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7 days ago

Hiked this last month. The B17 crash is really cool. It’s a steep hike but I highly recommend. We ended up camping at Buckhorn lake and summiting buckhorn mountain. It’s a gorgeous area.

9 days ago

The lower half of this hike is quite enjoyable, but the upper portion was a bit dry/exposed for my taste. If doing an out-and-back, I would stop at the top of the ridgeline where views are best. The descent to Boulder Camp is good as a place to stay if you are overnighting.

P. S. If you intend on visiting Buckhorn Lake, be prepared to face the wrath of biting insects of all kinds. My dogs and I were essentially forced to camp here for a night after we stopped here originally intending to get in a small snack, rest, and shade before pressing on. Despite generous amounts of picaridin lotion and personal netting, we were so quickly overwhelmed by the insects that I had to set up my tent and wait for dusk to even filter water. I'm talking biting flies 1/2" long, mosquitoes that use those as a distraction to get you anywhere you aren't 110% covered in deterrent, and a host of other biters that hardly mind the taste of bug deterrents. Once we were in the tent, the large ones literally began ramming/bouncing off the tent like miniature homing missiles relentlessly until dusk. All we heard for hours was continual buzzing punctuated by regular taps akin to the sound of pebbles being flicked at my tent. They were back by first light as well...

12 days ago


16 days ago

Great trail all around.

Lots of time in the woods. Lake is beautiful. Bring bug spray!

1 month ago

A tough at times hike but absolutely worth it. Drive to trailhead is along a one-lane dirt road going into the mountains, nothing too scary but be ready to pullover for traffic. Beginning of hike is fairly flat and easy, but after a few hours you'll get into some steep elevation gains. Nothing hairy, just exhausting, especially if you're bringing a fully loaded pack. When you get to towards the first basin it may be incredibly buggy, bring some spray. Great views of the glacial mountains along the way. Once you get to Royal Lake you'll be tempted to chill or swim in the beautiful blue water, but if you've got the energy definitely continue on to the to upper basin. By the end you'll have seen some beautiful meadows and another stunning glacial lake surrounded by snowy mountains.

If camping, the lake campsites looked nice, but there's a number of sites. If looking for something more private, consider the Lower Royal Meadow sites, there were only 2 that I saw. You're right next to the creek so easy to filter water. Was really buggy, but I don't think you can get away from that anywhere. Quite chilly at night as well.

An amazing trail. Our group goes back every year. Next trip tomorrow can’t wait.

3 months ago

Nice easy to follow trail, if you are going to Tull Canyon for the B17 wreckage keep an eye on your GPS some recent tree falls make the trail a bit tough to spot. Copper Creek area is another place to have a GPS out. the trail dumps you in a series of open clearings used for camping and there is no defined place to cross the creek. Easy to lose the trail on the other side. Same with some of the switchbacks, there are downed trees on the switchback and easy to follow game trails to lead you astray. I made it to Buckhorn pass before the trail disappeared under 5ft of snow. Will do again in a few months...

3 months ago

Fantastic hike. There are a couple of stream crossings, so I'd definitely recommend waterproof hiking boots, especially if you're going to the plane wreck.

3 months ago

Easy hike, gradual incline. Totally missed going up Tull Canyon. But there was snow up about 3.6 miles up the trail. We had lunch next to the creek. Trail was well maintained and easy to follow. Lots of wreckage to be seen.

5 months ago

Royal Basin is the finest alpine area in the Dungeness watershed.Streams cross the trail regularly.In the southeast corner of the basin it's not to difficult to gain the top of Royal ridge.The view over the basin is magnificent.I like to drop in to Milk Creek and go over to the other side of Milk Creek basin,over to an magnificent viewpoint for Warrior,Mt.Con stance and Inner Constance.Some steep snow often.

7 months ago

Did this as a day hike with a buddy. Other than me being a dumb dumb with new inserts it was a great trip. It was kind of chilly and windy so bugs were at a minimum. Stopped at the lower camp and was roomy as far as places to park gear but was hard to find water and good camp things. Upper camp much better for finding things like that and camping spots were pretty big and seemed to be enough. I would pay to stay up there. Didn’t make it to the lake at the top but that was my own fault. Early September

9 months ago

We didn't have 4 wheel drive and were a little nervous getting to the trailhead, but we made it in and out without any real hiccup (though we moved sloooowly).

The trail was fairly flat and beautiful! It was an easy hike to the first mine opening. Our goal was the plane wreck, which was a steep hike, and far more challenging than the first bit, though it only took about 15 minutes from the mine. By here, there was snow covering much of the ground, and plenty of places where you wouldn't want to slip off the trail.

To get to the plane wreck, go around and past the rock that the mine shaft is in to the left. people talk about a sign that is hard to find, but even if you do it isn't clear where it leads.

on Royal Basin Trail

10 months ago

The trail is in good condition with only two trees to climb over. Mostly dry rift now.

10 months ago

We did this hike as a day trip from Seattle. Lots of driving but completely worth it. The drive is very straightforward, with good signage on the FS roads. We arrived at the trailhead at about 830 and were surprised to see 20-30 cars already there. It turns out most were not headed up to Royal Basin, we didn't see many people on the trail.

The hike itself is wonderful. It starts out in a dense forest, gradually ascending next to a mountain stream. The forest is thickly carpeted in a layer of moss. After a few miles, the moss fades as you enter more of an alpine forest, through a few meadows and with the occasional view of the valley ahead. The trail continues through this picturesque alpine forest and eventually hits the Royal Lake, a great spot for a break. There were a few birds in the area aggressively trying to steal our snacks, literally attempting to grab them out of our hands. Once past the lake, there's another beautiful meadow and a short trail to the ranger station, which is a platform with a backpacking tent setup on it. Definitely head down this detour - shortly past the ranger station is a great waterfall to explore. Back on the main trail, it's a quick hike up through more meadows and into some rocky terrain to the basin, which was our lunch spot. If you make it to the lake, don't stop there, the basin is totally worth the short extra hike. We stayed there for a while, ate lunch, and headed all the way back down. Much of the trail is criss-crossed by numerous animal trails. We saw a bunch of deer, a couple crossed the trail very close to us. They were surprisingly comfortable coexisting with humans. It didn't seem like they were looking for food, they simply trusted that we weren't a threat in any way, which was a very cool experience.

Overall, the hike is a gradual to moderately steep incline throughout. Nothing too tough. According to the Green Trails Map, round trip to the basin is 8.6 miles each way for a total round trip of 17.2. Including about an hour for lunch and frequent water breaks, the total hike time for us was about 9 hrs. If you're thinking about doing this in a single day (definitely doable) during the late summer/early fall time frame, I would recommend leaving the trailhead no later than 9 am to allow plenty of hiking time and enough daylight to complete the hike safely.

Great trail to see a crashed B17

11 months ago

Trail is in awesome shape. Long drive to get there, hike up Tull Canyon and take a look at the old B-17 crash site of 1952. Trail up Tull Canyon is quite the climb, but well worth it. Enjoy everybody!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

tough hiking because it's long
but so worth it

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

There is fresh evidence of a bear living in the mine shaft above the mine tailings. I came across the mine while on a stroll. I got about halfway back armed with only a cell phone flashlight and a plastic poop shovel before realizing the situation... There is a mine shaft as soon as the Tull Canyon trail breaches off to the left. Plenty of camping spots around the old mining area. Don't forget to check out Tull Canyon! Also, if you have time after seeing up camp, a hike to Marmot Pass would take you 3 hours or so and it is breathtaking! No water after you leave the mining area though..

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fun hike though I was unable to find the plane wreck.

Monday, July 03, 2017

It was an ok trail with some over growth in the trail and a few muddy spots. I would note you go descend for the first 2.7 mikes and when you come back get ready for the fun uphill. Not much too much to see but still better than walking in the city.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Beautiful hike along the river. We did not go all the way to the basin today but enjoyed what we saw

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Slight ascend up first 2 miles. Moderately flat trail. A few small creeks to cross, pack extra socks or wear proper footwear. Hiked up to Buckhorn. Careful crossing waters that lead you up passed first set of campsites. Lots of rusted metals and slippery rocks. Backpacked up to Buckhorn trailhead. Lots of variation in terrain. Dirt, snow, pebbles. Amazing view of Buckhorn Mountain midway up. Buckhorn lake is beautiful. Arrive early to get prime camping spot!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

hard but fun and Worth it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Absolutely beautiful day! Weather was upper 70's.
The huge bull frog was the highlight of my day, wow he was cool! Trail was clean zero litter. Sequim rocks!

Monday, June 05, 2017

Hiked end of May 2017. Snow around 4000ft. Royal lake snowed in. Hiked up to the ridge between Mt. Deception and Mt. Fricaba (bring crampons and ice axe).

on Tubal Cain Trail

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Hiked into Buckhorn lake. Trail is in great shape. Wild flowers are already out. There are some snow patches as you head down the last grade to the lake, but easily passable. I expect all the snow will be gone in a week. We camped at the larger campsite above the lake. There was room for about six tents. As the snow melts, more room will be available. There is also a small site on the lake shore that is clear.
Trail to B-17 crash us clear. Plenty of campsites nearby.
Road to trailhead is rough in a few places, but should pose no problems if you're careful.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A beautiful trail! There is a camp site about a mile (plus or minus 1/2 mile) past the fork to the Tull Canyon and B-17 Crash. after you cross the stream at this camp site you will take some switch backs towards Buckhorn Lake and Marmot pass. Don't take the "shortcut" that you see on this trail map unless you are in shape and/or are a seasoned hiker. The elevation change is exhausting and the trail is less maintained here. Also we came across snow towards the end of the "shortcut" where it meets with the easier switch backs (the part that's not the "shortcut"). The trail is cut into a very steep slope here and the snow was super slushy and yak tracks were not effective. We slipped and slid several feet before hitting some trees. We made it out in one piece, but I bent one of my trekking poles! My advice is start early and be prepared for steep snowy inclines (yak traks will not do it).

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One of my all time favorites!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

lots too see beautiful, and not too hard,....

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