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Snoqualmie Pass, Washington Map

the scenery is gorgeous, the air smells like christmas candles as you climb. First 3/4 of the trail are easy slow climb, after that it turns into more intense switchbacks. Very snowy and slippery at the top, so wear appropriate footwear. If you have removable krampons or hiking poles I would suggest those for the top portion as I saw lots of people fall and almost fell myself a number of times. I even saw a lady with a sprained ankle being carried down by her husband. Bring lots of layers so that you can take off as you ascend and then put back on as you descend. This time of year when we got to the top at 2:10 the sun was already set on the lake so get an early start, aim to be at the top for noon. Amazing view, so worth it!

Winter wonderland! Don’t forget your spikes for the last half of the trail.

The trail has recently received some tlc, so it’s in fairly good shape. Plenty of signage along the way. The last little scramble to get to the balcony is so worth it! The views are incredible!!

Beautiful area surrounded by snowy peaks. Great location for photos.

Beautiful, well maintained trail alongside a river. Slightly muddy but nothing too bad. The waterfall is beautiful and you can get pretty close.

Winter wonderland! Over a foot of snow everywhere! Make sure you bring micro-spikes and hiking poles. Some spots get very slippery. The most beautiful wonder hike I have done so far. (Oh and wear waterproof shoes)

Did the hike in tennis shoes. Snow very minimal and packed down. Would recommend hiking boots and spikes though as it’s still very slick. Amazing views of Rainier and the cascades!! Definitely want to do this again when I’m not racing daylight and can make it a bit further to the lake.

Gorgeous day on the trail today. Nice people enjoying the mountain (special thanks to the man that gave me a lift back to my car!)

About a foot of snow at the summit. Dog really enjoyed herself. Bring crampons and boots. Parked about 2 miles from trail head due to road conditions.

Went up today solo, got spooked for no reason and turned back until I met with another group and they were kind enough to let me join them. It was raining on and off and we ended up crossing through two waterfalls, be very careful with your footing or you may be swept away and unless you're super careful you will likely get wet regardless. I was able to do the whole trip without trekking poles or spikes though poles would have made at least one crossing easier. Today there was 1-2" of snow at the top and it did snow on us towards the top. Really a lovely hike and I look forward to going back in fair weather!

12 days ago

A great day hike in the rain and snow.
There are two sections where the water is really flowing. The first one is quite deep, 90% of people turned back and didn't cross it that we saw.
The second one is easy, go up the hill 50 ft, it is only 2 foot wide, jump it.
Interesting easy hike. Can hear the I-90 freeway the whole hike, didn't like that.

13 days ago

Unfortunately there was too much water to cross one of the waterfalls that had developed due to the rain lately. We were one of four groups that doubled back. Seems like it would be beautiful based on the first 30 minutes though!

on Mirror Lake Trail

13 days ago

One of my absolute favorite hikes! Went in October on a sunny weekend, got to the trailhead about 8:30am, easy parking, but wasn’t prepared for the initial road climb to the trailhead. A bit steep, but I’m also a beginner hiker (marathon swimmer by sport) experimenting with hike-in/backcountry swimming. Mirror Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve been in with regards to the underwater topography and geological features. The hike itself is decent, great for spending extended periods of time in and around the lake. Water temp day of arrival 51, sunny day and warm air, spent about an hour swimming in the lake, then had lunch. Have gone back several times since, great trail and rewarding view!

A beautiful, easy hike with lots of river and waterfall views. However, we hiked in early November during a heavy rain so we couldn't even get to the main falls -- there's a crossing of the river that was impossible. Seeing the raging, overflowing river was cool, but it meant we couldn't finish the hike.

Went on a rainy Friday afternoon so had the trail and parking lot to ourselves. Well groomed, nice trail but unfortunately the current over Denny creek was way too strong (the trail appears to have a water crossing) to allow us to complete the whole trail to the falls. I would def advise against trying to cross it this time of year. Might be better as a summer hike.

Gorgeous views, especially on a clear fall day. It was pretty crowded on the trail, but we did go on a Sunday. Get there early if you can, the views are worth it! The lake is clear and worth the hike.

16 days ago

Beautiful views! Totally worth the hike up☺️

18 days ago

The fall colors were beautiful! May have waited too long as far as the weather goes, we were soaking wet and then coated with snow towards the top, made for a very cold day. Can’t wait to go back next Spring or Summer to see the changes.
Followed the advice of precious reviews and wore boots with good traction, very grateful we did.

19 days ago

Beautiful hike! Took about two hours. Great trail, some of the rocks can be a little loose or slippery tho so watch your step. The view at the top is beautiful and totally worth it! If going on a weekend, get there super early. Very popular trail. We got there at 8:30am and had no trouble parking but when we got back to the car later that afternoon, it was hard to get out of the parking lot. Absolutely packed and so was overflow parking.

20 days ago

I started the hike at the trailhead at 8:45 AM and the first 4.2 miles of the trail was pretty maintained until I got to the Melakwa Lake. The second part of the trail, though, is not as maintained and having a GPS or previously downloaded map would help a lot. The hike is steep until you get to the first fake summit. After that, there is descent which seemed to be the toughest part of the trail. It was steep and there were some frost. I joined two other friends just before starting descending down from the first summit. The last part is still steep but was easier than we thought. We finally got to the Kaleetan Peak where we had to scramble on the rocks but they looked like stairs. The weather was sunny with a clear view. The top was windy though. The view is stunning. Mt Baker, Mt Stuart, Peak of Mt Adams and Mt Rainier were visible. Also, a series of more than 10 lakes are visible in the surroundings. My AllTrails recording said 11.9 mi round trip with 4948 ft elevation gain.

took the dog and a friend on this hike today, glad we made it before they close the tunnel October 31st 2018. bathrooms are at end of 2.1 mile tunnel.

Got to the trailhead at 8 and there were only 2 other cars. The trail was easy to follow and had a gradual incline. View was beautiful, the sun was just starting to come through right before I got to the top. By the time I got done there were about 10 cars in the lot.

20 days ago


21 days ago

Amazing views!

on Gold Creek Pond Trail

22 days ago

Beautiful and a great place for the kiddos!

24 days ago

Very nice trail. Going there is uphill and coming back is downhill. View of the lake is beautiful and very relaxing. Trail itself is not difficult and while there is a 1.8 mile uphill hike, the trail itself is very comfortable and easy to walk on. Lots of kids and dogs. Highly recommend.

The trail is in great condition, plenty of green and water with very few insects and not too crowded, at list at this time of year, late October. I trail run and so I measured the trail length, not including the connection between the two trail heads and it is a little over 22km, which is a bit more than indicated but less than what others here declared. Runners can estimate the run time at around or than less than 3 hours for the entire trail.

Really fun scramble, be back soon

26 days ago

did this hike last week with a bunch of friends and it was so nice! definitely a moderate hike and it was sort of icy and slippery on the rocks on the way down/up to the lake so please be careful and if you have hiking poles, bring them!

on Kendall Katwalk Trail

26 days ago


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