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Amazingly not much crowd at 5 pm today ... wonderful trail !!

The falls are beautiful.

But this used to be a place you could sit by the water at the end of the trail and have a picnic. now they have it all caged off.

This was lovely. The views were amazing. Fun to do with the kids. Would do it again!!

10 days ago

Trail is fine but can be steep.

11 days ago

It was a very nice but there were no signs or warnings of the difficulty of hike. The way down was fine but the incline coming back up was horrible. If you’re not in shape or don’t have water with you I wouldn’t hike down. You can see the waterfall without doing the hike down.

11 days ago

Easy to navigate trail, extremely crowded on the weekends so if you’re not up to that then I suggest going on a weekday. The trail down to the water isn’t bad, but going back up may elevate your heart rate a bit! The water is beautiful and my boyfriend went swimming in there. Lots of people brought rafts or tubes.

Well marked trail, great forest terrain. There are some burned areas to get through, and the top is a little disappointing with no viewpoint and lots of logging. I went through to Rattlesnake Lake and it was very cool, also shorter than turning around and going back down.

15 days ago

Easy trail to beautiful waterfalls. We did the bottom trail only and it was easy. We spent time walking across some rocks in the river as well.

Nice and quick! Bring water shoes so you can comfortably walk in the river.

Easy trail, though steep in spots. Well maintained, smooth trail. Split to explore river - can wade and climb on rocks.

The trails was clean and well maintained and the hike to and from was good for all ages. The trails were clearly marked and access to the river was very easy. You can also drive all the way down to the river access for those that did not want to hike. The view of the waterfall was astonishing.

Great, easy hike with an awesome view of the falls from below. If you don’t feel like hiking the view is just as great (if not better) from the viewpoints at the top.

23 days ago

I went on this trail for training and it does the job. It super steep. My recording came in at 6.8 miles and 3363 ft, so a little different than the description. I was following the downloaded map.

As people said, I was happy about the condition of the trail, except in some places where it seemed like an upward scramble. The best part really is how quiet it is.

Little Si does have a smaller parking lot that can fill up quickly.

Beautiful waterfall and the river is really nice to hang out by after hiking. If you have a baby I definitely recommend baby carrying, the trail is too rocky and steep for a stroller. The hills walking back are steep and a little difficult but it’s a great walk.

Massive waterfall, excellent views from several lookout points. Rest on rocks at base of falls trail on the river’s edge. Steep incline trek to the top. Saw all ages and skill type hiking. Dogs welcome, but be sure to bring them plenty of water! Clean restrooms located at both trailheads. Very busy, but people were courteous in sharing viewpoint spaces.

1 month ago

The falls are spectacular. We parked across the street and walked across the bridge to view the falls from the top. It’s pretty crowded but this is a wonder of nature that you must see. We hiked to the bottom and the view is so much better. There are two flat level sections on the hike as the trail crosses the power lines. But the rest of the trail is very steep. I recommend doing it in reverse. Park at the lower section and hike up to see the upper view while your legs are still fresh. Then hike to the lower level and spend the rest of your time on the river. Pack a lunch and eat it by the river! Don’t miss the separate lower section to view the falls on the boardwalk too. We did not visit the visitor center.

Beautiful view a must see the trail was great to do.

on Snoqualmie Falls Trail

1 month ago

It was an easy hike to see the falls.

The trail is very well-maintained and the signs are regularly and clearly marked so you won’t have trouble staying on track. It is a steady incline throughout, with very forgiving intermittent flat/downhill patches. Overall, I really don’t agree with the “hard” rating. It is more intermediate.

There are beautiful views at miles 2, 4, and 6. In June all the wildflowers are in bloom, making the trail exquisitely beautiful. All the snow is gone by now and there were only a couple of small muddy patches, which were very easy to navigate around.

Most people comment on the high traffic of this trail. It is no lie. Going early on a midweek day is your best bet. I went on a Friday morning at 5:15am and I was the only one on the trail all the way to the top (and some birds and a few unfortunate snails). However, on my descent (shortly before 8) I began passing other hikers on their way up. Even still, it did not feel congested at all.

There are quite a few viewpoints along the way with benches. I brought breakfast and a great book and had a wonderful time enjoying the view at the top, eating breakfast, drinking my tea, and reading the book.

I highly recommend this trail! If you go outside of crowd-time, this is a great trail for relaxing you-time. Have fun!

Absolutely beautiful trail! You see the best views at the top but it’s also a nice hike down to the bottom. Pretty steep coming back up but totally manageable! Only takes about 10 minutes! Get there early or it will be very crowded!!

nature trips
1 month ago

Wonderful views of the waterfall, wish we could get closer at the bottom. Went on a Friday, still busy, but got plenty of open area for good views. Our kids 7,4 complained about the hike back up.

Don’t try to go on a sunny day. You’ll have to fight to the death for a parking spot.

Beautiful, majestic, powerful and breathtaking are just a few words that come to mind when I first viewed this waterfall. The trail is fairly easy trail, I recommend doing it in reverse though. Drive down to the bottom and walk up to the top. It will be a way easier walk back to the car because it will be downhill. This is the number one waterfall I take all my family to when they come out to visit. If you want to skip the hike then park at the top and walk across the bridge; you can view the falls that way too. The bottom view is so much better and you can sit along the rocks down stream; yes it sucks we can’t get closer but it’s for our safely, for sure.

Way too many tourists. Way too crowded. can't get close enough to the falls. Not worth the time or effort.

2 months ago

Beautiful falls; a better view at the upper falls than the lower viewing point. Plant types are marked along the way.

2 months ago

Was super crowded when I went but still an awesome view!

2 months ago

Very enjoyable hike. The trail gets a little overgrown in a few spots, but for the most part ver well maintained. Great incline.... no switchbacks. Just in and out trail. The actual overlook isn’t jaw dropping, but very pretty vista views through some tree tops. Picnic table and a couple of benches at the overlook area. We got to the destination by 7:30 on a Sunday and we were one of maybe ten other cars and when we left at 9:30 the lot was completely full along with two overflow areas. New-ish bike trails here, so it appeared that most cars were bikers.

Pretty hike! We arrived on an overcast Sundy morning at 7am and the Little Si parking lot was about half full. Only saw 4 people on the way up, probably 100+ on the way down (came back down the standard route). No views for us due to cloud cover.

Upper views are awesome but if you go down the trail and the gate is open then the view is even better.

Thus place is beautiful year round, but if you can make it during spring runoff you'll be treated with a wonderful sight.

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