredibly clear day, sunshine all the time with crazy views. Took us 5 hours up and 5 hours down (we didn't rush down, this can definitely be done faster but we took our sweet time).
We went late October and there was quite some snow, so light crampons or some sort of traction is really helpful. We also had gaiters which helped, but I'm sure people will argue you don't necessarily need it. However, it's a hard hike and whatever helps, right? Totally worth every step though!

on Butte Camp Trail

2 months ago

Finishing stretch of two night trip! Glad we were heading downhill!

Awesome butt kick trail

2 months ago

It has everything! A big waterfall, lots of views of mountain ranges, adventure/ rope ascents&decents, AMAZING COLORS in the late fall! Totally underrated backpacking trip!

Awesome hike but you better hope for a view when you get there. We car camped at the TH and was able to hit the trail at 6 am. I think 5 am would have been better for the next time though. The first two miles were through the woods at a nice grade providing a warm up for the tough hike to come. After popping out of the woods it endless rocks and ash. One should have gloves to protect themselves from the abrasive rocks. All you need to do now is follow the posts. The trail involves walking and squeezing through large rocks or on ash. There is no groomed trail here. The trail is easy to follow when there is good visibility as well. About a hour before the rim the wind picked up, which is pretty common. Just be prepared for the wind and some cold weather and you will be fine. There was really no snow that couldnt be avoided until the last few feet. I didnt use spikes but had them., some in my group used them though. On the descent they were more useful. Poles are a pain on the way up but useful on the way down.

I was there with a few friends and if it was summer and warmer no view wouldnt have been a big deal. Since I was there at this time of the year and it was cold and windy I am glad we had the view and not so sure I would have left the car if there was no visibility on top of the wind and weather.

Absolutely stunning views! Hit the trail head about 0615 & made it up to the summit about 4.5 hours later. This climb was the most challenging yet. Mentally and physically having to push myself to keep going. So happy for the reward at the top!
I suggest some experience with outdoors and hiking and moderate physical shape to complete this. Leave the dogs and kids at home!

We did this in 2015 in a down pour & high winds. It was terrifying (for me). We made it to the summit and I'm glad I pressed on to the top!

This is such an amazing climb. I trained for this all year pretty much and it was so worth it. I started at 5:40am. I wanted to give myself a full 12 hours to experience this. I wasn't going to rush to the top or break any records here. My husband walked me through the forest to as far as he could go then from there I was solo - only there are plenty of other people climbing it! The first part is easy as it's extremely level but after that it's pretty much straight up through a combination of rocks and ash. Then you hit the boulder field. What a work out. This made me wish I'd done more of an effort to lift weights or do more push ups in preparation for it but I managed through it just fine. The ash field is walking through sand up a steep hill. I found this the hardest part of the climb, mostly because it's frustrating. One step up, two steps back. Then there's the summit. It takes your breath away. The day I did it (Sept 3rd) the forest fires in Oregon had just started more or less and the smoke covered both Mt Adams and Rainier. We could also see smoke from the start of the eagle creek fire too. I sat and admired my view for about 25 minutes before heading back down. Took me about 7 hours to summit and 4 to get back down.

I took 6 liters of water with me plus an extra liter I hid in the tree line near the last toilet. Helped a lot on the way down
Also had gloves for the boulder fields as it's pumice and can cut up your hands.
Salt tablets helped too plus lots of snacks. I had so many I was able to share with a bunch of people too. Took 2 sandwiches and only ate one. I also drank a liter of water with nun before starting the hike.
Sunscreen. Lots of it.
Shorts to change into. Got so hot on the way down.
Sunglasses for sure.
It's a bucket list hike. Highly recommended!!

Consistently under reports mileage. Annette lake was actually 8.4 miles and lake serene was 9 miles. They under report mileage.

4 months ago

Great hike with breathtaking views at the top near Loowit trail. There is a short segment of maybe 0.1mile near the end that is a narrow with a steep dropoff. The trail is made of loose stones and gravel, and has started to give way slightly at 2 points. Use caution.

Didn't. See a single person. Beautiful rewarding hike

Hard is a good description for this trail. It's a nice forest stroll until you reach the timberline. After that, its a "boulder dash" until you reach the gravel/ash near the top. 100% worth the hike, though. You'll love it.

stairs are a bit tough, but the views are worth it.

Lots of smoke in the area ,hard hike but worth the view, yesterday was my 2 nd time up there.

This climb is hard but totally worth it!

put a couple miles in just trying to find the trail... then found a sign saying 'trail closed due to washout' down the road from where the gps said the trailhead was... took my 11 year old son and his friend who in good spirits had fun anyway and did the June lake hike on the way back... We might try again before the snow hits this year but definitely by next year..

Great trail, good variety/view. Last mile of road to trail has potholes, made it there in a sedan still. Look out for mountain bikes!

One of the hardest hikes I've ever done, but the view was amazing.

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