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This is a great trail running loop.

One the best trails we’ve been on. Great inclines, gets the heart pumping. Loved it

Amazing loop with great bouldering and technical climbing options!

Great trail run. Perfect amount of hills and views and grass and trees.

my wife and I hiked a portion of this trail today, when I get more time I plan to come back!!

9 days ago

This is a nice little hike close to the city. There's a very gradual incline in the beginning and it's all flat or downhill from there - quite easy and would be a good family hike. The South facing side of the hill is open and hot with little shade. The trail is very wide like a road. A lot of the grass was already dead with a few wildflowers hanging on. We were disappointed at the top - there are several loudly humming cell towers and an obstructed view of Spokane Valley. However, once you start descending down the north side of the hill, there is a beautiful view of rolling hills and trees and everything is suddenly lush and green. The trail narrows and winds along and down the hill. We found plenty of mating beetles, dragonflies, bees, and wildflowers. This made up for the first part of the hike. I would go back to explore some more. We came after work around 5:30 and leisurely hiked this in two hours - 5.4 miles. There's a sign at the trailhead saying that they are moving the trails around so it probably won't match the route here on AllTrails.

Fun hike! Bring the bug spray and be ready for some moderate uphill.

Beautiful place for a family hike!

my best friend and I took our kids here 2 days ago. we had a great time on the hike and we found the waterfall. unfortunately a dog jumped from the above cliff and almost landed on my daughter and the owners were somewhere but a stranger came down and got the dog and took it up to the owners. it was an upsetting trip and we will never go back. BE CAREFUL!

15 days ago

I love going on a daily hike on this trail. It's veiw gives you a good way to get out of the house and moving.

first hike of the year! some great views. great workout!

Crowded on the weekends, but great id-week and early in the am..

Fun easy trail. Fun to do mid-week with the pups.

18 days ago

This trail seems endless! There are several off shoots that once familiar with the area, you can make up a walk as long as you like. I do anywhere between 4-8 miles when I go.

The terrain was interesting enough along Trail 101 loop. The trails are not well marked, but it would be hard to get lost. There were A TON OF TICKS on my dog and I.

20 days ago

Nice and easy hike for our pups! Beautiful view at the top, I definitely want to go back and hike the other side.

20 days ago

Good starter hike. Clear wide trail if you stick to the main path. Gradual up hill to the summit, but the view is beautiful. There was a rattlesnake crossing the trail, but he kept going into the brush. Beware if you or you animals are going off the path.

I love this Trail. It is a lot of up and down and it goes into wide-open territory so there's little shade from the Sun after the first part. But as beautiful views of the South Hill and the rest of Spokane. Very little traffic on this Trail. I was able to find my way easily as I stayed on the app all trails and my little blue. Show me exactly where I was. Definitely will be one I will do more often.

Good long trail, no incline, but it's unshaded. Bring plenty of sunscreen and water.

trail running
21 days ago

Amazing trail. My dog and I ran it in February, and you have to ford 3-4 creeks. The last one ("Deep Creek") is a bit adventurous, but that's probably because the waters were higher than normal. Was totally feasible though, beautiful, and so much fun!!!

Loved the bridge, water was high and fabulous. Easy enough for kids, great scenery, but busy! There was no pavement in this trail, that is on the bowl and pitcher trail.

This is a nice little walk or area for trail running or biking. There are some beautiful views of downtown Spokane to start. The road is gravel/concrete and then the trail turns left into the woods which spits you back out near the beginning. There were still some really muddy spots you need to navigate. Also, wear bug spray!! Especially if you go in the late afternoon. It's mosquito heaven. Otherwise, a nice and easy stroll a close drive from town.

So beautiful and tons of different trails to take. we walked along trails down river and it was amazing!

Great hike! We went counterclockwise... the trail starts off shaded and has a bit of an incline for around a mile. Once you make it around the loop and start the descent back, there aren’t many trees so you get a great view of Spokane and Dishman hills. So green and beautiful this time of year!

Beautiful trail, with dense foliage down below and tree lined meadows at higher elevation.

My final visit to Holmberg. The purpose of this visit was to test a particular loop route I thought would be a nice one to submit to AllTrails. I did a little extra wandering as well.

On this third visit to Holmberg I finished walking down every trail. It became clear to me which paths and viewpoints were my favorites in order to come up with a pleasant loop route.

On this second visit I filled in the blanks, hiking the lower elevation trails I missed the first time. The diagonal, perfectly straight line path from northeast to southwest of the park is a great finishing route to a loop in the higher elevations.

Holmberg Conservation Area will exceed your expectations because its true merits are hidden behind a run-of-the-mill city park. There is quite a variety of terrain, and the trails shoot off at interesting angles. At first glance it seems to be a walk through the prairie. Take time to explore and you will discover Holmberg is much more! There are treed areas, flat sections and serious calf burning steep climbs! There are excellent views from just above the treeline. Discovery of the somewhat hidden climb to the top yields multiple city views from rocky bluffs that jet out between the trees. Naively thinking I could see everything Holmberg offers in a quick evening visit, I was pleased to discover it would take a few visits to fully explore every trail in this gem.

Well defined, easy trail with some great views along the river! Perfect for walking the pup who isn’t quite used to hiking. Only issue for us was crossing the bridge first. Myself (and turns out my dog too) are afraid of bridges with rushing water underneath, ha!

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