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Went with some buddies for a couple days. Hiked in friday evening for a quick camp set up. Got up mid morning Saturday and hiked up to Copper Lake took some pool floats and floated/fished for a couple hours. Moved on to Little Heart hit the peak in between little and big but one buddy was worse for wear so we turned back and made camp back by Copper.

Bug netting currently is a must they get quite thick in areas. There is a longer stretch in between Trout and Copper Lake that is exposed to the sun so some refill water often(we used sawyer squeeze filters) and remember sunscreen.

Overall the beauty and experience is worth the trip Enjoy!

Only went as far as Copper Lake. Sign says 4 miles - I say 5. Beautiful hike though. Copper lake was so beautiful- almost surreal. I suggest mosquito netting/bug deterrent though.

The trail was beautiful. Lots of stairs, roots, and rocks, as well as a couple big downed trees I had to climb over made this more of a slow hike than the run I’d planned to do. I recommend bringing water shoes/sandals for the river crossing.

Hiked in June 30th, no snow until we got to Malachite Lake and you couldn’t see the trail. Had to make our way through bushes and trees to find a spot to put our tent. It was super windy and rainy so be prepared! I’ll be it gorgeous on a sunny day though!

Trail in good condition; kudos to the volunteer WTA crew stabilizing the trail on the way to Bear Lake. Cool and cloudy day was perfect for a long day hike. Stream crossing at 4.3 miles is running fast and about knee deep. Made it to Bear Lake before needing to turn around. Bugs were annoying but not terrible. Can't wait to get back to finish.

Good for backpacking. Brought the doggo, had a great time!

Went on a a day hike with the intentions of getting to Big Heart Lake. We got to the trailhead early, but I wasn't feeling the best so we took it slow and we ended up turning around at Little Heart. Beautiful sights all around. Waterfalls, creeks, and of course multiple beautiful lakes to explore. There were some wildflowers still left at this point in August, as well as plenty of berries to pick. We took the trail to Malachite Lake which was pretty steep, but well worth it. Definitely looking forward to returning for a few days with backpacks to complete the trek!

My phone also died so we were only able to record our hike in!

There are many lakes, do it is a good idea to know which Lake you're looking for.
I went Thursday-Saturday and on Friday it got pretty busy.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Beautiful views but the lookouts to the falls aren't the best. Trails are pretty narrow and rife with spiky vines called devil's claws

The hike is beautiful, and can be done in one day - all the way to Big Heart and back took about 8 hours. Although Copper lake looked more interesting for camping. After the fall rains the waterfalls were quite amazing!

Bring bug netting! The mosquitos were insane. I didn't bring a tent or bivy and was kicking myself. I planned to do 2 nights at Big Heart, and cut it short after the first night. Otherwise, the hike and scenery were superb!

Mosquitos were terrible. They seemed to be the worst at Big Heart Lake. Otherwise, it was great. Beautiful views everywhere you look once you get past the first couple lakes.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The trail was fantastic! Some decent climbing. There was a great deal to explore with some well situated campsites along the way. The water was rushing at a good clip.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Really lovely. We did the first 6 miles and back. About 1200 ft in elevation gain going in, with a few steep spots but many stretches of little hillocks and level ground. Mossy boulders, rapids and waterfalls along the way. A great rainy day hike.

Great hike, definitely not for the weak of heart or legs but the hike up to Copper Lake is beautiful and there are a lot of cool camping spots! Worth the relentless and steep hike! Trout lake would make an awesome beginners hike

this hike starts out easy to trout lake, but immediately after, the trail steepens and becomes much more rugged. although a tough climb, the lakes waterfalls, and views give you many rewards along the way. Hiked that day to copper lake in a little less than 4 hours and camped there. but the next day, meandered to little heart lake where we saw a few campsites that looked really nice and secluded.
highs of the hike: lots of rewards, variety of scenery
lows of the hike: many people, rugged terrain

The trail to Trout Lake was easy going and suitable for any age. The shallow lake itself was not very interesting but peaceful and from what I could tell a popular fishing destination with a couple of camping sites. Beyond Trout Lake the trail became rocky and gained elevation becoming more difficult. After about another mile is the first glance of massive Malachite Falls which are about twice as big as nearby Wallace Falls and very impressive. Shortly after the bridge crossing below Copper Lake I ran into deep snow. I was scrambling around a bit before finally finding beautiful Copper Lake. I turned around from there in order to avoid getting lost. I plan on coming back in the future and making it to all of the lakes. The pot holes on the dirt road to the TH are big and they are deep, but if you take your time you shouldn't have any trouble.

This trail is awesome. Not easy, but not hard until after Trout Lake, that's when you really start to climb. The first lake (Trout Lake) is only a mile and a half in, and so worth to walk. I went the last 2 weekend of May. There were still fallen trees on the trail the first time out, but there were cleared the following weekend. The first time up I only went to Trout lake and this lake is so beautiful. Crystal clear and with the snow covered mountains behind it looked amazing. On the second trip out I had planned to go all the way to Big Heart Lake. Less then a mile from Copper Lake the trail was lost under the snow pack, and once I realized that there was flowing water under most of the snow I was walking on, I turned around and camped close to Trout Lake. The views were breath taking at one point I could see 5 water falls at once. Loved this trail.

Took our 3 year old son on his first hike, he walked to Trout Lake and we hand to carry him back. Large Hemlocks and the rapids near the bridge make this one worth it.

This trail has a lot going on if you are paying attention. Got to the 4+ mile off-roading trailhead a little after 8am today with 1 car in the parking lot. SUV/Truck with 4-wheel drive is a MUST to reach this trailhead-dirt road with LOTS of washboards and pot holes.
Trail is not heavily used at all-lots of overgrown brush, loose rocks, massive fallen trees to climb over, and stream crossings. It was a great day to hike and everything was going well until we hit the 4.5 mile mark. The snow pack came on at his point and did not give up, we turned around at 4.9 miles defeated, promising to return for a late summer trek to Angeline and Big Heart Lake.

We only made it to the first lake, trout lake, because we had a 10-year-old with us. Not the best trail for kids. An easy trail to follow, weaving around the river. Once at the lake there are signs for restrooms, but when you follow the signs.... No restrooms. Bring TP.

beautiful lakes, went as far as the fifth one (Big Heart Lake). Trail is well defined but very rugged/

1 month ago

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