Parking lot closed, so you have to park on the street. Very busy park. All flat around the perimeter, but there are some cross trails across the park that have minimal elevation gain. Good one for a short hike that doesn't take long. Lots of wildlife.

Very easy trail with almost no elevation gain. Busy trail with lots of hikers. Goes by the lake for some distance so lots of scenery. Trail is wide and graveled. Gets a little confusing at times with roads to cross and ball fields to circumnavigate. Not a get lost trail or area, bur GPS helps at times.

Easy and beautiful

This was a beautiful place! I took my five year old and he enjoyed walking around too! We were there for an hour. Great place to take family photos. The flowers were beautiful and I can’t wait to go back in the fall!

Awesome! Stroll great views of lake Washington and also spotted various wildlife like turtles ducks herons Hiked on 5/31

This hike is truly a great escape from the busy city! It took us 20 minutes to get there and we started hiking right away :) The trail is narrow in parts and decently trafficked so I would recommend wearing a mask or scarf down around your neck to cover your mouth when people pass by. There were a lot of couples on this hike which always makes seeing attractive men less exciting. We hiked the loop counter clockwise and after descending down to the water, I was blow away at the view! This hike features great forest, beach, and cliff moments which is quite a unique find so close to a major city!

6 days ago

It’s the happiest we’ve seen our Great Dane since moving here five months ago.

Awesome! I love this Trail. It’s great for running because it separates pedestrians and bikes. Most people are there to exercise so you don’t get groups hanging out and blocking the trail. There is views of Mt Rainer in the South direction and views across the water of the Olympics in the North direction.

8 days ago

A seattle favorite, heavily treed, creeks, some homeless camps dampen the experience though

Paved, easy, no elevation gain noticeable

road biking
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Ran this trail yesterday 5.24.20. It was a beautiful day. The trail is well maintained. Although Camp Long facility is currently closed, the trail is open to the public since the gate is still open. It is so nice running along all the obstacle courses that someday I wish to have the opportunity to join. Very blessed the trail is so close to my house and not so far out from the city.

Beautiful trail and views! Slightly muddy at this time.

Beautiful but crowded

A great hike/walk. A little muddy in spots, only made difficult when strollers and tots on bikes try to use the trails. Physical distancing can be difficult in many spots especially with the increasing volume. I changed course from the lighthouse loop to the main loop (~3 miles) because of the volume of people. Still, a great trail with lots to see and you occasionally forget you’re still in the city, even if only for a moment or two.

14 days ago

on the south side of the capitol hill hump, and quite worth the extra step. First impression is: What a Marvel. Second impression: let's wait until the pandemic is over; I suspect it gets crowded.

Make your own loop.

This is my favorite Seattle Park. The views of the Sound and the Olympics are awesome! I absolutely love this Trail. I do a figure 8 loop to make it 8 miles. I’ll start off running then when I get tired I’ll continue walking.


Well maintained trail, a little muddy. Beautiful views. Parking lot is still closed. Many people in the park in general, but this trail was not crowded.

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18 days ago

Some large sections washed out as swamp muck. Expect to be in mud that goes past your ankles and more. Either take your shoes off and go barefoot or wear galoshes. This is especially true on Marsh Island.

My wife and I just moved to Seattle and we have chosen this trail as our first ever trail. We have no previous hiking experience and I can say that we really enjoyed this walk! The weather was great and the park is so beautiful that we completed the trail refreshed and ready to another week. We will definitely come back to complete the lighthouse trail.

19 days ago

An excellent urban hike. I did this as part of a loop where I started and finished at West Seattle Junction. I added the Longfellow Creek Trail system as well as the Pond Park up the hill on Juneau. It all made for a good half day of hiking.

Easy walking loop

bird watching
20 days ago

Did a variation on the hike to focus mostly on north beach. Beautiful day and not overly crowded!

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