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great hike! I would recommend going earlier though, we started at about 9am and maybe ran into 3 people but towards the end it was very heavily trafficked.

Very nice hike, mostly gravel. I would also highly recommend bug spray.

Starts off on gravel. You can take a trail to the top of the falls as well.

nature trips
21 days ago

Easy. Pretty. Tranquil.

Great little hike. Mostly on a gravel road. Then you get off the gravel and the falls are right there! We did notice a trail that goes up to the top of the falls for next time! Round trip with exploring was 4 miles.

went hiking here on Saturday. Good hike, easy to get lost on side trails but adds to adventure! Good steep hills with pretty nature scenery.

Perfect 3.5 mile hike. Very green, wide path at the start then most of it is fairly narrow. Can get very muddy but our dogs loved it. Did not pass anyone once we entered the red barn trail.

on Explorer Falls Trail

1 month ago

Enjoyable walk in; really pretty.

The falls are pretty, the hike is fairly level/flat and follows gravel roads most of the way. Easy and not too long!

Didn’t know this consisted of several other trails which was nice but confusing since some trails aren’t marked on the map and caused us to go in circles LOL. But, was nice nonetheless.

Went on Sunday 3/11/18.. beautiful weather! Went with friends, 4 younger kids, 2 toddlers and a tween. All enjoyed the hike to the falls and no one complained! A great starter hike!

Enjoyed the walk. A lot of up and down. Good workout.

Great trails and are marked!

Very muddy this time of year. Also to me the trails were not marked very well. We could not find the 360 lookout on the pipeline trail. It was still a good walk in the woods. Beaver lake was very pretty just hard to get really close to.

3 months ago

Fun, easy trail that the dogs loved. Was worthwhile to cross the stream and follow the trail up to the top of the falls. Would highly recommend.

Not accessible. The river that needs to be crosses is moving way to fast. And the road out is not passable unless you have a truck.

Short, 2.4 miles out and back to a pretty waterfall.

it us a well marked trail with spray paint. it was a easy hike, on a nicer day I may even try to climb to the top of the tidge

My toddler who is 4 loved it! Easy! Fun family time yesterday in January sun!

5 months ago

Neat little adventure hike with spray paint marking the way. If you want to go up to the waterfall I'd suggest waterproof shoes that go up to at least the ankle to cross the creek, it's cooooold!

Clear trails some muddy spots but not bad at all. Lots of fallen leaves.

6 months ago

It was a lot of fun! Not too wet for November at all! The dogs had a blast

7 months ago

This trail is great for walking, running, biking, horse back riding, skateboarding, rollerblading and is very kid friendly. It's a paved trail with occasional side trail that parallels the trail (mainly for horse back riding). It is a very active trail with multiple places to start.

On the Snohomish side on the trial, you have a skate park, library, a boys and girls club, a soccer dome closeby and other things I may not have mentioned. As you walk North the trail crosses many busy roads with cross walks. It passes by my daughter's middle school. There are many places where the trail feels secluded between black berry bushes. There is a nice park by the Machias area where my brother and I used to play as kids. This area has grown and become quit popular. I have not traveled North of Lake Stevens but I do see it cross a busy road with a light for traffic in the Marysville area. However I do not know much more. There is many places where the trail crosses creeks and rivers. fun place to enjoy the sounds.

This trail is very kid friendly and easy for kids of all ages. Strollers are widely used. Bikers will easily sneak up if they don't announce themselves behind you (This includes rollerbladers). I've seen several people with dogs on leases and highly trained off lease dogs. I've also seen horses on the trail.

road biking
7 months ago

Love the not busy parts of the trail! Smooth and beautiful! I've biked it, walked it, skatedboarded it and rollerbladed it! :)

Short kid friendly hike! My 7 year old loved it. Beautiful falls.

8 months ago

Easy path to walk, paved.

nature trips
8 months ago

Nice and long and flat for my longboard, a little too crowded for me though, but only some parts!

I recommend if your vehicle can take it, to drive down the gravel road to the trail head and park on the side of the road. I also recommend lots of bug spray because the flys will follow you for miles. The hike was easy and worth it none the less. Beautiful for pictures and a good workout if you decide to make the climb up to the top of the falls.

9 months ago

A nice, sort, fairly easily hike. It was very quiet during the Thursday afternoon that I went. The falls are small, and the pools have interesting things to look at.

10 months ago

Great trail easy to follow lots of little orange marks or signs however there are ALOT of flies and they bite! So just be prepared for that and have fun! There's two ways to go, up to the top(which is difficult and steep) or walk up the river a bit and see an amazing little waterfall (what I recommend)

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