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Bring your bug spray! This hike is hard, also if you have a small car you wont be able to make it across the creek running over the roadway.

4 days ago

Hiked and stayed at spectacle like 7/9-7/10. Snow free the whole way. The hike itself is not hard if you’re in shape, but it is definitely long. My gps tracked 12.2 miles one way. Get ready to cross frigid lemah creek. You will definitely need to remove your boots/ shoes since it’s about knee deep and painfully cold (I am 6’2). The lakes are both spectacular. I brought an inner tube and floated around the whole inside section of spectacle lake. The water was the perfect temperature on a hot day. Keep your eyes peeled for wild life. We spotted a deer and what potentially could have been a cougar stalking it in the evening. All that was visible were eyes so have bear spray handy when that deep in the backcountry.

4 days ago

Amazing views. But: lots of ice still on the ground, quite buggy, and a very difficult river crossing coming down from Cathedral, just before Deception Pass. Plan for wet feet or bring something you’ll feel comfortable wearing through fast moving water.

4 days ago

Grueling hike up from Deception Pass, requiring multiple snow field crossings (be prepared for your feet to fall through melting snow/ice). One particular section, just before the last mile of switchbacks, was not easily passable due to ice buildup and required a sketchy incline climb up and over the obstruction - not recommended for heavy packs. That said: amazing views, beautiful waterfalls, and Marmot Lake is a great reward for those willing to take the challenge.

6 days ago

The first 3 miles were pretty easy as previous people have said. There were a few small stream crossings but nothing so difficult you couldn't walk on rocks. Then came the next 3 miles(ish) of good gain and with a backpack, was a bit of a workout for me. Getting to Tuck Lake was nothing compared to getting to Robin. We lost the trail once or twice but thankfully there were cairns everywhere so it was pretty easy to follow. There were only a few patches of snow left but they were pretty easy to get across. The last part of the hike was walking up a pretty steep granite (which was pretty sticky and I didn't worry about my feet slipping). Don't forget to turn around when you're up there because the mountains behind you are absolutely beautiful. It's a great photo op before you cross over the top and head down to Robin Lake.

7 days ago

This is a great hike, but first off the app is wrong it’s 10 miles as a round trip, not 8.6. I did it with my parents (read as slow people) and it took us 6 hours and we added about a cumulative hour of rest time. With the hour long drive to get there from Roslyn (45min from Ronald) this is an all day adventure.
There are lots of bugs this time of year, if you spray yourself a bit they won’t be annoying while hiking but when you get to the top there are so many they will swarm you if you stay in one place too long.
The trail itself is very well maintained especially for how far it is from any real town. The last quarter mile which is almost straight up at Cathedral Rock is a bit of a billy goat trail but it’s worth the bush whacking for the view.
It’s not too intense, old but fit people and young kids could do it, and if you make it to squaw lake and don’t feel like you can do that same distance again then it’s a good place to enjoy and then turn around.
There is plenty of clean running water coming from the snow melt, and with a sawyer squeeze or similar water filtration system you will really only need to bring about one water bottle each and fill up when you get near squaw lake where the water is running fast. This makes backpacking light very possible in the area.
Although we didn’t camp, we noticed squaw lake would have been a beautiful place to camp, and it has less bugs than the peak. It seems like going all the way to Peggy’s pond as some had mentioned would not be all that fun considering how much farther it is past cathedral Rock.
Watch out for bears we heard from a hiker we passed that he had seen a black bear cub that morning near the parking lot.

Sweet trail run!

16 days ago

Great trail for all ages and abilities, at the lake the trail splits off in many directions for you to either find your campsite or wander through someone else's if you just want to sit by the lake. there were a lot of people over the weekend, a few horseback riders, and many dogs off leash.

18 days ago

Great minimal elevation backpack trip! Skeeters were a bit much till you get past the marsh area, but were fine at the lake. Site was large, clean and has a wilderness toilet near by.

This was an easy and fun hike. The lake is so beautiful! I would give it 5 Stars except the bathrooms are boarded up at the trailhead and there's tons of people. lots of great camping spots and spectacular views!

21 days ago

Perfect hike for capable young kids. My buddy and I took our kids (Ages: 9, 7, 6, & 5) over the weekend up the Deception Pass trail to Hyas Lake or an over night camp experience. Achievable for all ages with a little help for the youngest. A fair number of creek crossings. Suggest waterproof boots. Minor bugs, but recommend repellent. The lake was swollen with snowmelt run off. Fortunate to find a camp spot. Would recommend early arrival to stake a claim. Definitely coming back as there is more to explore.

28 days ago

This hike is actually 22 miles round trip but has some stunning views. It's 4 miles to Pete lake which is beautiful and then 7 more to Spectacle lake. There's still a lot of snow near the end of the hike but it is doable with just hiking boots. The temperatures at the lake dropped much lower than we were expecting so if you plan to camp up there, be prepared! The bridge about 2 miles from the lake is also out so you may have to go downstream a bit and wade across.

We got lost several times due to the lack of signage so make sure you have your AllTrails location on so you can direct yourself around and keep track of how far you have gone.

1 month ago

Was just here yesterday and it's a really great setting. Lots of views of the rivers, wildflowers were just starting to bloom, and no one around at all. We did run into snow at the last mile that was melting off. You need a northwest forest pass, or pay the five dollar fee. Would definitely hike again.


Hex Mountain is another hike I didn’t get to finish, but that was because my aunt and I encountered a COUGAR about 3/4 on the way up!! I was about 30 feet away from it when it crossed my path, going towards my dog. Luckily, no one was hurt (even the dog didn’t see it) Thank god we also had bear spray on us in case it were to have approach us. It was very scary, but an amazing experience!!

Peek a boo views of Paris Creek from a single track wooded trail. A fair amount of wildflowers during our early June outing.

1 month ago

Nice trail, difficulty was higher than expected, looks easier on paper. Once reached the peak, I decided to make this a loop by continuing onto the ridge and down the other side of the valley. On the map there is a connector trail over the creek. Unfortunately there is no such trail and I had to continue through the bike park onto the main road and loop back from there. If you don't mind 17k distance, it was actually a nice loop. Just don't expect to be able to meet the beginning of the trail up like I did. June 3rd 2018

1 month ago

The Parking Lot
Northwest Forest Pass required, but no day passes were available for purchase so we (and others) did not pay for a day pass. We put out the National Park pass, uncertain if it is suffice.

The Hike
Several feet of snow for most of the journey.

The Trip
We left Sunday around 10:15AM and made camp around 6:30PM, but did not reach the lake by sunset. Due to the limitations of our trip, we did not make it to Marmot or Jade Lake.

The Warnings
You will likely fall through the snow as it has been melting causing a thin surface layer of snow and nothing beneath it until your leg falls through the snow and your foot either hangs, hits the ground, or finds a stream. The trail is not noticeable for probably 5 of the 8 miles we hiked, but the three miles that you can see a trail is also majorly snow covered but tracked by hikers footprints in the snow. Of the several backpackers we talked with about the hike, only one made it to Jade Lake that we know of.

The Tips
Use GoogleMaps on your IPhone because service is not required. Try using your AllTrails App map to locate yourself and follow the trail (the app worked on my friends IPhone 7). Bring chalk and flagger tape if trekking in the snow. Be prepared to have wet feet (we used plastic bags to cover our feet the next morning due to wet shoes). Consider what you will do if you can't find a non-snowy spot to sleep (we weren't expecting much snow.)

The Verdict
A gorgeous hike that I hope to blaze again in the summer! A hard hike that may require off-trail hiking, steep inclines, and multiple river crossings!

Memorial Day 2018 - The plan was to take the Jolly Mountain Trail (1307) only if the forest road 4315 gates were locked. Because they were open I was able to drive up to the second gate at which point the road was un-passable due to snow and debris. I parked at the gate and walked the rest of the road to the Sasse Mountain trail which connects with the Jolly Mountain trail after a couple of miles. This saved me ~2k feet in elevation, but the out & back distance was still around 8 miles. Lots of snow and no visible trail on the north face of Jolly Mt, so bring spikes, poles, GPS, and your wayfinding skills. I saw nobody on the trail all day. It was awesome. Read the full report on my blog below:

Starts off fairly easy walking a logging road slowly gaining elevation. Once you hit the hex mt. trail sign on the right, the Work begins. Fairly steep with Steady elevation gain for about 2 miles. Trail was decent most of the way up. Once you hit the top, the views are great!! Lots of bear tracks and plenty of deer to spot. Will definitely do it again when we’re in town.

1 month ago

We did this hike with a group of friends over Labor Day weekend in 2017. It was a long difficult hike with many repeating elevation gains and drops but the journey and the views along the way were well worth it. It was deep into fire season and the Jolly Mountain fire closed the roads to the southern trailhead to Jade lake. We ended up starting our trip from the northern side of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. We were fortunate in that the winds were blowing south and we didn’t hike in smoke. There were plenty of streams along the way for fresh water and about halfway to Marmot lake we picked wild huckleberries to recharge as we hiked. After spending the night on Marmot lake we hiked/climbed our way up to Jade lake. It was great to do this hike for our first backpacking trip but it was exhausting and did not come without blisters and a few missing toenails.

Great and amazing hike!! I would probably rate this as hard because compared to other rated “hard” hikes that I’ve done seem a lot easier. Pretty steep at some points and can be easy to lose sight of trail due to weathering. Overall a must go the lookout is breathtaking!

4 months ago

Hex Mountain trail 1343

Our group of 5 began hiking around 10:45am on February 17th. to see a short video I put together on the hike with conditions click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bppp_yM3yaM There was about 4inches of snow on the ground and still snowing there was a winter storm warning and high wind advisory. Also the yellow gate was closed preventing you from driving all the way to the trailhead so you had about a 1 3/4mile hike to the trailhead. Once we reached the trailhead there was one other hiker ahead of us. In about another mile the winds picked up severely I put on my face mask and gloves. About two miles above the trailhead we met the hiker who had turned around we put on our snowshoes as the snow was very deep but still the wind was the biggest difficultly. About 300ft from the summit and the whole hogs back ridge was extremely windy and was a sheet of ice. We were having trouble moving and getting tossed around by the wind, we estimate the wind was around 60mph. We reached the top of Hex Mountain around 3pm. Once we got back into the trees the wind died down a bit but was still severe. The rest of the hike was a easy down hill hike and we arrived at the vehicles around 6:15pm. Again if you would like to see footage of what the trail looks like click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bppp_yM3yaM But overall the hike was fun. But I would recommend this to experienced hikers that have access to snow shoes or crampons and are very good with map and compass for there is no visible trail for 6 1/4 miles.

Be safe out there,

NW Adventures

5 months ago

I unfortunately forgot to push record for this trail. But it took us about 2 hours to reach the summit. I hiked this about 2 weeks ago in January in the snow. There were people who wore their snowshoes but we opt to wear just our spikes. They worked just fine. The trees were still charred from the wild fires we had in August of 2017. It was very mystic and eerie but beautiful the whole way up.

5 months ago

This snow shoe was a five start hike on a two star day. We had winds on the ridge as well as at the summit. We had no views either. I am not sure I would do this as a hike though. This is meant to be a snow shoe in my opinion. On WTA people seem to miss the trail. Maybe they need this app. I am guessing if your on here you dont miss the trail part up the ridge. The hike has a steady elevation gain and incredible views when its clear. Consider bring a shovel if you come on the weekends so you can park OFF the road so its safe.

10/7/16. Did this via the Knox creek trail head. First snow of the season hit about 3/4 the way there. Little visibility, but awesome to knock this off the list. Dogs loved the snow.

7 months ago

A bit of snow, not quite enough to warrant the snowshoes I carried up. Beautiful views above the layer of fog.

This is my homecourt trail and I hike to Hex at least once per month. The only downside is the existence of excessive trail cutting caused by the single celled throttle jockey (motorcyclists). They are destroying the terrain by cutting the switchbacks all the way up the mountain!

Update, Hex Mtn was burned in the Jolly Mtn. fire in 2017. There are many snags remaining, be careful!

8 months ago

Easy hike, no mosquitoes, some snow on the ground.. worth the 45 min drive to get to the trailhead going 20mph . Peaceful hike!

9 months ago

addended: As said before, multiple cars at trailhead but in 2 days saw no-one

9 months ago

This is a very good "breaking in" trail to get the season started. Very pleasant trail with a variety of scenery, waterfalls forest, large meadows, rocky peaks, good wildflowers. The only bummer is that when you reach the lake it is accessible by an ATV trail on the other side. I camped one night at the lake and only 1 motor cycle passed in the distance though. There's a table in a campsite there plau for more primitive sites walk half-way around the east side. The lake is more beautiful than the pix in various guide books as those pix only show the west peaks. The photo on this page shows the east peaks.

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