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4 days ago

Great hike. A little challenging for novice hikers, but worth the effort. The trail head is at the very end of the logging road.

Good hike

This was a very decent trail for just getting out and enjoying the fresh air. I went when it was overcast and even a bit rainy, so a tad bit of sunshine would've been nice.

Going up to the parking, there was a very large dip in the driveway. Didn't really seem to be a problem for anyone though. Saw one car that might've stayed behind.

This was a great hike. We camped at Trout Lake and did a day hike up to Copper and Little Heart Lakes the next day (why haul a 20+ pound pack all the way up there). Camping at Trout was so quiet and the ground so soft we couldn't even hear others walking by on the trail - side note, it was so quiet that you also couldn't hear someone walking up to the toilet, when you happened to be sitting on it, until you made awkward eye contact. We quickly learned to use our poles to signal that someone was up there. The hike up to Copper followed a huge (tall) waterfall and wasn't nearly as open or rocky as I expected. Based on other reviews i thought we'd be bouldering up and was preparing myself for that (ptsd from hiking up Aasgard's pass probably). It was rocky but nothing you couldn't just step over. No bugs to worry about, and only saw a few chipmunks and a couple of very upset, territorial squirrels. All in all, a really great weekend hike.

on Lake Valhalla Trail

23 days ago

Started at Smithbrook. Went a couple days ago and it is the perfect fall hike. Breathtaking fall foliage and diverse landscapes. Sun was out and it was warm but not hot.

Amazing experience. Will visit again.

Super fun, but busy hike. Parking was a mess and there was a lot of people. Beware of livestock as well (keep dogs on leash).

This is a beautiful hike with great camping locations. So quiet, peaceful, and serene. Looking forward to our return to stay over night.

Took the shorter 7mi roundtrip route as other reviewers have noted: Smithbrook trail to PCT to Lake Valhalla, and it was beautiful! Flowers still blooming, nice foliage, big rocks, logs, dogs, and great views even though it was pretty hazy/foggy. Parking was not a problem even though there were quite a few hikers out.

1 month ago

The first 1.5 miles of this trial are excellent. Well maintained and all uphill with beautiful scenery. After you rich the lake, the path gets a bit tougher, climbing through rock fall, lots more roots and much smaller pathways. I read in the comments about people using the toilet facilities instead of digging a hole; well at best there is a toilet every mile, so its not much help to those camping there. there are signs for the toilets, but no signs for campgrounds, which are actually hard to find. Wish there where signs for that. And, lastly... the first two campsites should be reservable... for old folks that want a challenging two-hike... but have a hard time going 5 miles with the unknown of is there even a campsite available?

Lakes are beautiful. It’s about 15 minutes south of surprise lake till you reach glacier. There are a ton of bugs at the lake but they don’t bite

Lovely trail! It is appropriately labeled as " moderate" due to some steep, rocky areas with loose rocks. Hiking poles recommended. Saw some out-of-shape people struggling and not having a good time...The trail was well marked and not too heavy with traffic. Probably good for out of town guests who want a hike close to Seattle with a nice payoff at the end. Bring bug spray!

2 months ago

Trail has lots of steps, rocks and roots. It’s worth the hike to the river at the south side of the lake where there are a couple tent sites or keep going to Bear Lake or Deer Lake for a few more tent sites.

On a hot summer day this is a great shady hike through old growth forest. There are some great creek views. There are some areas where tripping over roots or rocks is possible, but in other areas the ground is softly padded with old needles. On a summer Sunday we only saw six other people. There were huckleberries along the way.

2 months ago

Beautiful lake. Went up for one night. Very limit camp sites. Lots of people

2 months ago

Started the trail at Smithbrook Trailhead. Parking lot nearly full on a July afternoon, but the lake was uncrowded. Trail is nicely switchbacked and the elevation that you gain on the way up to the junction with the PCT goes quickly and easily. The lake is spectacular. We had lunch on a large rock situated above the water and could easily see the fish swimming around the logs below. Crystal clear water. Just about a perfect dayhike.

Copper Lake is 7.3 miles from the trailhead.

I have no idea where people are getting this incorrect milage data from, but they are wrong (and strava is notoriously inaccurate). I just did this hike with TWO different GPS devices and both read over 7miles. Both times, in and out. (that's 4 different recordings resulting in the same data...)

That means the hike is 14.6 miles round trip.

The sign also says Trout lake is 1.5mi. It's 2 miles.

Due to this poor/incorrect info we were only able to make it to Copper Lake.

Over 4miles are nothing but switchbacks, and they are not easy. They start about .3miles past Trout Lake and continue all the way to Copper Lake.

The switchbacks have several stretches with zero shade which means direct sunlight for most of the day. There are also several sections of the switchbacks with overgrown plants. You will get smacked in the face and scratch your ankles for about 2 miles. Several patches have loose rocks and loose sand/dirt with drop offs bordering them. But as an acrophobic, it wasn't too bad. I did hurt my knee and ankle on the switch backs. Be careful.

Make no mistake, this is NOT a moderate trail. This is quite strenuous. Especially if you are backpacking with intent to camp. Anything over a 30lbs backpack will make this hike quite tough.

The bugs were also relentless. Bug spray did little to help, so I would strongly suggest a bug net for your head, especially if you are camping. Because it will be miserable.

Copper Lake itself is also very dull. Sure the water is clear... so is Trout Lake... so is every lake in the region. There are very few places to actually access the water (ie swimming, fishing, camping, even getting water for cooking). I've been to many, MANY, more impressive lakes that did not require this level of effort to get to. Honestly... Trout Lake is better than Copper Lake.

There are a few decent viewpoints, one overlooking Trout Lake from the switchbacks, and another slightly further up of the valley below.

I also did this with my dog. She did just fine, but has some sore paws after it all. There is a lot of rock/gravel terrain. Be sure to bring water for them. AND KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEASH! I saw so many dogs of leash. Seriously it's not only illegal to have your dog off leash, it's infuriating. It doesn't matter if your dog is friendly or well behaved. You have no idea how it will interact with other dogs or people, or how they will interact with your dog.

You are ruining the experience for others when you ignore rules/laws/trail etiquette.

All things considered: the incorrect info about the trail, the endless switchbacks, the bugs, and a mediocre lake, I'd say just skip this hike.

This was such a fun hike. We did the short version that catches up to the PCT. You hit switch backs right away and then get on the PCT for the rest of the way which is nice because you have all of that energy and motivation to get you up the switches and then it levels out and is pretty flat the rest of the way until you do a couple of switches going down to the lake. The lake is gorgeous and pristine. It's clean enough that you could totally drink out of it if you had to but it's always a good idea to use a fitting system of some kind. We used a Bobble water bottle and we're fine. The water is a little cold but after hiking in the hot sun it is a welcomed friend. This lake also features a beach which I haven't seen before at a mountain lake. So if you know of any others that feature a beach let me know! Happy trails!!

2 months ago

would love to go backpacking to the other lakes, very gorgeous.

A gorgeous trip. My best friend and I started at 9:30am and went up to big heart lake and the one above it and back to the car by 5:30pm with a 1-2min water break every 20min or so and an hour for lunch and swimming. The lakes were definitely very cold but bearable and felt great to ice sore feet. Bring a hat because for a lot of the hike your arms and face are exposed in the sun while you hike thru gorgeous wildflowers. A very very well maintained trail. Lots of campsites and we passed three trail workers on our way who said they were so bored because they had nothing to do haha. A wonderful day trip. The issue was the bugs. I'm not a complainer but the upper lakes have serious fly, hornet and mosquitoes, however I wasn't bit once by anything with zero bug repellant on me. Mainly my ears got attacked by that annoying thing flies do. If you're moving, nothing bothers you but as soon as you stop they swarm. Still, neither of us were bit. Just bring a gallon of spray. Don't let that keep you from the hike though! It was gorgeous.

Okay, so between Alltrails and WTA the "difficulty" of the trail from West Fork Foss is different. WTA I would say is a little more accurate between Miles and Difficulty on a lot of trail comparisons. I highly suggest you look at both to get an idea of what you're getting into.

With that said: We decided to go the Malachite Lake Trail, instead of continuing to Copper Lake. We will make another trip to Copper, but with the heat today and just curiosity we decided to take the fork Right instead of slightly left. After many many rocky switch backs, roots and more rocks, that a nearly staring up bolder climb for 230 feet, you reach an amazingly beautiful... Alpine Lake.

This water is crystal blue/ clear and its just breath taking. Well worth the beat up on my knee (I have had my ACL operated on twice). In all, we went 11 miles RT, after a night of camping up there the bugs were just to much. The lake felt great after such a hot Sunday/ Monday and my gosh the trout just thrive up there!! The snow banks just makes you realize how high in elevation you truly!

One thing to note, WEAR PROPER FOOTWEAR!! I can't tell you enough how rocky this hike is after Trout Lake.

The lake is worth the torture but as your going up the switch backs don't fail to look up every once in a while and taking in what mother nature has gifted us... there is some amazing waterfalls throughout the hike and I saw a few people not even realize it because they were more worried on the rocks.

This is not kid friendly pass Trout Lake, I saw some dogs coming up and I am not exactly sure I would bring my pups up in that kind of heat with all those rocks and how HOT they were from soaking in the sun!!

on Lake Dorothy Trail

2 months ago

Old Cascade highway is closed with some trees down. You can’t get to the trail head and the detour is very confusing. It might be open later this summer

HIked it on July 21. No snow on the trail at any point. Beautiful hike and trail. Copper Lake is beautiful with a backdrop of mountains with some snow.

According to Strava (on my phone) the hike was around 10 miles roundtrip (or 5 miles one way) to Copper Lake and 3000' vertical. We hike pretty fast and took us 2h to get to Copper Lake and a little less time to get down.

2 months ago

Trail was well maintained with minimal obstacles. last 3 miles to Jade lake from 5 mile camp are tough so take it slow and just keep going it's worth it.

Bugs up top in July are relentless and they are not bothered by deet so bring a face net.

Some snow fields present around lake ilswoot, locket and cloudy. circumnavigation of those lakes is a bit dangerous this time of year.

Lots of snow if you want to do the loop bring glacier crossing experience, axes, helmet, rope, etc

Temperature and weather was fantastic for the week of 4th of July and we barely needed our sleeping bags.

Best camping spots are at Lake ilswoot and al.

3 months ago

Very nice hike. Trail is still fairly muddy and plenty of snow, but completely doable. Mosquitoes are out, but spray took care of them no problem. There was a decent amount of traffic. Unfortunately, a few kids were at the lake, which were quite loud and could have done without that. Views are stunning though. I added Mt McCausland to the hike, which ended up a 8 miles exactly.

Went with some buddies for a couple days. Hiked in friday evening for a quick camp set up. Got up mid morning Saturday and hiked up to Copper Lake took some pool floats and floated/fished for a couple hours. Moved on to Little Heart hit the peak in between little and big but one buddy was worse for wear so we turned back and made camp back by Copper.

Bug netting currently is a must they get quite thick in areas. There is a longer stretch in between Trout and Copper Lake that is exposed to the sun so some refill water often(we used sawyer squeeze filters) and remember sunscreen.

Overall the beauty and experience is worth the trip Enjoy!

We did this hike but from Smithbrook Trail/Stevens Pass. It was about 7 miles round trip, easy moderate level. Had lunch at the lake which was stunning. Only downside was the bugs were out and we got eaten alive despite having on bug spray.

3 months ago


3 months ago

Pretty fun and unique but definitely not easy and more around 10.5 miles out and back. Watch out for snakes and snow at the top ;)

trail running
3 months ago

Gorgeous trail with so much to offer for those willing to make the long, slow drive up the 10-mile dirt road. Plus, everyone on trail was super friendly and followed proper trail etiquette.

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