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Spokane, Washington Map

I went with my one year old carrying him and my 4 yo who actually is a good hiker (we go hiking all the time). But the trails were very rocky, quite steep for him, and very confusing. There were so many trails I had no idea which one to stick to for this loop. I even had out my All Trails app and it showed me where I was in relation to the trail and many times it said I was not on the mapped route. I also parked in the wrong parking area and started on the wrong trailhead, I think the gps was a bit off or the map is off. We ended up taking a short cut and cutting the hike short because my 4yo just couldn't do the steep hill. We got lost many times not knowing which trail to take. We had to do a few turn arounds and then followed someone out hoping he would lead us out down the right path. Bottom line, don't take kids on this hike, and don't be on a time limit. Be familiar with the trail before you go or go with someone who knows the trails. Also there IS a legitimate parking lot with a sign where the trail head is just east of where the gps says to go. Happy trails!

great views.

I love hiking here but the trails aren't all well identified. We thought we were following the trail but ended up in a fenced in area at one end of the park. Still, it has great views of the city and there is a lot of wildlife.

Great views but horribly marked trails. You don't know what way to go as you make the loop.

Great trail. Had a few mosquitos.

This looks like an alright place for rock climbers. It is also not a bad hiking spot, if you happen to live in the area. The trails are steep in places, and sometimes a little hard to find. Sadly, lowlifes have defaced some of the beautiful rocks with unsightly graffiti.

There are some fair views of the greater Spokane area at higher elevations. There were marmots running around all over the place - so cute!

It was a good hike. Nice elevation.

5 days ago

pleasant stroll through the fields and meadows just two or three miles from town.

Very flat trail with phenomenal views of downtown and pretty wildflowers. Some parts were pretty swampy this time of year. Not sure where those waterfall pics were taken from, but the main trail was too flat to see any waterfalls like that. Wish I could've seen them! Woulda made the outing a little more fun. Still a great place to walk the pup. Will probably run up here next time, it's so flat would be a great loop for that.

11 days ago

11 days ago