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Lots of trails to get lost in for off road vehicles. Had a blast.

scenic driving
21 days ago

Very beautiful.

It was a nice late afternoon drive with a dusting of snow at elevation. Drove this in an H3, but there were plenty of cars that easily made the trip.

For a bike ride; yes
For a day drive to get out; yes
Not a safe hike on side if a highway

off road driving
2 months ago

Great first off road experience. Will definitively try again next summer.

I love driving on Chuckanut Dr especially in the Fall. The maple trees throughout the winding roads were amazingly beautiful with intense Fall colors. Also there are few great places to pullover to watch the sunset here.

Beautiful day this past Sunday. We took advantage of the little times we had so we drove here to Artist Point. Parked car down in lower parking and hiked to the top and explored little bit of the amazing area. The views of Mount Sukshan and Mount Baker are amazing!! What a glorious day.

off road driving
2 months ago

Nice drive, narrow road at times and lots of sharp rocks on road. Saw someone changing flat tire along narrow road. 2 trails along the way and some trails at the end with a pit toilet and lots of parking. Will be back to explore the trails we discovered. Will take truck next time vs. car due to road conditions.

off road driving
2 months ago

It was an amazing drive all the way up to the ski lodge!
The view was breathtaking and the fall colors from up there and all along the road were stunning!

Absolutely stunning. Worth the stop.

off road driving
3 months ago

Ran the MLH yesterday with a group of 11 vehicles. We stopped for lunch at the North Fork Sauk Falls, which is just a short detour up NF-49. The road includes paved and well maintained gravel sections. It was particularly beautiful to run with the fall colors showing.

Enjoyed the drive and the visitor center

do not use this location. NOT A HIKE. told me I arrived in the middle of a free way. After driving around lost I found a different hike.

This is not a trail it's a road

Well maintained road. Good for families. Along the drive, there are numerous hiking trails with ranging difficulty levels.

scenic driving
4 months ago

This is a beautiful drive traveling to the Cape flattery. There is a good mixture of forest and ocean. If you are traveling to Cape Flattery, go ahead and log this drive as well. It really is a beautiful drive.

nice drive. access at pass to a few nice trails including a visit to snowy peak cabin

scenic driving
4 months ago

Did most of this on a motorcycle run with my son on one of my Goldwings. Went from SF area up to Port Angeles and back down way too many years ago. . Spent a few days in Coos Bay fishing as well. Awesome area and trip.

scenic driving
4 months ago

Did this years ago when my little brother lived there....

at the very peak of Mount Spokane happens to be a building which is called the Vista house during Open Season the Vista house is also open for the public to go inside usually, although I have come acrossed it once or twice when it's been all locked up during Open Season. regardless the view is phenomenal and I recommend it to anybody especially photographers and people who really appreciate nature

They have a wading pool which you can dip your feet in and is great for kids to play in. There's a little pond with loads of ducks in by the reservoir but no other bodies of water, like lakes, that you can access.
I went up the tower and the views are great, the conservatory was really nice too with lots of exotic plants.

A short and very easy trail but nice if you bring a book or just want a breath of fresh air without hiking up a mountain!

Not too far from Capitol Hill link light rail station, just head up the main street then down roy street and you'll find the park on the right.

Breath taking views at the cape.

Maybe I don’t understand the point of this app yet?? This is a stunning drive... but definitely not a trail.

This is a busy two-lane road. Not a trail. Although it is a very pretty drive, I don’t feel this should be included in a trail app.

neat scenic drive on the side of the mountains, great views, the drive takes you down to a couple hiking trails. the road is a bumpy , windy, 1 way dirt road . tons of wild flowers.

off road driving
5 months ago

Writing a semi-review of this road in the hopes that it's helpful to others who want to head up to Deer Park and are a little intimidated by what they read about this drive.

First off, as stated by others this isn't a hike or something I'd suggest traveling by foot. This is a single lane gravel road to get you up to the Deer Park campgrounds and trailheads. I guess you could walk or run it but I'd be a bit concerned with avoiding cars, or more specifically them freaking out.

I drove up this road on Wednesday during July, the height of tourist season. There are steep drop-offs to the side as you go up. However, while it is definitely a single-car road it is not so narrow that I felt afraid of going off at any given point when by myself. Just go slow and you'll have no issues.

The only time things got hairy were when encountering opposite-direction traffic. There are little pullouts relatively often along the road, some giving more space than others. I went up Wednesday around 10AM and down Thursday around 1PM and only encountered 3 cars both times. Obviously your mileage may vary, and going on the weekends will probably be worse, but in general if you can go during the week and schedule yourself to to when you think people will least likely to be on the road (after the early morning campers pack up and leave, after the day-hikers arrive, etc) you'll probably be fine. And again, the pullouts work well mostly. There are some spots I probably would have been more concerned about than others, but generally everyone works well together to get around safely.

I went up in a Toyota Corolla, no 4WD, and had no issues. It's not super steep, just go slow and careful around the bends and you'll be fine. It was completely dry so exercise more caution after rain.

In summary, I don't think anyone should be intimidated away from making this drive, as the hiking and camping at the end are absolutely spectacular. The road itself is straightforward, and as long as you take it slow you'll have no issues. Your experience will probably come completely down to the traffic you encounter. But it's totally worth it.

6 months ago

Easy trail. Road is pretty well maintained. Went half way up from Winthrop side. Good views and worth seeing the other side first if you need to turn back like us.

off road driving
6 months ago

Easy, pretty well maintained roads/trail. We headed down from Winthrop and came out through Chelan. Some tight spots, but nothing hard to pass. Great views the whole trip. We even saw a moose on the way up.

We crossed paths with a number of adventure bikes and a caravan 4 days into a BDR trip starting in Oregon. Fairly quiet though. Great morning trip while in the area.

We’ve done this trip on the Harley in late summer and it was beautiful throughout the whole loop!

Pretty drive with a couple pull off areas for viewpoints. Great for all seasons when the roads aren't closed. Watch out for critters when driving at night.

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