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1 day ago

beautiful park, not so crowded in the morning of a weekday. many pretty dogs, some unpicked dog poo poo though.

A great way to just 'get out of the city ' without having to drive out of the city. Beautiful area.

8 days ago

Seward Park is one of my favorite places in Seattle. Love it.

Pretty little trail. Good for a nice jog. Enough scenery to keep me engaged.

This is a pleasant paved walk through a shaded riparian ecosystem that is two miles each way in distance. The grade is minimal, thus the trail can accommodate walkers, runners, cyclists, and those with strollers. We walked from the SeaTac entrance to Puget Sound where we were met by ducks, Canada geese, and gulls. There are distance markers each quarter mile. The only downside is constant jet noise and a sewage treatment plant about halfway along the trail.

1 month ago

Nice walking trail down to the water

I took away a star because the bathroom stalls aren’t big enough to push a stroller into and there’s no changing tables. But this park is beautiful, I love the coast and environment. We’ll definitely be going back.

Love this beautiful trail! Extremely shaded and wide enough for a stroller and some friends...Steady incline... Easy enough for kids...Goes along a gorgeous creek..2 miles up and 2 down for a total of 4 miles. Parking lots at both ends.. We even saw bunnies!!! Also a few scattered benches if you need to break. There is "poop hill" which has a funky smell for a very short time due to the sanitation plant...Also close to the airport so you do hear planes overhead but I don't mind it too much! Still an enjoyable trail!

3 months ago

Great trail to walk. It's clean and quiet.

A beautiful day today. Lots of people out with their friends, families, and dogs.

4 months ago

Very busy park, go early and explore the upper trails.

4 months ago

Run run I run it too!

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5 months ago

Very short out to Puget on a bike. Not really good for a major cycling work out. Good trail for people who want an easy workout. Good running trail. Takes you out to Puget Sound. Has trails off of the pavement. You good take a mountain bike on the off shoot trails.

on Seward Park

7 months ago

Excellent, paved, flat, level path with beautiful views.

7 months ago

Good city hike. Paved road, good for biking.

7 months ago

Nice and chill trail. Fun for all ages. Best time to visit is when the sun goes down and enjoy the sunset on the beach.

8 months ago

Recent wind storm made some trails inaccessible or closed off. Did make a decent hike out of it before the ferry

Nicely paved flat trail in a valley which follows the Des Moines Creek to/from 200th and the Des Moines Park/Marina. While the trail is amidst neighborhoods... it feels very remote and is mostly serene. There is a short part of the trail which passes a waste water treatment facility... so there's a funky smell for less than 100 yards of the trail. We are generally out and about midday on weekdays, so we rarely see other people on trails. We had this one to ourselves most of the time, passed about 3 other people. There are adequate trash receptacles for doggy poo bags, so it's makes this a great option for people with furbabies!!!

Park at either the Des Moines Creek Park lot or at the lot just off 200th and 20th.

We prefer to park at the Park near the Marina... so we can walk the pier and let the dogs play on the beach at the end of the out and back trail.

Super easy and fun!

11 months ago

people are assholes... like they own the road...

Umbrella stroller and flip flop friendly walk with gorgeous views!

11 months ago

An incredible oasis any time of year amid suburban sprawl. There are only five public accesses to Puget Sound in all of South King County for 725,000 people and this is one of three in the City of Des Moines (the others are at Saltwater State Park and Redondo). Given that much of the burden for maintaining and preserving the lower reaches of this wonderful feature falls on just the 31,000 people of Des Moines, it doesn't seem unreasonable that the 80 percent of non-resident parking lot users are asked to contribute a measly $1 per hour to help preserve the parking lot that is in danger of being closed due to seawall failure. Easily the cost of that latte you're trying to walk off anyway. Heck, it's $10 bucks at Saltwater State Park.

on Des Moines Creek Trail

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

it's very pretty but lots of noise from planes. for me, it defeats the purpose of getting out into nature because I look for serenity, but for those who enjoy planes you'll love it!

Monday, August 14, 2017

I do this several times a week; it's great and fully paved. I am really disappointed that they started charging for parking down at the beach end (I liked the up and then down) and so I now park at the S 200th st entrance which is in Seatac and they do not charge parking there.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I don't consider this as a hike, just a simple walk with beautiful views of Lake Washington.
I did this a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

One of my favorite go to spots to walk my dogs! If your looking for a in the woods hike it's not that. They do charge to park there now. $1.00 per hour or $5.00 for the day!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Lucky day .. awesome experience ..have fun not take it serious ..

Highly recommend you try this trails at least once in summer. We went on Sunday in mid July late morning .
The trail around Seward park is bit busy with people walking ,pets , kids etc. make sure you enjoy the ride .. take a break in the beach area facing I-90

Now the real gem.. the Sunday we went was bicycle Sunday and the road beneath Seward was blocked for car traffic and open for bikes .. A nice and real experience and we so many kids enjoying the big wide road ..

Tip: Early the better, very few parking inside.
Take your kid..

Monday, July 10, 2017

Nice but a large stretch is along a busy road.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

6/24/2017 (Saturday) -- The beach park has a large parking lot, a long bridge stretching into the sea for catching crabs. A weekend farmer's market attracts a huge crowd of people. The sewer treatment plant is located 3/4 mile from the beach. This is a hot early summer day, but a morning walk in the woods is OK.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

great views, super busy along the outside but lots of trails through the middle, plenty of mosquitoes in warm months, and some spots of poison ivy. lots of goodness for a land set aside to be a park.

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