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Nice to be able to see this historic place before they tear it down.. Its all
Tore apart and wired up now so nobody gets hurt..

Probably my #1 most favorite spot to hike. It's not necessarily a hike but a good walk there. Once you see a big round steel cylinder before the bridge you're there. Going on the bridge had to be my biggest achievement because it's no piece of cake for someone that is afraid of heights. The gaps between the wooden slats can be quite spaced out and the drop is a veryyyyy long way down so I recommend to keep your eyes forward. For dare devil's and adrenaline junkies. Not recommended for children.

1 month ago

The trail was short, but the drive was long. Spider lake is a spectacular view but unfortunately I picked up eery vibes from the glass-like stillness and once you see one part of it, the rest of the hike is a bore...

@mercy Johnson, how was the trail condition? going there tomorrow, hope you see this

A very pleasant, short loop. The spur trail leads to the beach, which on a sunny day is really very beautiful. The road that leads to the State Park, East Yates Rd, is an unpaved, rough surface road with pebbles and rocks, but it is easily driveable for any type of car. Discover Pass is required to park at the trailhead.

3 months ago

Crazy place

The app clocked this hike as 1.5k. It says easy but those of you just starting out, it's steep terrain down to water and if you take the loop back to the parking area, it's a gradual incline with brief spots of difficulty.

Pretty short hike. Gets steep when you are going to the water but quick and easy hike.

I took the longer route which required walking a mile down a closed road to the path which was another 1.5 miles roughly, was able to get on the bridge from the South side. If you search on google you can find videos with instructions on how to do this. there was a lot of overgrown bushes, etc. but worth it for the views if you aren't scared of heights.

5 months ago

Simple but amazing. Scary but fun. The bridge is NOT out and is accessible WITHOUT trespassing; I think the logging company paid people to write reviews on this site saying it has been demolished and you will get a ticket. My fiancé and I approached from the shorter trail NW of the bridge, right off WA-23. It's about a mile on pretty level gravel until you get to the bridge. This is national forest land so you are NOT trespassing; however, climbing on the bridge, which is private property, does constitute trespassing. There are signs that delineate this. Getting on the bridge would be pretty difficult anyway as you have to scale a 15 foot concrete wall covered in razor-wire, but it is 100% possible. However, as a law-abiding citizen, I did not climb on the bridge and was happy looking at it from underneath.

Nice walk. Good views. Convenient location to town.

5 months ago

So beautiful

Excellent easy hike, nice trails. Very peaceful. Our dogs loved it!

6 months ago

Late review! My boyfriend and i went at the end of January (2016), and it was still snowy! Fairly easy trail and the view was nice, pretty scary if you don't enjoy heights. we did go on the bridge and by the time we came back to our cars we each got a ticket for trespassing. up to you if you want to take the risk.

Pleasant, short, easy hike.

Easy walk to the bridge but once you arrive it is for viewing only, you cannot go on the bridge anymore. If you do not live in the area it's really not worth the drive.

Very short, just leads to an old trestle that you can't go on. Nothing much to see here and not worth the dirt road you have to take.

Easy trail, but the road to get there is very pot-hole ridden. Pretty lake, thank goodness for this app's GPS, no trail head sign, but gps led me right to it. Wear pants, trail a bit overgrown.

it's was a very easy and fun hike

Very quiet and clean trails and beach access. My toddlers enjoyed the hike very much. Bring your own trash bag to dispose of waste. No bins in sight. Which is okay.

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