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16 hours ago

Beyond amazing! I was blown away, truly nature at it's finest. A must do! Will be going back in the Summertime. Natural high for sure.

My wife and I hiked the trails today; perfect conditions! Very little snow/ice left, and the amount left didn’t even slow us down. The trails are still well groomed and the forest was peaceful. I recommend going to Gold Creek Pond afterwards, 2 great views in one day!

Went last week and there was still a lot of snow on the ground, made it a little tricky and longer to get to the falls.

There's still a lot of snow on this hike. A lot of people tried to start this but didn't have the right gear for it, so turned around. my friend and I were the only people on the trail the entire way. We only had spikes but snowshoes would have made it easier.Thankfully there were foot prints most of the way, wandering around was to a minimum. Once we reached the base of the mountain it got super steep. We continued on but at a couple hundred feet to the summit, we stopped because it felt too dangerous (for us) to continue on. The climb down was really difficult and very slow going. Slipped once or twice and had to use the trees to stop us. Might not be too bad if you were planning to ski down, but walking down, a little scary! I'd save this hike when there is no snow. But, the views, breathtaking!

Went today and there was hardly any snow left on the trail itself. Gorgeous easy walk/hike along the river with lots of amazing views before you get to the falls. Took a ton of pics, then took the Wagon Wheel trail back to the parking lot. Some downed trees to get over but nothing challenging. Wonderful short hike.

We went in the winter, highly suggest shoe spikes, people were sliding and falling into other people the whole time. Going down to the waterfall itself was so slick, luckily there was a rope to help shimmy down but still very difficult without shoe spikes. Won’t do this again in the winter, maybe a good summer hike

The road is open again so it's just a short two miles round trip. Very beautiful and definitely recommend if you love waterfalls and are looking for a short but beautiful hike! There was patches of snow on the trail in places but nothing you can't easily get through with just shoes or boots. Please remember to pack your trash back out with you! I passed a group of young adults that were drinking bottled beer and on my return trip I kept seeing their beer bottles they had left. Next time I'll bring a bag to pick up trash with. Let's leave our trails clean and beautiful!

11 days ago

Only three stars because the copious sun is making a 3-4” layer of slush. Even in spikes, feels like climbing up a sand dune. Melt has also made runoff stream crossings and tree wells treacherous. Two poles highly recommended.

Still, super beautiful. Recommend going in cooler weather or wait another couple of weeks until melt exposes the summertime trail.

12 days ago

We turned around after 1 mile. Most of the trail is still covered by snow. Spike and poles are must to have. There is a washed out trail segment, not wide but water current is strong, be prepared to wet your boots...

I didn’t know that the roads were closed and only prepared for a 2 mile hike. But seeing the snow and the falls was amazing even if we hiked for at-least 8 miles in total.

18 days ago

In order to write a review I had to rate but can't really rate since we were not prepared for so much snow...a little slippery for us. We turned around after about 1/2 mile. Go prepared with spiked boots and poles. We'll try again!

Check the snow pack for Apental Ski resort http://www.summitatsnoqualmie.com/conditions and it should give you an idea what to expect since the Snow Lake Trail Head is right there.

Road to car park still covered with snow, but once you reach the car park the path become dry and view is great

19 days ago

Still completely snow covered, but trail is easy to follow.

2 ways in to the falls and I chose the way with 6 feet of snow. didn't realize the road on the other side of the falls was clear as the road was still closed for winter. falls was nice but the interstate is just above it in the background. fun hike though even if it was without snow shoes.

Had a great hike today still a good bit of snow on the ground. This was a great hike to get the season started

26 days ago

Had a beautiful view from Dirty Harry's Balcony off of this trail today. I was enjoying myself so much I decided to try for the peak. There was still a bit too much snow for me to make it today, but it was a beautiful trail.

26 days ago

This hike was beautiful!! Went in July of 2016–there was still some snow at the top, and it was chilly down by the lake. Bring lots of layers. The hike itself was really crowded, and at times, it felt like we were waiting in line to get to the top. Lots of bugs, but if you kept moving it was easy to ignore.

28 days ago

Do not follow the direction of Google which directs you to Denny Creek. Use the trail marked by AllTrails Map !!

When we arrived at the destination suggested by Google, we didn’t see the waterfall and realized that we chose the wrong trail :(

We wish there was a better sign to point us to the correct direction.

The hike was beautiful. I am a beginner with hiking and this was my 2nd hike. It was definitely a little harder than I expected but that’s mostly because of the snow. We had to hike to the trailhead through the snow which meant falling a bit. However, it was totally worth the views!

1 month ago

Awesome place to go in winter and also in spring when it is slightly less taxing. Go there enough prepared to walk in snow for good two miles if you are going in winter or early spring. The hike experience is wonderful and worth it!

1 month ago

The best overnight backpacking trip so far, we can’t wait to go back!

1 month ago

Nice snowshoe walk at the end of the season. Sun was coming through. Some walked without snowshoes but they were struggling a little.

Amazing trail and beautiful as well! Very icy so you have to be careful but definitely worth it.

Beautiful hike to enjoy with the kids and dog in tow.

First time I ever hiked in the snow. It was amazing! We made it all the way to the waterfall. Simply beautiful!

Had to make a guess at where the trail was after we passed the talapus connection as it was snow smothered and looked like no one had been through in awhile. We had our microspikes, and they were sufficient for the amount of snow. Snow shoes might have been cool during our trail blazing toward the end, but the spikes did the trick.

It’s been snowing all week and the full hike (from beginning of Denny Creek rd) was just beautiful. The falls were half way frozen and it was great to experience. I went alone so it was nice to see a decent amount of people there.

2 months ago

Gorgeous view if you can make it to the top. Although without the GPS of AllTrails the trail can be a bit deceiving the last few miles. Wet snow first 2 miles and after you are rewarded with a winter wonderland scenery. Be aware of possible avalanche area that is close to the edge.

2 months ago

Started at 6:30, the beginning was well maintained and packed down. About a mile in the trail becomes very faint, snow becomes thick and difficult to traverse through and there is a various amount of different side trails that can confuse hikers without GPS. Around the 3 mile mark my group turned around due to weak trail appearance. Maybe wait a couple more weeks for this one. Snow shoes very much acquired. Be aware of possible avalanche danger

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