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Other than having to see the Waste Treatment Plant, this is a beautiful hike. The single track river portion was dry, but there is still plenty of wet snow on the inland portion. Bring your waterproof boots. ;-)

it's more fun in the snow and off trail! but be careful... lol

Nice trail, easy to hike, however snow spikes are highly recommended in the winter. Nice view of the city. Conveniently located can get to even in a small car. No restrooms other than a pit toilet that is yucky. Definitely will hike again.

Beautiful views of spokane and a great short 3 mile hike!

We went off the trail and got some priceless photos, it was amazing and not to hard as long as you take your time :)

Beautiful hike. Missing signage makes it hard to know if you’re on a trail or not

Great place to sneak in a quick hike. Easy to get off the main trail because of false trails or missing signage.

Pretty hike but very poorly marked, it was hard to figure out which trail to take especially in the snow. I had to track myself on the app so I wouldn’t get lost.

Nice easy hike! Had a quick picnic at the bench at the top. Good hike for the fur babies.

Great, convenient spot for training to do real mountain hikes and climbs. Too much litter, graffiti, and too many splits to recommend it for anything but training or watching Felts Field. I run it with a 30lb pack for endurance, and climb rocks here and there, but people ruin the nature aspect.

4 months ago

whenever I have visitors in town Nd we do a stop in Spokane we always seem to do this trail. Kind if fun leisurely walk

Went up yesterday with 5 kids ages 3-11. Great place to let them roam and climb and learn about the after effects of wildfire in certain spots. The favorite activity was boulder climbing and running through the snow field. Need to bring a towel next time to wipe their shoes before getting in car. Great views of the city. Flat trails.

Views are nice, just a little short for a run.

mountain biking
4 months ago

There was a lot of climbing involved, I would do it again but after going up once I was too tired, so I went home...do not recommend if it is your first time on a mountain bike trail.

great hike close to town

Great day for a hike! Only my second time hiking here. I forgot how convenient this spot is.

Trail is not well marked So be aware of your surroundings!

Great hike! Look for the gate on your left hand side when you are driving there. Keep an eye out for furry friends as well☺️

mountain biking
6 months ago

I love this place. Have come here frequently. Lots of different trails for hiking and exploring. There's not too many people because there's lots of trail options.

Mountain biking it's not that great but once you go real deep and get good and lost its pretty fun on a bike if you're willing to make your own path, then it's pretty interesting.

Went for a very smokey hike this morning the trail markers are different from the map on this app towards the end so I have no idea if I was in the right spot or not but it was awesome regardless!

7 months ago

When it comes to walks and hikes, I'm not a creature of habit. Every experience is somehow new. Today I turned the Spokane Falls Trail (better known as Riverfront Park) into a discovery of Huntington Park and the Spokane Skywalk. The Skywalk is a series of covered walkways that connect many buildings downtown on the second level. It was also my first visit to River Park Square, the mall by the river. Unfortunately my [Luke] Skywalk was cut short. Many of the skywalks "close early" because they are attached to buildings with businesses that close early. I'll have to more fully explore them during business hours.

7 months ago

I extended this walk by adding a large chunk of the Ben Burr Trail. Ben Burr didn't greatly impress me, but the river loop is very nice.

7 months ago

Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane and the falls are a great place to take friends or family when visiting. For those not into a more intense hike, they can take in some fairly fantastic sights by walking a mile or less. Today's walk to see the falls was made infinitely better by my visiting sister and family.

I put in photos of entrance to trail as I was t sure I was at the right place. Great hike! Bring lots of water sunscreen, bug spray and if you bring a dog pls pick up after! At the first fork I went left and went past some nice views, wominds down around housing development on left but has great views on right of mountains & valley floor. Trail kept breaking off and somehow found myself directly behind houses on a path, kinda does a big circle back as path kept disappearing so I turned around and went back. Lots of uphill on way back. Next time I'll try the right at the first fork and see where that goes. Enjoyed the walk and wore myself and dog out! Great workout!

Nice because there are many things to do nearby, but not for those seeking a nature walk. Plus, there's lots of construction in the park right now.

rock climbing
7 months ago

I'm sure this is a lovely hike but there were far too many signs of unscrupulous questionable activity. We hiked 10 minutes, listened to our gut and turned around.

Good hike for so close to town. Trails are a bit convoluted, but none the less easily manageable.

I loved that there was a trail so close to the "city". It's a hidden gem and we had fun hiking with our dog. We got a little lost and had to trek a little ways back to the right trail but fun nonetheless.

We love this hike

Since I had already hiked the outer perimeter of the park today I made it my goal to fill in some of the inner trails. They were all enjoyable. Strangely enough, my favorite section was at the very end when I decided to go toward the northwest. The trails here are not on the map, but they are still within the park boundaries. This section has a lot of elevation change, and there are many rocky structures and ravines. A friend of mine said it was once a hot spot for "BMX" bikers.

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