I really enjoyed this! It was super easy, except for one little steep incline, but it’s relative short, and we, along with our dog, made it up just fine. I’d definitely recommend it!!

7/4/2020 - Excellent day for a hike/trail run. such beautiful views. Ran down to Steven's Creek trailhead. there is no trail information on the trailhead board, so I just backtracked up the trail I just came down. was hoping there was a connecting trail that would allow me to loop. still absolutely beautiful and peaceful hike/run.

Very pretty trail. No mosquitoes today, July 5, 2020, while hiking at around 1:00pm. Lots of shade also.

Great spot to ride horses off Government Way on Equestrian Ln. the views of the Spokane River are amazing on a horse!

3 days ago

The ridge overlooking the hwy 195 valley is breathtaking! This is a beautiful and peaceful trail. My favorite time is early morning when most of the trail is shaded but the valley is lit up!

Beautiful trail with great views. Great for kids. It’s longer than the trail description says. Consider going up to the top at Stevens Creek trailhead to the Big Rock for a fun picnic.

a few puddles but a blast like always

good trail. moderate traffic today. very groomed

This downtown loop is perfect for a run or walk along the river for locals or those visiting Spokane. Great view of the river, falls and a quick glimpse of Gonzaga University’s campus.

One of my favorite trails. You can pick all sorts of different trails to go up or down the mountain on the other side of the bridge. I did run into a few snakes in late June on the trail between the rocks and the river. Watch for the beautiful bald eagle and nest.

Went off course and got stopped by some unhappy property owners. So of the million private property signs I guess obey. REMEMBER we live on stolen land!

It was nice for an afternoon walk. My kids loved the QR codes we could scan and learn with. It was a nice touch for a little education. Even with a bunch of bug spray we still got eaten alive though. Loved the scenery.

10 days ago

10 days ago

The start of the trail from the parking lot had me a little disappointed as it seemed to be going down a an old road with lack luster ponderosas and minimal undergrowth, but as we meandered north the trail was more like a true trail and the vegetation thicker in spots. Dropping down into the valley near the river has the best views and more lush vegetation, including wildflowers. The trails look as if frequently used for mountain bikers, but we were fortunate to not run into any today, only some trail runners and hikers. I would imagine these trail get very hot and dry as the summer progresses due to the western exposure. Be sure to pack plenty of water.

Love every trail near Bowl and Pitcher. Everyone we come across is always so nice. We did find a used needle once but otherwise beautifully kept up.

We haven't done the full trail but did most of it. We do plan on hitting the full trail one of these days. Absolutely love it here, lots of little side trails to explore and spots along the river to stop and play in the water. This is our go-to when we haven't planned anything out yet.

No shade at all. Very hot in direct sunlight. Pretty flat for the most part

mountain biking
13 days ago

Great day. Taking the trail that wraps around centennial has a real nice easy fast ride

This is beautiful but beware if you're on a bike. This loop uses trails marked No Bikes.

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