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4 days ago

Little late getting this review in as we spent the night up here over Labor Day before heading to Mt Adams. The trail itself is actually only 2.5 miles. All trails had it at almost 4.3 miles but that was coming from the campground. There is a road (that some mistake as a trail) that takes you up to the trail head. Like others have said, it is a pretty good gain. I took some pics but those don’t always do the gain justice. It was a peaceful hike and for most of it can hear the creek so was soothing. Came across a few day hikers, but only one other couple up camping for the night so pretty quiet in the evening. Fairly new batch of frogs as ran across a few hundred babies still congregating together in groups (like when tadpoles) so that was pretty cool. Lake was gorgeous. There were a handful of established sites for camping. Would have given it 5 stars if not for the ORV trail that interests. Not a fan of the noise and trash that comes along with motorized vehicle use. Although it did appear that someone had been up recently cleaning as there were 2 trash bags full of garbage. Overall it was a great hike and would definitely head up that way again. Hope you enjoy the pics. Oh and as far as the road issues, those are all cleared up so no worries there.

Absolutely breath-taking. An easy but fulfilling trail through ancient forests. Suitable for all ages and skill-levels.

Easy trail with enormous trees. Mostly flat area.

Off of this loop trail you can also get to Grove of the Patriarchs and Ohanapecosh Springs. They are all interconnected trails. There is day use parking and toilets at the visitor center near Ohanapecosh Springs if you want facilities.

Perfect trail to stroll with the family. There's so many fun features like the little wood bridges, rock overhangs, hot springs, the waterfall itself with the neat rock formations that you can climb to get close to the water, etc. It was not busy at all at 10am, Labor Day.

15 days ago

The trailhead GPS coordinates are Co-ordinates: 46.6257, -121.4459, made it easy to find the small parking location off the side of the 12 highway, room for several cars.

Trail is in good shape.

Crossing the river after the first mile gets your feet wet. Crossing it on the way back was a little trickier in the darkness. It can go above your knees.

I thought the last miles heading up to the lookout were pretty hard, but easily doable if you took your time. No bugs really.

Super views from the top.

I did this trail as an out and back in the same day. It is about 16 miles long.

Usually this trail is pretty empty, but because of the PCT fire detour, we bumped into about 40 hikers heading towards the highway. A lot of them asked me for the number of miles to the highway, a lot were in disbelief for some reason.

Note: I'm not happy with all the plastic tape placed on dozens of trees. That is plastic. Please use anything other than plastic. That will break down smaller and end up the water systems. Think better next time please.

18 days ago

The waterfall is so gorgeous! The trail is am easy loop but provides a decent workout, winding and going up and down, making the hike exciting. It insects with several other trails, so you can combine this hike with another. The is a convenient bridge overlooking the waterfalls. An unforgettable experience overall.

Amazing. The little hot springs are so beautiful. You can smell the sulfur from the volcano a little bit. Very interesting, short, easy loop trail from the Visitor Center, or Loop B of the Campground.

Easy, short, very informative hike among many types of trees, lots of them very old. You cross a suspended bridge. Wooden walkways make the trail very easy to follow. You can learn lots of interesting facts about the trees, forest life, forest animals, etc., along the trail. A very well known and frequented trail. There is a small parking lot and a bathroom at the trailhead.

18 days ago

This is an optional loop continuation of the Woods Creek Watchable Wildlife area. Not sure why it is shown as a separate hike. You start at Woods Creek Watchable Wildlife trailhead and then add this easy loop for a little extra mileage. Don’t know where Siler WA, mentioned in the description, is. This loop is just outside of Randle WA. See Woods Creek Watchable Wildlife Trail for better description. Great trails for families with small kids!

Beautiful and shaded hike. Not too hard or steep. The falls were stunning! Enjoyed climbing closer to them and sitting in the cool mist on a hot day.

19 days ago

So beautiful and peaceful! The perfect length and difficulty. If you go on a cloudy day be prepared to not see Mt. Saint Helens in all its glory.

20 days ago

Perfect for a quick, easy hike for all skill levels. Trail is easily accessible and well marked. Arrived at 10:30am, so the trail was already active with other hikers on a Wednesday in late August. Falls and the water are beautiful, and the other parts of the trail are lush and serene. Nice areas on the rocks to sit and enjoy the views but expect other hikers and families.

22 days ago

Beautiful views. Would highly recommend!

27 days ago

Great family hike. The real gem about it is that if you access the trail from the nature loop trail behind the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center, you are rewarded with hot springs similar to ones at Yellowstone. There's more waterfalls than just Silver Falls, Laughingwater Creek was particularly beautiful. Silver Falls was gorgeous, I had never seen so much blue in a waterfall before, and the gorge that follows holds deep blue, crystal clear water. This trail also has a connector trail to the PCT and the Three Lakes Trail.

Beautiful hike that follows a river part of the way, and leads to the gigantic trees, accessible by boardwalk. Be sure to hike it early morning or in the late evening to beat crowds, there's a suspension bridge over the river that only allows one person to cross at a time.

Beautiful and worth it with plenty of breathtaking moments and wood bridges over smaller waterfalls along the way! *Bring a backpack with water and snacks for the trek and there is a lunch spot on the waterfall once you arrive! Also partially kid friendly lol

great short hike but if you're more ambitious you'll see a branch off to the Eastside trail as you head to the Grove. steady incline on a nice path that 3.5 miles in will take you to an incredible waterfall and footbridge. Eastside is empty!

Just did this trail because we were routed off the PCT due to fire. Parts of this trail are beautiful but there was too much loose gravel for me to really enjoy it.

Part of this trail is really beautiful and the lake is worth hiking to but a lot of the trail is like walking on marbles.

Such a beautiful hike! My husband and I climbed to the top of the waterfall and just soaked in the view. The water is a pretty blue green color. The trail is fairly easy. I highly suggest this hike.

1 month ago

Very nice views of Adams to the south from the base of the old lookout and even better views of the Goat Rocks if you follow the trail to the north end of the peak. The trail up to the ridge was in good shape and the short side trail up to Nannie Peak was easy to follow and not overly difficult. Still smoky from the wildfires across the state but the bugs weren't too bad.

Great hike...good workout...decent elevation gain! The signage could be better!

Did this hike earlier this week. This was an ok hike. Cool suspension bridge crossing about half way to the grove. I expected more ancient trees there and was a little disappointed. The trail was extremely busy for a Monday during a non holiday weekend.

Nice trail with Crystal clear water next to it. Took us about 45 min to do the whole loop stopping and taking pictures. Easy elevation and great for kids

1 month ago

This was an overnighter to Heart Lake on Lily Basin Trail #86 from 7-28-19 to 7-29-18 for a 15 mile round trip, not counting the time in camp, that took 5hrs going in and 2500ft elevation gain and 3.75 hrs return.

FR48 is in good condition with few potholes but there is one spot around 5.2. miles in with a deep runoff rut that crosses the road. Tricky for low clearance vehicles. One person had to unload his horses from the trailer and slowly drive across then reload. There were 4-5 cars at the trailhead with not much room to spare.

The start of Trail #86 is a gradual incline for a few miles then you start hiking on the forested ridge. The trail does have some steep grades now. At 4.2 miles you get good views as the trees thin out. You’ll cross the ridge once and cross back then finally lose trees. There is plenty of water here…but no flowing water until this point.

At 5.2 miles in your hiking on the West Slope of Johnson Peak following a cirque around to Angry Mountain. This section is 90% scree and crosses 4-5 glacial runoffs. In years past…there was a deep one that required hiking down 10ft into the runoff, crossing the water, then a wall of dirt, mud with no handholds to get out. Difficult to cross. HOWEVER, this year…it was fixed!!! I ran across someone with horses with Back Country Horsemen clearing blow-downs making his way for Heart Lake. He told me last year they dynamited that section making it VERY EASY to get across. IT survived the winter and was a breeze to get across! THANKS!

The junction with Angry Mountain Trail #90 is beautiful and a great place for a rest. Your on the alpine ridge. An old sign marks the junction and the views are everywhere. From there it’s only .5 miles to Heart Lake taking an unmarked trail down to the right. I saw one tent on the way down and ran across a 10 person Boy Scout Troop visiting the area on a 8 day trek starting at Packwood Lake. It took a long time, but they found a good spot for all of them.

There are 5 or so established camping sites here. One right off the lake in the meadow, one near the lakes entrance, one near the outlet and a couple other smaller sites above either side of the lake. However, it WAS BUGGY!!! You couldn’t sit still without being swarmed with flies. Long sleeves were a must. I camped off the trail in a dry grassy area with a fire ring. No matter where you were, meadow or forest…it was buggy and DEET didn't help. Wind helped a lot but was not constant. Bring long sleeves.

The night was beautiful! Clear view of the cirque around Heart Lake, the stars and a Moon Rise over Hawkeye Point. Gorgeous.

The return trip was uneventful and quick. You don’t realize how much and gradually you climbed until you’re going back. A fun trip…however next time I’d like to pass Heart Lake and camp at Jordan Basin near Goat Lake, for a 2-3 day point-to-point.

1 month ago

This is always an amazing hike. Added on the grove of the patriarches hike.

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning

1 month ago

This is a fun hike. At the top you get some great views.

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