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we had fun! actually took my cat lol. falls were beauitful, we went to the top of the first falls, it was a short hike but thats the only part id considerate moderate, pretty much flat to the bottom of the waterfall. cave was beautiful!

Beautiful falls, easy hike but enough so you feel the work a little. Lovely day

17 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail. it is definitely kid friendly but keep a hold to them when you're on the dry river bed. some dog crap on the trail, that was disappointing. trail is well kept and not much for garbage. parking is okay but not large and you do not need a pass or pay. All and all it was a nice peaceful walk.

road biking
29 days ago

A great paved trail for walking/running, biking, skating, and horseback riding. The trail runs along beautiful rivers, meadows, forests, and passed great little downtowns. The trail is relatively flat on the portion I biked- from Snohomish to north of Lake Stevens. There were also 2 or 3 stops with facilities (restrooms, water fountains). It was a great ride and I plan to be back often.

beautiful view point this is one of my favorite little hikes nice and quick if u have plans after

1 month ago

Great adventure with the kids (7, 14, 16). 2 mile hike was fun going in. We enjoyed all the things people left to show us the way. Waterfall was amazing. We had fun splashing around the pool of water for a good hour before heading back. Beautiful! Enjoyed by all.

Great for the entire family. went out on Saturday afternoon. Parking lot was full, but did not encounter a bunch of people along the trails. We will be going back often.

The destination is the only good thing about this trail. But if it’s busy, it’s not going to be good. The swimming hole is very small with room for 4-6 people. So if you’re the only people there, awesome! Getting there.... you’re walking down a gravel road 90% of the time. I wouldn’t really call this a hike.

trail running
1 month ago

Super buggy!

Great little hike/walk! Mostly gravel road walking, but as mentioned there is one steep part where you go down a little ravine where a creek/river has dried up. I went with my mom, wore my 1 year old and my 4 year old who walked the whole way, slowly, but did indeed finish the whole walk. The waterfall is beautiful, great place to be on a hot summer day! If I was to do this hike again I would definitely make sure to bring bug spray of some sorts. There was a mix of flies and misquotes — the flies were the pretty bad, and they bite! Other than that a great, kid-friendly adventure.

2 months ago

First, won’t call it a hike so much as a walk...

The trail is rated as Moderate, probably because of the tricky directions. The walk is not hard though. Until you get to the stream, the directions are good but the access road continues, so STOP and turn right into the trees at the stream!!

Then the path to the base of the waterfall is easy to miss (you essentially need to start hopping rocks along the side of the stream). There’s a cave at the base of the waterfall, so that was cool.

The path to the TOP of the waterfall, however, was easy to spot, starting across the stream; but be warned: it’s a quick but very short ~200’ elevation climb, and getting to the top of the waterfall involves climbing over logs on a steep downward slope.

Most of the trail is just a flat gravel access road, so probably won’t do it again, but it was worth the easy adventure with some friends.

Overall great hike/trail walk, not hard at all. There are a bunch of different paths that you can go on. My dog had a fun time exploring, and most people leash their dogs which keeps it safe and friendly. The trail itself is pretty well maintained, but a heads up since it’s also a horse trail there’s lots of droppings everywhere, so wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Awesome hike! Took my 4 year old with. The trail up to the top of the waterfall is mildly difficult and quite steep, at the top you can sit by the falls but you don’t get a great view. At the bottom of the waterfall is absolutely beautiful. A small pool of water and a cool little hole in the side of the mountain. The trail is very well marked with painted orange arrows on the trees. A good hike just be prepared to carry your little ones all the way back to the car lol

trail running
2 months ago

The first part of the trail is an old gravel road then the trail turns into more like pine needles and dirt. I was the only one there in the tiny parking lot and trail. I was running and missed the trail to the right for the "falls." I couldn't see the falls once there due to the overgrowth of plants and trees. I ran 4 miles total out and back but could have kept going on the old closed logging roads. It was a pretty and quiet run but I probably won't do it again.

I took my three boys, 17, 14 and 14 on this nice hike (very close to home, yet secluded and beautiful) I have lived near here for 20 years and didn’t know about this hike. Really enjoyable, great access, easy few hours of fun.

2 months ago

Not really a hike, more of a nature walk, very level ground. Also trail is closed part way down, with no warning prior to starting the trail.

This was a decent trail. Not my favorite but it was a good work out. The loop we ended up taking to the viewpoint was 4.4 miles and our kids (youngest being 5) had no problem doing it. The hardest part was the little scurry up to the viewpoint. I would definitely suggest printing a map to bring with you unless your phone has good gps with the trails marked. There were so many different trails that we would have gotten really turned around if we didn’t have the map that we printed. The turn to the viewpoint wasn’t marked either. There were LOTS of huckleberries along this trail and the kids saw a buck not too far away from them too. This is a good trail if you are looking for an easy outing.

Water is high so there is no beach to speak of right now. River trail is also quite overgrown (closing in from sides). That time of year! Nettles and mosquitos as you get close to water. Climb was greater than I expected but dogs and I enjoyed it! Will return for the lake loop and the river later in the summer.

Went with 3 girls and a friend. Was a easy hike getting to the falls, but then decided we wanted to go up to the top of the waterfall and that was a elevated, workout hike.

3 months ago

Took my dog, ‘trail’ access from the access road has a huge burm with logs stacked, deep and steep ditch on the other side blocking the trail. Little water coming over the falls. Looked like someone living in the woods there with dogs off-leash. Once past the obstacles it is a very nice hike.

3 months ago

This was a great hike to start out the season with! Went with two teens and our dog. Perfect weather. Water flow at the falls was good.

Probably fine if you live close by. But, really just a network of wooded trails. Supposedly the Lake has dried up. Also, you’re sharing the trail with horses and bicycles as well.

great hike! I would recommend going earlier though, we started at about 9am and maybe ran into 3 people but towards the end it was very heavily trafficked.

Very nice hike, mostly gravel. I would also highly recommend bug spray.

Starts off on gravel. You can take a trail to the top of the falls as well.

Pretty easy hike, beautiful nature. Will definitely do it again!

nature trips
4 months ago

Easy. Pretty. Tranquil.

Great little hike. Mostly on a gravel road. Then you get off the gravel and the falls are right there! We did notice a trail that goes up to the top of the falls for next time! Round trip with exploring was 4 miles.

went hiking here on Saturday. Good hike, easy to get lost on side trails but adds to adventure! Good steep hills with pretty nature scenery.

Perfect 3.5 mile hike. Very green, wide path at the start then most of it is fairly narrow. Can get very muddy but our dogs loved it. Did not pass anyone once we entered the red barn trail.

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