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Seattle, Washington Map
5 days ago

Pikes Place is a lot of fun to check out. Lots of little shops and tons of very fresh Seafood. The very first Starbucks is located on this route and a ton of yummy pastry and ice cream shops. This place is alive with sights and smells, arts and crafts and really neat to explore

We watched a few very large boats go through the locks and there were tons of birds and a seal that hung around for the entire time. The grounds are pretty and it is a marvel to enjoy.

easy trail...some steep steps but enjoyed time in the beach!

Well maintained trail and provides some amazing views of downtown Seattle, the olympics, and more.

The waterfront along Lake Union is beautiful. There is a museum and paddle sports rentals and multiple eateries to check out. It is great for a Sunday stroll.

7 days ago

It's a short walk with an amazing splash of colors. Perfect for a family walk or a quick photo backdrop for couples.

7 days ago

The lake is very serene and the multitude of bird species are quite used to all the human foot traffic. It is paved and a great place for a walk, bike ride, stroller or jog.

8 days ago

This must be done at sunset to really appreciate the hike and view. We modified the trail a bit to take in all the views and it was totally worth it.

trail running
10 days ago

So beautiful!!! It's a little weeknight escape for me when I can't wait till the weekend to get my fill of nature

Great trail to walk. It's clean and quiet.

14 days ago

5/12/2018 (Saturday) - Azalea bloom not as impressive as last year. Walk from new parking lot by the new bike path at the south end of Azalea Way. Walk to Foster Island lakeside, but return from the muddy section.

It is a nice clean trail. You can either walk on pavement or on gravel. It can get very crowded however and then you have to focus more on maneuvering around people than the scenery of the park.

great walk in May. cool weather is perfect for it

5/3/2018 (Thursday) - Start from Montlake/WA520, pass through the park by Azalea Way, then go along Madison St to the lakeside park (Madison Beach). Azalea in the park has not been in full blossom yet. It takes about 70 minutes for a relaxed walk. A very pleasant city walk in a luxurious residential/commercial district. The view across the lake is awesome.

Very nice my trail. It is my favorite trail with green river trail.

23 days ago

With my stroller went and remembered I wanted to buy a jogger that’s better for trail rides. My 3 & 5 yr old enjoyed it. I went from bottom of loop about a half a mile in and back my 3 yr old was out walking half the way. About a half a mile into it saw a sloping down and a series of stairs at two points of fork in the road so I headed to go back but along stop at the serward park trail and desired to leave the stroller to just go down to bay and back up. The kids had a race. My muscles started to burn and my 3 yr old had to crawl up a few steps they were big for her. It was a good time. I did hear about of wild life around but I wasn’t able to catch anything to defy. I look forward to going more regularly .

Nice walk with great views of the Sound. Not exactly roughing it here with all the benches, markers and paved roads you have to cross, but you'd never guess you were only 20 minutes from downtown Seattle.

You'd never know you were within Seattle, great place to get lost for awhile.

1 month ago

Great but crowded place for a walk or a run.

Great scenery, rain or shine... for those who want to swim in the lake...On top the lake (boat, kayak, etc.) cool, in it, oh my no.

1 month ago

Honestly best enjoyed on a bike and with some patience.

Biking douche bag's recreating a Tour De France time trial , Passive aggressive's unleashing their pent up anger, neck beard's of sweat & stale IPA's, yup it's the Burke.

Beautiful and peaceful. It's Seattle though and the homeless will at times camp out here but in my many, many strolls through here, I've never had an issue with them.

1 month ago

Very cool area. Great assortment of food available. Went on a weekend, very crowded, but fun.

Great walk for being in a large city ! Excellent views

favorite trail by far

A beautiful day today. Lots of people out with their friends, families, and dogs.

1 month ago

I just moved to Seattle and wanted to do a hike close to the city. This one didn’t disappoint. Its a great trail but definitely not super easy. There are plenty of stairs to ascend down the bluff to the beach. The descent is steep so wouldn’t be good for strollers. It was muddy in some spots but not bad. There are plenty of stopping points that you can sit and take in the stunning view. The beach is beautiful and I got to see some sea lions. It is a very active trail with some runners. One place I will be going back to.

1 month ago

4/19/2018 (Thursday) - Walk along the river on both sides of the Bothell bridge. The good view on both sides is nice. In summer and fall, the trees may provide good shade too. I take the folk to the campus of UW Bothell, and the trail is connected to the North Creek Trail, which I will try in the near future.

1 month ago

Fun place to visit, lots of sea food and stuff to see. Fun for everyone! Cant wait to visit again!

Was a great place to spend some time by the water

Very beautiful path. I was on a road bike and it’s nice that the paths keep a rolling gate to them and that the signs for when to walk your bike were easily visible.

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