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Selah, Washington Map
9 days ago

8/4/18: Attempted to hike this trail but it is closed for a unspecified restoration period due to fire damage. (I was required to enter a star rating so matched to the most recent reviews).

Great find! Stopped here on my drive from Seattle to Spokane. Little bit of a detour by about 20 minutes off I90 on mostly primitive roads. It was a hot day, in the high 80s but the trail has lots of shade and is remarkably cool. Lots of little turn offs on the trail to sit by the creek, just head straight ahead for the falls. I took a left at the fork towards a rocky incline- was a really fun trail with varying terrains- not good for anyone with physical limitations. Trail at one point is overgrown with plants, but very doable. Spills out to the top of the falls, gets very muddy right before. Trail goes up and around the box canyon where the falls is at to get to the other side. Wear good shoes, I wore Tevas and was slipping a bit on my way to the other side. Beautiful oasis, perfect way to stretch legs!

The hike was beautiful!! I think we took the wrong trail??!! It was kid friendly at first but some of the trail had steep slopes with rock and dirt which required us to slide down on our butts then climb over a steep area that if we slipped would take us down a rock slope and into the water!! I can say its off my list since I made it ;) but dont think ill be doing that again!

1 month ago

Discovery Pass is required. We hiked the Yakima rim trail. The trail is well established. And the rocky trail helps at times as stepping stones. There are posts along the way which help as markers. There's good views of Selah, Mt Adam's, and mT Rainier, as well as the Canyon. The mountain side had been recently burnt . At the top looking at the Canyon road we did catch a glimpse of four rams. On hot days there is no shade So be wary of that. Over all, I rate this trail as an easy trail to almost or maybe a moderate trail

Pretty easy hike over all. It’s shaded and great for a hot day. My only complaint is that there are lots of forks in the trail and it’s hard to know which to take because some lead to a harder path and some easier. Make sure to check for ticks after! We had one hitch a ride on on of the kids!

I hike this trail often since I live in the area. It's a really great, short hike and could easily be done with kids. I used to hike with my cat up there and he did it easily. I always find some muddy places on the trail, but nothing crazy! I definitely recommend it.

6/12/18 - Only made it a little way in, the mosquitos were swarming us! Clouds of bugs out there, we will probably try this hike again in a month or two.

Nice little hike if you're in the area. Not much to see on the trail itself but the falls at the end is worth the short hike. There was only one spot with some mud but there was a log on the side to walk over it. Climbing down to the bottom of the falls is a little sketchy but not really hard, just make sure you got good shoes with grip.

Great hike! Had to climb over some rocks and mud but that just added to the fun. Our dog enjoyed it too! There were quite a few other hikers but all were friendly. It could use a clean up though. Remember, pack it in, pack it out!

horseback riding
2 months ago

This trail is NOT horse friendly. I saw it had horses tagged and decided to try it out. This would be an amazing hike, but with the trail shooting straight up the hill right along the edge of a cliff it wasn’t safe for horses, especially if you have young or inexperienced ones. The trail is rocky with loose rocks in places, and with how steep the trail was and how close you are to the edge the ENTIRE time it was not a good time for my horse. I almost made it to the top before the cliff edge was just too steep, so I turned around and rode most the way down. In the loose rock places I walked. My horse and I are both very experienced and have been to many difficult mountain trails and wildernesses together, but the view and the effort is not worth it to bring livestock. I’ll probably come back to hike it, however, because it is a beautiful view of the Yakima valley and Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams. I just won’t be doing this horseback. Oh, and the parking lot was almost full so it wasn’t horse trailer friendly, and neither is the road leading to the trailhead. Luckily I have a small two horse trailer that’s super easy to back up and maneuver so I was fine.

Road is good. At the first Y in the trail if you stay right it’s much easier. When you get to the mud you’re almost there. It was a beautiful day out, not many on the trail, only saw 3 other groups. Met some nice women from Alaska. I’d love to know deep the base of the Falls is?

Road in and trail is in great condition, falls could use some clean up of trash. Saw a rattlesnake on trail.

3 months ago

Nice easy hike but worth it at the end.

Fun little hike, easy for kids. A few bad muddy spots but fun!

A lot of fun. Pretty easy hike most of the way. By the waterfall there is a rock formation that you can climb.

Beautiful view of the waterfall, short and easy, several muddy ares


Long steep rocky climb. Great views.

5 months ago

Beautiful spring like day. The snow and ice pack mentioned in the previous is mostly gone, except closer to the falls. Lots of mud. Huge portions of the trail were nothing but mud, and hard to avoid. The kids had fun, despite slipping in the mud. Lots of college kids out today

off road driving
5 months ago

Really nice drive with young children along the Yakima River. Good hills and some areas actually would require 4 wheel drive in the rain.

5 months ago

Easy hike given the trail is well established and despite the half mile of pretty steep incline it’s not that bad. 5 miles round trip so expect to stay a couple of hours at least. Some tumble weed this time of year. Beautiful views.

Trail was covered in ice. Very dangerous conditions on 2/11/18. The drive up appeared to be favorable... but the packed ice in the vicinity of the trail made it treacherous.

Try it again in after a few more weeks.

off road driving
7 months ago

Nice and quiet, the main trails are flat with some muddy ruts here and there, but the side trails got a little more interesting, i took a few all the way down and found a couple camping spots right up next to the riverbank which would also make great fishing spots. I explored a few other side trails all the way up the side, where it got a little steeper with slightly larger rocks to climb over, to the top of the hills and when i went it was raining so it was foggy up there but i bet on a clear sunny day you could get a full 360 view, but still even at the top of the first hill by the power box you can get a great view of the valley

Goff horseback riding trail but very rocky. Great views from the top looking into Yakima Canyon!

10 months ago

Long steep rocky climb to great views overlooking Yakima canyon and Roza Dam. Best in the spring when the fliers are abundant. You may see mountain sheep up on the steep sides too

easy hike in and out.

this is no longer a loop. half is closed to motor vehicles. this trail should be marked as easy.

This is a really fun trail a few snakes lots of deer kids loved it

This is a great recovery day, relaxing trail!!

It's a fun little hike! The end is the real pretty part, or I guess what I mean is I wouldn't do the hike if it were not for the pretty falls at the end. The hike on is pretty but nothing special. If you have dogs or young kids getting to the bottom of the falls (where the real view is) would be pretty difficult. We also saw a snake on the rocks getting down there, it was small and didn't appear dangerous but it made me think it would be a good spot for rattlesnakes. If you go, bring a beverage to enjoy below the falls- it's really pretty.

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