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Spokane, Washington Map

Another nice and easy hike in this area. Enjoy a lunch hour walk or after work. Doesn’t take long at all. All ages and fitness levels can handle this one. Enjoy.

2 days ago

This is a good lunch time walk. Really fast and easy. Saw a rabbit so that’s always fun to see wildlife. Good walk for kids or people just getting into shape. Enjoy.

Not to bad. Some inclines to get the legs going. Decent views if you can ignore the graffiti. But it is in the valley that’s what you get..... lots of “not trails” signs that look like trials but the app works well to keep you on track.

This one is ok short and easy. Watch out for homeless. Not much else to say.

Nice quite walk in light rain. Only 2 other cars here. Pretty easy hike so I added some dirt trail near the water on the return trip. Worth it.

Fun little hike with the doggos. Perfect biking conditions. Wet but not overly muddy

Easy hike with dogs and kids.

It’s a nice little trail. Low water now of course but let’s you walk up to the little cave.

This is a wonderful day hike with a few easy to navigate blowdowns

So apparently someone submitted this trail that most of which is on private land owned by the Severn’s and Witherspoon’s. So let me clarify the boundaries; anything across the bridge going over the Little Spokane River is on the Severn property, which he allows people to hike onto. Anything else with private property and fencing is the Witherspoons property, which he strictly forbids anyone hiking on it, unless you get permission from him. I have received permission from him due to some hiking group affiliations I have. He doesn’t allow this for everyone and he was adamant about telling me that if I disrespect or harm the property of his he would not allow me on it. Now, I have a problem about the person that submitted this route that encroaches on his property and it may increase illegal trespassing onto his property and could cause issues with Fish and Wildlife and AllTrails for allowing to have the recorded trail submitted. I will shortly record a trail loop within the boundaries that will be around 3.2 miles (5k) that people can enjoy without risking getting caught and illegally trespass onto the private property. If you read this, please stay off the private property and respect all land owners wishes.

I planned to hike this loop today but ended up heading north on the gravel trail along the river. As I reached the point across from the rifle club, I saw two young deer enjoying themselves. I took a few pictures and turned back on the same trail. The weather was cool but nice for a hike. Lots of people were on the trail as well.

Hiked 2.82 mi total out and back, and this trail is in very good condition. Some nice views of Spokane and the Valley.

A good hike with lots of trails but a lot of graffiti and homeless litter too.

mountain biking
23 days ago

I couldn’t find the trail that gets me closer to the river. I just walked the paved path near the cemetery. Not the best hiking place for me. But enjoyed a morning walk on a nice sunny day.

This trail is really nice, although I had to refer to the map (on my phone) because the signs are either damaged or graffitied. It was perfect for a Sunday stroll with my 2 small dogs and a 4 year old. There was no pond though! All dried up this time of year I suppose.

24 days ago

Beautiful fall hiking weather this afternoon. Lots of downed trees. But most were off the trail. Lots of wild mushrooms in many colors, sizes and shapes. I saw two deer hanging out near the water. There was a sign that the trail will be closed November 4-7 for tree removal. Lots of nice people enjoying the trail today!

Nice vantage point of the falls. Good for anyone as long as you can walk down stairs.

Belated review - I did this hike with my dad in early July and we both loved it! This trek came suggested to me by the “Creaky Knees” trail guide book— my dad and I are both in great physical shape, but he’s in his 60s and prefers a more stable footing underneath him.... so this trip offered just the right amount of up-and-down without getting too rocky or steep for his “healthy but creaky” joints. I would recommend this to most everyone— you can keep a quick pace and get a good workout, or take your time and enjoy a more laidback walk. We got to say hi to plenty of friendly folks— teenagers, families with young kids, couples with a dog or two... Overall, great hike, and it’s a big THUMBS UP from my dad, my dog, and me!

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