always a great walk. we have done it tons of times mostly walking, but sometimes riding my bike.

it's an Urban hike for sure. It was fairly busy (with in my opinion, about 85% wore masks). I recommend this day hike/walk for all level of abilities.

1 day ago

This course is basically a side walk run. Views are poor. One of Seattle’s worst and most embarrassing urban failures

Good place for an easy but decent walk. My daughter biked while my other daughter and I walked. Path runs along the Duwamish but you can't really get down to it. Fairly empty so easy to social distance right now. Some bugs and lots of noise from the highway during certain parts of the walk but I would still recommend for a solid walk on a nice day.

Easy walk, there are a ton of bikes and they seem a little aggressive. I did get a lost trying to go over the bridge but you figure it out pretty soon. Love that it takes you to gas works park.

This trail was awesome, you’ll be able to walk and see the beautiful shoreline. Half the shoreline is covered by rocks/pebbles, and the other half sandy. A park area you can play in. Grill areas you can reserve, one area has an awning with a fireplace. Enough space to social distance.

7 days ago

They are not allowing bikes at this moment

bridge out
7 days ago

Wasn’t aware that this was a trail, will be back to speed run

Great during the weekday, weekends can get crowded. The loop is awesome, it has beautiful views, side trails, a great to take pictures, and Good for social distancing. Bring bug repellent during warmer whether, and the trail around Foster island is under construction.

A bit crowded but nice views!

STUNNING walk. Paved trail wide enough to accommodate a stroller *and* social distancing. Will definitely return soon.

9 days ago

At 33 weeks pregnant this trail was absolutely amazing for me. It was just the right amount of elevation and distance for me to feel like I got a good work out without over exhausting myself. I also brought my mother and nine-year-old son who enjoyed the walk as well. BEAUTIFUL views! Would highly recommend.

***DANGER/ALERT*** On June 24th 2020 there was a man hiding in the bushes on the side of the trail, waiting. As I was roller skating up to the bushes he came out with his pants down masturbating and staring at me. He was not caught and will likely be back. Please be careful especially if you are a woman or femme as I believe that was why I was targeted, and think about avoiding going this trail alone for the moment. This was part of the trail near 180th st in Tukwila. The man is in his mid 40s, wearing black dad-style sunglasses, a blue baseball cap, dark blue T shirt and dark blue/black athletic shorts, white tennis shoes. He was clean shaven wearing clean clothes, did not look homeless or intoxicated. No other tattoos or identifying marks I could see, and after I went by he went back into the bushes. If you do have an encounter with him and end up calling the police, Tukwila PD does have a report on file.

11 days ago

Gran lugar para caminar y relajarte

This is a NW favorite, super busy but you can figure out why once you get there. It’s a 2.8 loop, you can walk, ride your bike, skate, and go swimming if you would like. Right now with covid the parking lots are closed and there is limited parking on the street so be prepared to hunt a parking spot down. It gets crowded but there are a ton of activities you can do and everyone is super friendly and keeps to themself.

great inner city walk. lots of trails. scenic if you also walk Foster Island. Very easy and great walk with kids.

no shade
13 days ago

I wouldn’t call this a hiking trail. It’s a walking path in a city park. Roughly an hour to loop around the lake once at a moderate walking pace, and plenty of coffee shops and restaurants on the perimeter, so it’s a perfect spot to combine a bit of fresh air & exercise with catching up with a friend. There’s a lot of nature to enjoy— turtles, red-winged blackbirds, ravens, and sometimes even bald eagles. But you won’t forget that you’re in the city. And it gets pretty crowded, which is fine during most years, but during the pandemic you might want to just walk somewhere else. I’ve loved this park for decades, though. In the summer (every year but this one) you can rent kayaks or paddle boats. Great spot to get a quick walk in if you don’t have time for Discovery Park.

Parts of the trail were too muddy to go through without boots. I was wearing sneakers so I backtracked. Still a nice, easy , enjoyable walk.

14 days ago

14 days ago

closed and blocked off

20 days ago

I live close to here and I love running and walking through this park. I am often here weekly running, walking or birdwatching.

Empty trails this rainy friday morning. I parked along Madison St. as the parking lots are still closed. Plenty of parking available along side streets though. Wide trails appropriate for kids and social distancing.

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