Wonderful valley pass hike through refreshing forest along powerful rivers. A few beautiful mountain viewpoints, the best being at Fourth of July Pass, and plenty of strenuous up down up down hiking along Panther Creek. The trail is maintained by boots from other hikers, so it can be a bit tricky to follow at times, but if you have a good eye for following trails you will be fine. The most difficult part of the trail to follow was near the waterfall after Fourth of July Pass where there is a bit of a scramble. I marked the trail with a cairn where the vegetation ends and the rocky river scramble begins, but just make note of where the trail ends/begins when you enter that area. There were some mosquito, but I didn't need any insect repellent and only got a few bites. Most of the hike is in forest along powerful rivers, but there are some parts more exposed to the sun, especially on the ascent to the Fourth of July Pass from Thunder Creek. There are individual campsites scattered along this trail. The beginning of the trail is popular with day hikers, but that ends around Fourth of July Pass and then it's just you and the forest river valley.