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Very beautiful. LOTS of people.

It’s a kid friendly hiking trail.

7 days ago

This trail is correctly rated "Hard." My spouse, dog, and I ascended the Mount Si Trail to the summit on a dreary and rainy day. This did not tarnish our hike one bit. As a novice photographer, the trail offered ample opportunities to take great pictures. Fellow hikers were nice as well.

That was lovely!

Not recommend. Although it's a well-marked trail, there are a lot of burned areas blocking the way. The trail is too narrow, so we stopped many times to make way for biker. And the view of the top was disappointing, good for biking but not for hiking.

Eh. Can't get near the waterfall but it's fun to see.

Definitely a touristy destination. We parked at the bottom and walked to the top as suggested, very nice.

Popular trail for all ages! Bring your camera and expect crowds/tourist.

@mathew Bostick- how do you know they’re not locals? You’d have to go everyday to that tourist attraction to decide wether or not they’re tourist. Are you from that trail? Born and raised on that trail?

kids loved it :)

1 month ago

Nice walk, small workout going back uphill. Had a picnic lunch on the rocks down at the river. Very nice.

Full of tourists.

Better for mountain bikers. The view is obscured and not rewarding relative to the hike.

⬇️⬆️ straight down, then straight up. Sore legs tomorrow!

It was a nice view but just very crowded... Very.

Quite busy but good views.

The hike down to the river is as impressive as the falls itself, just kidding dummy the falls are so impressive.
Bring a couple different pairs of sun glasses to experience the cool secret optic fall attraction that happens. My glasses have a blueish hue while my girlfriends gave off an amber colored effect- she asked if I wanted to try hers but I said “no” because my male masculinity is very fragile.
I wanted to go over the falls in a barrel but we got there too late and I didn’t see the line for it and figured they must have ran out, next time we will skip picking up a friend from the airport and just go straight to the falls.
Oh and the hike up from the river to the top- if you have any bratty kids or old people in your life take them there just for that- they’ll hate every second of it and you’ll feel good knowing that somebody that deserves great discomfort is receiving great discomfort.

Busy path that was paved and pretty structured, but leads to gorgeous falls.

Loved the informational plaques. The Falls were gorgeous! The trail was heavily trafficked and there were many signs of rule breakers along the sides of the lower river bed.

2 months ago

It was a nice hike but harder than expected. My friend who is new to hiking “suffered” quite a bit. Nice view at the end. All in all good, but would not do the same hike again.

This time the weather was really clear (9/7/18) and I was able to see Rainier and the valleys very well. Between miles 5 and 6. It was a pleasant surprise because every time I have hiked here it has been cloudy so I didn’t even know there was a view of Rainier. :-) Well, there is, and it’s magnificent. There is a lot of clear cutting at the top of the mountain, but that allows you to see some really great views.

Today I continued down the trail to the Ledge then returned back the way I came. Including some extemporaneous exploration, I logged 18 miles and 4500 elevation gain.

Great hike! Definitely recommend!

2 months ago

Steep, but not prohibitively strenuous. There's a bunch of rocks at the bottom you can walk on near the bottom of the falls. Well worth the couple of hours spent here.

Tough climb. Very few people!

Easy out and back. Great views of the river and from below the falls.

on Stan's Overlook

2 months ago

Great trail my young son had a great time good day on the trail.

2 months ago

Nice little hike taken many times over the years! It is steep going down and coming back up with loose rocks! Proper footwear and water needed. There is a second parking area at the bottom if you are not up to the hike and a wonderful view from the top parking lot that is ADA/Stroller accessible!

I am not sure why this trail is rated easy. it is not. it is straight down, steep. not safe for strollers or people with any bone or muscle troubles. there are 2 places on this entire trail that is flat. it is a steep decline and, turning right back around a steep incline. not safe for people wearing sandals either. 100% gravel and mud. several places to stop to sit. take a break. take water!

2 months ago

Nice day to see the waterfalls! Beautiful...smoke cleared up. Upper section good for grandparents. Lower section with the best view is good for small children. Steep in some areas. Recommend coming early if you want to beat the crowds and the traffic.

Got in early and it wasn't too crowded for a Saturday. Gorgeous falls with good chances for nice photos. Friendly hikers. Easy trail down, not too tough back up but I did sweat.

If you want to hop off your tour bus and see some easy waterfalls then you will enjoy. if you want to hike to the bottom of the falls and escape the tour buses then you will not enjoy. The hike to the bottom is just a viewing platform, you are not able to get very close to the water unfortunately.

Lots of parking and people.

As everyone says, it is a tranquil, lush and beautiful, steep hike. It is a great workout! Hiked on an August, Friday morning. Started at 6am and headed down around 8:45. I was surprised that there were others coming up, but still very low traffic compared to the new Si trail.

At the end of the hike I thought I would try Little Si but it was full of too many groups of people. That was around 10:30am. I went half way up then turned around.

With my Little Si effort and an exploration jot at the top of the Haystack, I logged a little over 10 miles and over 3900 elevation gain.

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