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My friend and I decided to do this loop yesterday. We missed the trail head (labelled "Cold Creek" off to the left), and started a few miles further up the road, just past the Mt. Catherine marker (1348). It was unclear to us that the gravel road is actually a significant part of the loop, so we got our wires crossed. There was one hairy part of the road that prevented most smaller cars from getting up the road. You need an SUV or something with clearance to get over this part.

Anyway, it definitely would have been helpful to have a working GPS map. We ended up starting the loop in a counter-clockwise direction. This part of the trail was fine.
Had we started where we were supposed to, I'm sure we would have quickly aborted. I say this because this is the section of trail we ended the hike with, and it was significantly overgrown with blackberry and raspberry bushes. Not well maintained at all. Several times we almost lost the trail before finding it again. This continues for almost two miles until you reach the junction to Mirror Lake. We did take a detour down that way, but there didn't seem to be any good lake access in the spots we were at (though we didn't search very far).

The rest of the trail was in good shape and not difficult. We didn't go to either of the peaks. I'd recommend doing just this part of it and skipping the full loop. That last part (i.e. the actual trail head entrance) really sucked. I even broke a pole it was so steep in places!

Attempted a SOBO training hike this past weekend and had to turn back despite my spikes. Hopefully the sun this week will help

1 month ago

Very thick snow on the trail, especially close to the summit. It was very slippery and hard to climb for the last few hundred yards because of all the snow covered slopes. The view was spectacular.

1 month ago

Still a LOT of snow on the trail. 2-4 feet deep in most places. Impossible to see the trail majority of the time. Got off track many times and had to refer back to map and GPS. Round trip took 3.5 hrs and 4 miles because of the snow! Nobody else on the trail and the summit is always breathtaking.

7 months ago

Drove as far as we could on my truck. Almost got stuck but it was a long hike to the trailhead on the right of the road. You can’t see the trailhead sign from the road but once you walk up the trail a little it will say Mt. Catherine. Trail was hard to follow but made it to the top to a great view. It ended up taking about three hours up to the top. And an hour down.

8 months ago

Fresh snow for an excellent first snowshoe of the season! Short distance (made longer by having to park 1.5 miles from trailhead) but a healthy angle made for a glute-slayer in snowshoes. The fire road there is riddled with pot holes and snow so my Outback didn’t make it to the trailhead — snow tires or chains recommended. Caught a quick glimpse of a spectacular view and blue skies at the top though!

Best hike ever!! It was so perfect and the way the clouds shifted we were able to stay up there for hours because the scene would be always changing. The hike was pretty easy just when I went there was a lot of slush and snow and so it was slippery and wet.

9 months ago

This hike is just before the Silver Peak trailhead. Nice short hike, good views at the top, light traffic

I did this hike on a foggy, drippy day. After getting very lost driving to the trailhead, the trail was pretty easy, but I couldn't see any views at the top. Definitely go on a clear day. It isn't worth the drive if you can't see the top - even though it was a pleasant hike. ...I'll do it again someday since the climb was nice.

a lot of up and down along this trail. We did it backwards but it was a great hike.

10 months ago

9/7/2017 (Thursday) -- A sunny, mild day, but densely smoky, 68-72F, no view, no traffic. Very difficult and dangerous drive to/from the TH. The trail is in good condition, not rocky, not rooty, not muddy, gently grade, short distance. Only several steep steps up to the top.

10 months ago

Saturday 9-2-2017: My wife and I hiked to Mt. Catherine. There were about 10 cars at the trailhead when we arrived at around 10:30 am. We parked right next to the trailhead. It took us an hour to get to the summit. The temperature was around 80 degrees F. We were glad that the trail was mostly shaded. It was fun to use the cable on the last short steep climb to the summit. There were six other people on the summit. Mount Rainier was visible. Good reward for a short hike. It took us 50 minutes to get back to our car. It was 85 F when we returned to our car.

72 miles in 4 days!!!

Trail quickly begins to ascend steeply, and you complete most of the climb in one go. It's a tough one! There are points where the trail is overgrown a bit, especially with wild raspberries. It's not hard to follow, though, and once you reach the Pacific Crest trail, the rest is a breeze. Great forest views with ridge lines in the distance. You don't actually reach a peak if you follow this route.

The last section of the trail is on the gravel forest road. You have some great visibility of the surrounding mountains, but it's a dusty trip back.

No snow when I went, and the bugs were there but not bad. The road is in good shape, and my compact handled it well. It was really quiet, even on the weekend. We only saw 4 other groups and 6 cars at the trailhead. Trail was dog friendly, although he had to climb over a lot of fallen trees (as do you).

Road up is very rough. Trail is in good condition. The summit is a little airy so not a good place to bring up young kids without heavy supervision. Views are great. This used to be a little known trail but despite the very rough road this trail is now very popular on weekend. Nice lighter hike.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

There is no trail to be found!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Did this hike today and I have to agree with the other commenters, this hike is MUCH longer than what is stated. The road up also did tear my car up a bit as well. I am working on being able to do mailbox and thought this would be a nice easy hike to help get me in shape but I went into this one thinking it would be a lot easier than it was. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone new to hiking like I am but it is absolutely worth the 360 views at the top!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Still a lot of snow on PCT part of the trail

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pretty uneventful. Good workout

Friday, September 16, 2016

Great 1/2 day hike. The forest road that leads to the trail head is no joke. I wouldn't attempt it in a car without the proper clearance. The trail is in excellent condition and the view at the top is awesome. The summit is a small ridge that you should definitely watch your footing on or else you'll find yourself hitting the forest a few hundred feet below. My only disappointment was that it wasn't longer. The drive from Seattle almost hit 2 hours and the hike was 90mins so the drive/hike ratio was a bit off for me.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

The hike itself was great. Steady but not steep inclines and relatively short, compared to others. Felt more like a four or five mile hike though, maybe that was with the ascent of the peak? Changes of scenery and lots of peek a boo views until you get to climb a short cable and reach the top... Breathtaking. Feels like you're on top of the world. Id do this hike several times if it was more accessible. But it took us three hours from the trailhead to get back to Seattle... And 45 minutes of it was on the gravel potholed road up the mountain to the trail. Tore my car up pretty good. It's a shame.

Great trip!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

This hike, not easy to find. Road was washed out in places and had very large potholes. Wouldn't recommend driving up it unless in some sort of truck, Subaru, jeep etc. Albeit beautiful, the trail had so many downed trees to climb over and go under. Also, it says 1.4 miles up... Everyone we spoke to on the trail all agreed it felt WAY longer and even on our phones tracked it at being almost 3 miles up not 1.4. When we completed the descent our phones said 5.7 miles somethings not right lol but great weather, beautiful wildflowers and amazing views at the top.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

70° mostly cloudy.
Lots of downed trees. Several under climbs.
The pinnacle is quite beautiful. 360° views when the clouds weren't obstructing the lake or mountains.
Verizon LTE cell service for Facebook posts!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Great hike! It's a long climb up, but the view at the top makes it all worthwhile! Trail was in good shape other than many downed trees to go under, over, or around. The final summit is steep for sure, but use the cable to hold on to, and it's an easy climb. Once on top, the view is spectacular 360 degrees, but might make those that are afraid of heights a little uneasy.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Great climb, few down trees but overall very enjoyable. Great view

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Great hike, but there must have been 40 trees over the path. Some were three feet in diameter or more, and required some serious scrambling to get over, under, or around them. Not impossible, but definitely slowed me down.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nice and easy!!! Great views

Thursday, November 26, 2015

One of my favorite short and easy hike. Nice trail in the forest that leads to a gorgeous 360° panorama on top. The road to access the trailhead is in pretty good shape.

Section J is a trail for in-shape, experienced hikers. They're not kidding when they say that it's over 13,000 feet of elevation gain and 12,000 feet of elevation loss. This part of the Cascades is very verticle. You'll encounter a lot of switchbacks, scree, tree fall, and overgrown trail. Along with this is the most amazing scenery anywhere on earth. There is plenty of water, even in drought. Use a filter for lake water, but streams are clean above trail. You'll see glaciers, animals, beautiful wildflower fields, and deep forest.

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