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Little muddy though. Went in June.

Little muddy when we went in June. Beautiful views. Reflections in the water were amazing! Loved all the lilypads. Doesn’t feel like you’re in the middle of the city.

This was, and will be once again be one of the greatest places to visit in Seattle.

1st & Cherry
Just feet away from the Pioneer Building

1st & Yesler
Iron Victorian Pergola

2nd Ave. & James
Collins Building

2nd Ave. & Yesler
Smith Tower
The love of my life! It's a shame that most people will never see the fine architectural detail of this building up close. Near the top is an observation deck that has a bar and a great view of Pioneer Square.

The newest addition to the are is the Weyerhaeuser building. The Architects at MITHUN did an incredible job adding a glass building that reflects the historic architecture of the area.

2 days ago

great for walking and for kids to ride bikes

2 days ago

good trail for beginners like littles. my kids do fine 5,4, and 22mo.

Beautiful loop! Great views of the water and some good woods. Not crowded on a Thursday early afternoon. I just walked it but would also be a really fun run. On my trek today I came across a cell phone lying in the brush - I brought it to the visitor's center. Hope you find it!

7 days ago

Been there on 2018/09/08. Good 3 Mile Walk around the lake. Paved road throughout the trail and beautiful lake. Kids play area and rest rooms at multiple points. Best place to spend time walking together as family.

A nice trail for being in a city. I hiked it mid-day on a Monday and I did not experience a lot of traffic. The trail was generally clean but I was annoyed to see bike-share bikes being left at random points. I'll be back to hike it again since it is close to home and it makes a nice post-workday stress reliever.

10 days ago

9/8/2018 (Saturday) - Mostly cloudy, 62-68F, cool early fall morning. Nice view around. Peaceful environment.

This trail is readily accessible via public transportation, which means it's also a busy trail. Great for a nice relaxing stroll while also enjoying some nature!

I love this place. I've been in, outside, on, underneath, and throughout this great place. Please bring a pack with your 10 essentials for this one. Trekking poles optional!!!

Beautiful trail. Make sure to wear tennis shoes and not sandals. There are stunning views and it is hard to believe such a peaceful place exists a stones throw away from the city.

8/28/2018 (Tuesday) -- Sunny afternoon, 1 hour leisure walk from NW to SE, 2 miles. The paths through the Sculpture Park is free. The trails are designed separately for bikers and walkers. The best place in Seattle downtown to walk along the shoreline of the Puget Sound. It is officially called "Elliott Bay Trail". The northern section from "Fish On" is closed.

Interlaken is looking so nice. Here you can find the classics of Alpine and the image of mountain.

23 days ago

More of a nature walk than a hike, although there are some (very short) steep portions of the trail. Nice little jaunt through the trees near Alaska Junction!

Heads up that part of the north beach trail is currently closed as of 8/25 (area where you’d go up the stairs after going by the light house if you by going toward the birds nest- see pics). We didn’t know until about 3 miles in and had to turn around. Otherwise it was lovely.

Had the entire beach to myself at first! Spotted lots of wildlife: herons, seal, crabs!

Walked it with our cat, easy loop not much elevation. Stinks by the beach due to the sewer plant but other than that great area right in Seattle for a walk, bike, or run.

1 month ago

beautiful park, not so crowded in the morning of a weekday. many pretty dogs, some unpicked dog poo poo though.

For being inside of Seattle this is a great place to spend your day.

1 month ago

I have to say, I think it's hilarious that this is mentioned as a 'trail'. HAHAHAHA! It is always fun to walk around Pike Place. Fish throwing etc. Classic.

This trail has it all! Hike through the woods, sandy bluffs, Meadow, or down by the beach. Spent my early afternoon here and it was lovely.

trail running
1 month ago

Love going for long runs on this trail

I’m visiting Washington so I decided to drive around Seattle in search of scenic views. I saw pictures of this place online and decided to check it out. Definitely a nice park and the view of Puget Sound is nice at sunset. Had the chance to see the train pass under the bridge so that was cool. Nice place to have a bonfire and relax.

love this trail

8/12/2018 (Sunday) -- Flat easy loop with awesome lake view around wetland and "Kite Hill" for 1 to 1.5 hours in a dry, warm, cloudy day. Very pleasant.

1 month ago

You can never go wrong with a stroll along the beach. Loved this.

A great way to just 'get out of the city ' without having to drive out of the city. Beautiful area.

1 month ago

Seward Park is one of my favorite places in Seattle. Love it.

More of a nature walk. All the same it was gorgeous. And we had a grand ol time. Went with my three kids: 6,4,1

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