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on Dungeness Spit Trail

3 days ago

love it

4 days ago

A tough at times hike but absolutely worth it. Drive to trailhead is along a one-lane dirt road going into the mountains, nothing too scary but be ready to pullover for traffic. Beginning of hike is fairly flat and easy, but after a few hours you'll get into some steep elevation gains. Nothing hairy, just exhausting, especially if you're bringing a fully loaded pack. When you get to towards the first basin it may be incredibly buggy, bring some spray. Great views of the glacial mountains along the way. Once you get to Royal Lake you'll be tempted to chill or swim in the beautiful blue water, but if you've got the energy definitely continue on to the to upper basin. By the end you'll have seen some beautiful meadows and another stunning glacial lake surrounded by snowy mountains.

If camping, the lake campsites looked nice, but there's a number of sites. If looking for something more private, consider the Lower Royal Meadow sites, there were only 2 that I saw. You're right next to the creek so easy to filter water. Was really buggy, but I don't think you can get away from that anywhere. Quite chilly at night as well.

So I didn’t do this trail, but I did go to this area. And when you pull in the first pull off for a scenic view on the left has an incredible sunset opportunity. The day I went there were two eagles flying above us the whole time. Also, right down the street from this rec area, if you drive down the road close to the coast, you’ll come to the end where you can take a sharp left turn down the hill. This is also an amazing view of the spit during sunset/sunrise. Enjoy!

Road conditions are in good condition just be a little cautious of the narrow road. The hike was beautiful and had plenty of views including a black tail only 5 feet from me which was pretty cool. Will definitely come back for the other trails.

1 month ago

Beautiful, but David Pucci (below) was absolutely right. On May 18, 2018, three hikers found the remains of a 24-year-old solo hiker near the Gray Wolf Trail. The group of three hikers were about six miles down the trail at an area of a bridge washout when they discovered what appeared to human remains about 300 feet down in a ravine. Please respect the signs and turn around when the trail ends. Even an experienced hiker can have a bad day, or have the conditions be just wrong for scrambling on the unimproved trail a previous hiker used to make a "loop" out of an out-and-back. Peace, Love, and Hike with a Friend.

Before you go make sure you have a good pair of holding boots, and toilet paper just in case nature calls. 5.5 out and the same back. I say this because I brought some and the person I went had had to go and we were miles out from anywhere. There is a bathroom at the light house as well as the trailhead.

We went out to the lighthouse and back on 4-20-18. The tide was out all day, so it was great to be able to explore everything, go up into the lighthouse, and not worry about getting back before the water came back in.

Loved it. Views of the Olympics, Cascades, Victoria Island and the San Juan Islands. Made it all the way out to the lighthouse. Watch the tide tables. Towards the end I was forced up into the rocky areas which is harder to walk on.

4 months ago

Royal Basin is the finest alpine area in the Dungeness watershed.Streams cross the trail regularly.In the southeast corner of the basin it's not to difficult to gain the top of Royal ridge.The view over the basin is magnificent.I like to drop in to Milk Creek and go over to the other side of Milk Creek basin,over to an magnificent viewpoint for Warrior,Mt.Con stance and Inner Constance.Some steep snow often.

5 months ago

Nice out and back trail, as of Jan 20 2017 there is a slide at mile 4.2 that closes the trail. Seriously it is not safe to go past the log in the trail that says "end" on it. you slip you will end up in the river a long way down. If you are planning a through hike use the Slab Creek trail. Otherwise there are a couple of camping spots near the river, water is easy to come by and the trail was in good shape with a little mud and one or two blow-downs (expected in January). Trailhead parking is limited to a half dozen cars.

6 months ago

Did this as a day hike with a buddy. Other than me being a dumb dumb with new inserts it was a great trip. It was kind of chilly and windy so bugs were at a minimum. Stopped at the lower camp and was roomy as far as places to park gear but was hard to find water and good camp things. Upper camp much better for finding things like that and camping spots were pretty big and seemed to be enough. I would pay to stay up there. Didn’t make it to the lake at the top but that was my own fault. Early September

Hard is better than moderate as a descriptor. Once in top, OMG! Truly amazing. Getting up. Was difficult, coming down even more so. Easier to follow game trails since the upper trail is poorly marked.

7 months ago

the road opens late july and closes mid september. the park service locks a barrier across road and markes it illegal to drive past.

off road driving
8 months ago

Pretty easy drive. Just be careful not getting too close to the edge (soft shoulders)! Went up there around 5, made it just in time for sunset. 4 wheel drive not needed unless your trying to beat the sunset.

Beautiful day for a hike. Be advised that trail ends at 4.2 miles due to landslides. Trail up to that point is very well maintained!

First off this hike is very far from moderate it is also extremely poorly marked (bring a GPS) be prepared for steepness you probably never encountered before having said that the view from the top is really a spiritual experience.

9 months ago

Really neat trail. You start in a forest before getting to the beach. There was a lot of driftwood, washed up trees, and cairns. The beach sand was packed and pebbly enough to run on. We didn’t make it out to the lighthouse, but still had fun. It was chilly in July, so bundle up. With the evening breeze I needed jeans and long sleeves when walking.

on Royal Basin Trail

9 months ago

The trail is in good condition with only two trees to climb over. Mostly dry rift now.

Nice, long beach walk....check the tides so that you are able to walk on sand, not driftwood, both out and back.

9 months ago

We did this hike as a day trip from Seattle. Lots of driving but completely worth it. The drive is very straightforward, with good signage on the FS roads. We arrived at the trailhead at about 830 and were surprised to see 20-30 cars already there. It turns out most were not headed up to Royal Basin, we didn't see many people on the trail.

The hike itself is wonderful. It starts out in a dense forest, gradually ascending next to a mountain stream. The forest is thickly carpeted in a layer of moss. After a few miles, the moss fades as you enter more of an alpine forest, through a few meadows and with the occasional view of the valley ahead. The trail continues through this picturesque alpine forest and eventually hits the Royal Lake, a great spot for a break. There were a few birds in the area aggressively trying to steal our snacks, literally attempting to grab them out of our hands. Once past the lake, there's another beautiful meadow and a short trail to the ranger station, which is a platform with a backpacking tent setup on it. Definitely head down this detour - shortly past the ranger station is a great waterfall to explore. Back on the main trail, it's a quick hike up through more meadows and into some rocky terrain to the basin, which was our lunch spot. If you make it to the lake, don't stop there, the basin is totally worth the short extra hike. We stayed there for a while, ate lunch, and headed all the way back down. Much of the trail is criss-crossed by numerous animal trails. We saw a bunch of deer, a couple crossed the trail very close to us. They were surprisingly comfortable coexisting with humans. It didn't seem like they were looking for food, they simply trusted that we weren't a threat in any way, which was a very cool experience.

Overall, the hike is a gradual to moderately steep incline throughout. Nothing too tough. According to the Green Trails Map, round trip to the basin is 8.6 miles each way for a total round trip of 17.2. Including about an hour for lunch and frequent water breaks, the total hike time for us was about 9 hrs. If you're thinking about doing this in a single day (definitely doable) during the late summer/early fall time frame, I would recommend leaving the trailhead no later than 9 am to allow plenty of hiking time and enough daylight to complete the hike safely.

9 months ago

A beautiful walk on the beach. 5 miles one way to the lighthouse. You can also walk on the beach in the opposite direction. You can see many seabirds. Beautiful ocean. Very romantic.

Easy and nice walking to the light house. I walked exactly 11 miles out and back.

10 months ago

Trail is only 1.6 miles each direction for a total of 3.2 miles. It is a steep 23% grade and ends at a trail leading up to the top of Mount Zion (4.1 miles, or 8.2 round trip if you elect to go up there). That trail will be behind you and to the left, so the sign is easy to miss if you don't look behind you at the right time. If you continue straight, you will actually be on the Snow Creek trail, which will feature some small waterfalls. Neither Deadfall nor Snow Creek feature any views or notable formations and are probably only worth the hike if you intend to summit Mt. Zion.

10 months ago

Easier walk than I thought. Great family outing too.

long walk lol
but worth it !!!

Warning: this hike should be listed as HARD. I've done hikes listed as hard and could still complete them.

starting from the right side at the trail head, the first .3 of a mile is pretty steep elevation gain with no switchback, which I think would have helped on the steeper inclines. At .7 tenths of a mile there is a small waterfall with fresh clear water. From there, pretty steady steap climb up until about .8 or .9 when you get a little bit of a break. At 1.2 miles in, there's a beautiful meadow. At this point, I had to turn around.

I rated it a three because I don't think I would have selected this hike given my level of fitness currently. i should have looked at elevation gain. However, the views were phenomenal. I was alone for the majority of the hike and only passed 2 people on my way down.

Note: hike with twice the amount of water or have a water filtering device to replenish your bottles.

10 months ago

Didn't complete the entire walk to the lighthouse but whatever we did was stroller friendly, by that I mean a good jogging stroller. Didn't let our 18 month old out of the stroller because of all the driftwood on the shores. Nice views and relaxing time for all of us.

10 months ago

I needed a short backpack trip to shake out the cobwebs, so I decided to spend the night on the lower Grey Wolf, one of my favorite day hikes. Glorious weather, and there has been some work on the trail, so the trail is in great shape. I set up camp in the site just north of the overused 2-mile camp that is right on the river. After I set up camp, I discovered that the city folk who do not have a clue about back country etiquette have been using this bucolic campsite as their crapper. OMG! Who takes a dump at the edge of a great campsite, simply because it is a short distance from their campsite? Apparently, several people at least.

If you are reading this, and think it is OK to just crap on the ground, leave your toilet paper on top, and drop a few pieces of tree bark on top of that mess, please go out and get a copy of "How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art" by Kathleen Meyer. Please. Or read about it on the Internet.

That was the only downside to this beautiful little trek. The Giant Trees trail is overgrown but still navigable.

Please note that the Lower Grey Wolf Trail will be closed the weekend of September 30 / October 1 for fish habitat restoration.

We began our hike at the Tubal Cane parking lot and hiked this trail until it met the trail to Mount Townsend. The first 2 miles are pretty exhausting, with the majority of that portion of the trail being a 35-40% grade. But the views from the ridgeline, once the trail levels off, are lovely.

Unfortunately, the clouds began to roll in not longer after the trail leveled off and by the time we got to the summit, they warded off any of the beautiful vistas to which we looked forward.

Maybe next time...

11 months ago

tough hiking because it's long
but so worth it

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