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Started at Lake Pratt trail head and hike the trail clockwise around the loop. Overall it was a beautiful hike. Trail was pretty crowded for the first couple miles but was isolated past Pratt. Hit snow coming over the ridge line. It was very steep and slow moving. Fell several times to spite my agility. Was also hard to navigate the trail because it’s clearly less trafficed and then with the snow... the snow lasted about a mile and once past that it was mostly downhill but lots of rocks. The last 3-4 miles were on road. Bring your crampons!

Bring rain gear at some point in your hike it will rain. In the tunnel, wear a blinker light on your backpack and head lamp on your head. Bikers thanked us for being visible. Gloves are helpful in the tunnel as it’s cold and wind blows West to East, it’s cold in the tunnel so you will see your breath. There is a bathroom on each side of tunnel. Fun and eerie hike!

Great trail and an easy hike. Some places there are splits that aren't marker with any signs so make sure you use GPS. View was worth it. also the trailhead right at the end of the bridge isnt marked super well. GPS was extremely useful for this hike !

Great hike! A little hard to find the trail in a few spots, but following past hiker’s tracks helped. Nice route to Dirty Harry’s Balcony.

We tried to make it to the falls last week but the bridge is completely washed out. So you can only make it about 1.5 Miles in before having to turn back.

Hiked this last summer. Excellent hike with well maintained trail. Can be very busy so if crowds aren't your thing I'd look elsewhere. The lakes past the katwalk are nice definitely recommend stopping there to eat lunch as most people stop before.

25 days ago

5/29/2018 (Tuesday) -- This should be currently taken as the only trail leading to Dirty Harry's Balcony. The other previously "official" trail seems closed permanently. This trail is much more interesting than the old one. It seems being built in different periods, some sections look older, others newer, neatly laid with rocks. Yet, the starting point of this trail at the end of the bridge is not clearly marked, so it seems this trail has not been officially completed and opened. Numerous switchbacks grade the route up to 1.5 miles, then the opening shows the view of the I-90 corridor in both directions, and mountains on the opposing side of I-90. This trail is used very lightly.

Tried to hike 5/26 and there was too much snow to even see the trail.

There's still a lot of snow on this hike. A lot of people tried to start this but didn't have the right gear for it, so turned around. my friend and I were the only people on the trail the entire way. We only had spikes but snowshoes would have made it easier.Thankfully there were foot prints most of the way, wandering around was to a minimum. Once we reached the base of the mountain it got super steep. We continued on but at a couple hundred feet to the summit, we stopped because it felt too dangerous (for us) to continue on. The climb down was really difficult and very slow going. Slipped once or twice and had to use the trees to stop us. Might not be too bad if you were planning to ski down, but walking down, a little scary! I'd save this hike when there is no snow. But, the views, breathtaking!

Went on a colder rainy dry so the tunnel felt dry and slightly warmer then outside, perfect. Spooky at first but then loved it. Very cool experience. Only saw a few people, no bikers, most of the time we had the tunnel to ourselves.

1 month ago

Had a beautiful view from Dirty Harry's Balcony off of this trail today. I was enjoying myself so much I decided to try for the peak. There was still a bit too much snow for me to make it today, but it was a beautiful trail.

3 months ago

Started at 6:30, the beginning was well maintained and packed down. About a mile in the trail becomes very faint, snow becomes thick and difficult to traverse through and there is a various amount of different side trails that can confuse hikers without GPS. Around the 3 mile mark my group turned around due to weak trail appearance. Maybe wait a couple more weeks for this one. Snow shoes very much acquired. Be aware of possible avalanche danger

very well worth the hike...and very beautiful

Nice hike but very difficult at the end with snowshoes. A lot steeper than expected, but looking forward to seeing it in summer. Weather wasn’t great for us, but a good challenging hike nonetheless. We parked in the summit west lot to get to the trail. Glissaded down the steep part at the top - I’d say it’s too steep to even safely walk down unless you’re walking backwards.

Definitely over 6 miles. More like 7.5 round trip.

Good snowshoe hike, steep at the end but really pretty. Next time we'll try to get to Red Pond.

difficult to say the least with the 4 or so feet of snow currently on the ground, but I was surprised at how many people I saw. The usual parking lot is blocked by a snow wall from the plow so you'll have to park somewhere else which adds a bit to the walk. overall very beautiful but dangerous in parts, bring appropriate gear.

I️t was a super creepy and eerie trail reminiscent of some children’s ghost tale told by a campfire. After the initial adrenaline and shock wore off of the immense darkness and cold, I️t was almost unbearable and painful to walk in this loooong freezing cold tunnel. I️ saw a lot of people with bikes though so I️ think that would be the way to go.

I love it when I am able to do a new hike with gorgeous weather along with Gorgeous views. I couldn't believe I haven't hiked this one before, now I can add this one to be a duplicate, because I'm sure I will like this one again. great day great hike

7 months ago

Hiked Sat 10/28. Conditions were very good, 2 or 3 water crossings at the 1/3 portion of the trail - if you have hiking shoes you'll get through dry footed. Some snow (ankle deep?) at 2/3 of the way. We had hiking boots and a trekking pole each and it was sufficient. Great views along the way. It is a little disappointing that the trail has no climax point, but definitely worth the effort.

Hiked this incredible trail Tues Oct 24! Made it all the way to the Katwalk... Microspikes may be necessary, as snow became about knee dip 5 miles in! Water crossings are deep and intense...complete waterproof gear, especially shoes would be worth it. Totally worth it for the blue sky, snow, and fall colors...it was phenomenal scenery...with Rainier as the icing to our cake. The hike is long, but moderately challenging vs alltrails rating as difficult. Recommend on a clear fall day.

Hiked this mid-week. Turned around at the 5.2 mile mark, and didn't make it all the way to the Katwalk. No snow at all until the 5-mile mark, but there was some after that. Weather was really nice with outstanding views of Rainier. The water crossings were no joke - very full!

7 months ago

Great hike. It seemed like it should be moderate level hike in the summertime rather than "hard". but it was overall gorgeous! I enjoyed it on my day off and would 100% recommend to a friend. be careful with kids-there are steep cliffs.

8 months ago

Nice sunny views of red mountain, and guye peak. the snow definitely added much beauty.

I started early, around 9. trail was icy and boot packed snow. quite slippery at times. muddy and slushy in the warm afternoon.

it is a beautiful trail but it also felt kind of long, and features mostly the same views until the very end when you crest the ridge and get to see the other side, near the katwalk.

not exactly exciting since the trail is quite wide and heavily trafficked, but it is surely a beautiful spot in the Snoqualmie hood... way prettier than your usual i90 hikes and not as grueling either.

Incredibly mucky, slushy, snowy and a little icy. Those views made it worthwhile as it may have been my last chance at it for the year.

Fantastic hike. Make sure to wear study boots as there are many rocks to climb over.

Last 1.5 miles is all snow! About 4-6 inches. Bring gloves. Really foggy up top.

This is definitely the time to go. Trail is clear. Bring layers, it can get pretty cold and windy on the katwalk.

This trail is part of the famous PCT , it was great hike and fantastic view . I have enjoyed the trail and I am considering doing it again.

Most of the hike is through the woods but the few views you get are worth the whole hike. Enjoyed hiking it

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