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Sweet and short trail. Very peaceful.

4 months ago

Nice easy trail with pretty views.

4 months ago

8.1.18 This hike is so awesome. Plenty of wild berries every where. The exposure gives you awesome views but come early. The view from this ridge and St Helens looks best at sunrise. Still plenty of wildflowers and its cool, i had a long sleeve. I didn't really encounter bugs and it wasn't crowded. Plenty of time for myself. Completed in 7.5 hrs with time to eat and take pics. The ridge is narrow in some areas and gets my adrenaline going. The trail is not well marked but the trail is noticeable if you look. The ridge is fun and the peak at the tip has lots of loose rocks so be very careful if you want to venture out. I did and the photo op is epic. I am definitely coming back

This review is partially tinged with PTSD, but feel it necessary. I did this route 08/25-27/2018 and while it started great from the trailhead, when we reached Whittier Ridge fog rolled in and we missed the connection to the Lakes trail at the north terminus. The trail is VERY poorly marked, and instead of staying at Shovel Lake as our group was permitted, we were turned around and spent two days at Snow Lake trying to find the Lakes trail and not finding it; again because we were in the wrong place.

Also, if you have any fear of heights, THIS IS NOT the trail for you. The ridge is VERY difficult and treacherous for an acrophobe like myself. Lastly, if you miss the turn as we did, and countiue on what looks like the trail, at the end as marked on here (before reaching Lakes Trail or Coldwater Lake Trail) you will hit an incredibly dangerous washout with ropes. DO. NOT. CROSS.

Avoid this hike if the weather is anything but clear. On the hike out, as a last ditch to get home, we went back across the ridge in clear skies. The views were insanely beautiful, but without fog the heights were even more of an issue for me.

Wouldn’t mind trying this with someone or a group. HMU if someone needs some company. 7163592077

nature trips
5 months ago

pretty n easy

Hiked this on August 5, 2018. Started at Norway Pass trailhead at 9:45am. It is a gradual ascent. Not difficult, but can be tiring. Very little shade and it was a hot day. Stayed on the Boundary Trail #1 until we got to Whittier Ridge Trail #214. There were a few people on the trail as well. All but one were headed to the easier Mt. Margaret. Wildflowers were in bloom, berries were abundant...so were the bugs...bring bug spray!

The views were amazing! Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adam's and Mt. St. Helen's were in full view for most of the hike. Along with some lakes, including Spirit Lake. We spent a lot of time stopping for pictures and just enjoying the view. There are campsites along the route and saw just a single camper. (jealous)

We could see the jagged peak of Whitier from a distance, but did not think twice about what was to come until we were upon it. We reached the ridge about 1pm. I would be lying if said I wasnt nervous. the rock faces and scrambles looked difficult. But we pushed on.

The climb wasn't that bad. Not technical. Can be a bit unnerving though. There is no definite trail, but was easy to find the best path over and around rocks. Took an hour to make it to the top! I think a mile or less. So take it nice and slow. You can do it! We enjoyed our lunch, sitting on the the top of Mt. Whittier, enjoying the view, in complete silence. What an incredible landscape! We didn't want to leave, but the clock was ticking and we still had a 2.5 hour drive afterwards. Going down was a little tricky, but much faster than going up.

Since the trail leading there was mostly uphill, it was a nice fast-paced hike downhill, all the way to the trailhead where we started.

Total time: 7 hours
Total miles: 13

This was a nice leisurely pace and enjoyed taking my time and soaking in the scenery.

Gradual accent. Not an ankle breaker. Bring lots of water (I finished 3 litters at the turn around point) and sun block. Wear a wide brim hat. The trail has few shades. As soon as you turn into the Whittier trail the overgrowth takes over. Nothing really dangerous, there’s a lot of places to hold on to. Also the first spine looks passable but it’s not (not for me, i had to go back half way through). The paths is on the left side of the spine. Your reward for this 12 mile hike is that you get a view of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and three lakes.

the Whittier Ridge part of this hike is more of a scramble then a hike. if you're that thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie this hike is definitely for you. awesome views around every corner .

6 months ago

Loved this shirt hike! Great for kids and the water felt amazing!

6 months ago

Beautiful view of Spirit Lake and the surrounding area.

Trail needs repair. Ran into a black bear. Great views of Mt St Helens snd Spirit Lake.

on Harmony Trail

9 months ago

We were the only people at the bottom. Complete solitude and serenity with amazing views of the mountain. Logs from the blast still float along the edges of Spirit Lake. While the hike is steep its only a mile down and a mile up. Take down some lunch and enjoy the beauty.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

I loved this small hike. Such a big reward and it was clearly marked, luckily the road wasn’t closed.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

FR 99 closed until approx August due to winter road damage

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Arrived at the Norway Pass TH by 9:00 am on Thursday, November 3. Sole car in the parking lot and the only human tracks on the trail. 2 1/4 miles of gradual elevation gain over the next hour up to Norway Pass. Soak in picturesque views of Mount St Helens and Spirit Lake before continuing to the Lakes Trail junction (less than a mile). Turn right up to Bear Pass. This will start the desired counter clockwise loop route (clockwise toward Mount Margaret is definitely an option as well). Descend .5 miles to Grizzly Lake, the first of four lakes visited before the Mount Whittier cutoff. Obscurity, Panhandle and Shovel Lakes also await over the next 4.7 miles. The terrain is an impressive mixture of devastation and regrowth. Streams flow frequently and the views are endless - you are never fully closed in. Reached the Mount Whittier TH by 12:45 pm.

There may be a couple of ways to tackle the first part of the Mount Whittier trail, depending on your comfort level and experience. Consider taking a rerouted path that leads east and then climbs south up to the ridge. My chosen route led Southeast along an exposed section (Snow Lake below), where two climbers ropes aided in crossing an eroded area. A short climb later and you emerge in a small saddle. Immediately turn uphill (north) until you reach the ridge. Now, the really enjoyable part begins. Follow a fairly well defined game trail along the ridge. A bit of route finding skills may be necessary. Scramble up two false summits until you finally reach Mount Whittier (~5,883 ft elevation). Spooked a trio of mountain goats and spotted many more below. Stellar views of St Helens, Adams and Rainier. Spotty snow in a few places on the north side. Keep right after descending Mount Whittier and continue to follow the ridge until you meet up with the Boundary trail. An optional side trip (on the right/South) to Mount Margaret may tempt you along the way. Back to Norway Pass at 4:00 pm; parking lot by 4:40 pm. Spotted a total of at least 25 elk and nearly 30 mountain goats on my trek. A truly amazing experience in an area I will most certainly visit again!

Beautiful view of the mountain and spirit lake. Many small washouts where pumice trails were present making for unstable footage. We looped around and came out Norway pass.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Nice hike - just out and back, with good views of Mt Adams. Definitely bring bug spray...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Quick paved trail to the lake. Platform was flooded as the lake was high. Saw lots of tadpoles swimming.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Neat waterfall. Quick hike from the road to the creek.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Really great views ends up at the north end of the lake, pretty waterfall and not many people. Worth the drive!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Great little trail. Short. A bit steep at the beginning but flatters out the closer to the lake you get. It's the only place you can legally get down to the water. Overall highly recommend.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Grew up in Randle and I now live in Boise, love everything about Gifford Pinchot. There are some amazing places here that still are known to very few people. Head up Cispus Road till you get To 2305 bout 5 miles it will be on your right hand side, dirt road Right there pure untouched oldgrowth forest Massive Douglas firs an amazing sight, moss 3 to 4 feet deep.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Amazing hike! More difficult than the 2k elevation puts on. You ascend and descend into 3-4 valleys with lakes. The lakes are quite beautiful, but not all of the 5 lakes along the way are easily accessible. We started at Norway pass and went right at the lakes loop. The first few miles before the loop fork is pretty straight forward with an amazing view of Spirit Lake and Mount St. Helens. The loop starts to get difficult. The bugs pick up at this point as well. But the views from the loop are some of the best I've ever experienced. Constant views of the Goat Rocks, Adams, Rainier, Hood and St. Helens. And a few moments where you can see all 5! This occurred during the 2.1 mile ridge line traverse about 3/4 of the way into the loop. This section is slow going and a bit sketchy. If you are slow and steady there is no danger though. But expect this section to take 2+ hours. We got lost a few times in this area by following goat trails. Be wary they are well worn but as you get further from trail they start to get very rugged and choppy then eventually disappear. This was a long and strenuous hike but well worth it. Absolutely stunning!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My mother and I were on our way to hike the Windy Ridge trail but the road was closed so we took a detour and explored this little trail that starts off on the side of the road. I must say that once you get to the bottom the waterfall and creek was simply astounding and I no longer felt bad that we didn't get to hike Windy Ridge. We spent about an hour exploring the area and it was truly breath taking; especially to feel the cool mist from the waterfall hit your face.

My family and I started at the intersection of US Forest Road 25 at Elk Pass. We hiked to the west about 4 miles then returned to the starting point. 90% of the hike was on a pumice surface and in a mature stand of Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees. We did not see any wildlife, but we made quite a bit of noise as well. I had our 11 month old on my back and we also had our seven year old along. While the terrain was at times steep, overall it was a very enjoyable hike. With the exception of two open windows to look at Mt. St. Helens, it was more of a walk in the timber. We did see elk tracks and poop on the trail. Unfortunately we also so dirt bike tracks on this trail. If a person(s) were going to hike an extended distance, suggest proper medical supplies, etc. ( Which we had ). Near the top of the trail you can hear FSR 25 traffic and on the trail you will look down on a couple of gravel FS road. Fun day. Perfect temperature.

Monday, September 02, 2013

33 years after the eruption, logs are still afloat in Spirit Lake, and the trees are still laying flat from the blast. Now Mt. St. Helens is coming back to life. There are newly seeded trees starting to cover the ground, beautiful wildflowers, Huckleberries, Service Berries, and Salmonberries along the trail. This is a great hike. It should be listed as Moderate because the hike back out is 600' change in elevation over .8 miles. This is one hike you should complete.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beautiful short hike with the kids. Needed a break from the road, this is how we took one.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great orienting trail Mt. St. Helens. Starts in an area recovering and the devastation is still apparent. After a couple of miles, you get your first view of the mountain. Moving on, there are awesome views of spirit lake and the mountain.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I was really disappointed in the trail. I had been wanting to see Spirit Lake since I read about it after the eruption in the 80's. The trail itself is in good shape with a few items needing tending (broken bridge, some eroding edges) but all-in-all I left feeling let down. The trail description I read says the elevation gain is only 300', I don't think that is accurate but it's not a hard trail by any means, but I guess that's relative to your condition :) We set out in the evening and had a good deal of shade, which was a nice surprise.

If your in the area definitely stop by Iron Creek Falls on FR25, only 500 yards from the road but a nice place to relax for a bit.

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