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Purcell Mountain Trail #284

There are two trails to Purcell Mountain Lookout. Trail #285 (via FR63) and Trail #284 with access from Hwy 12. An access trail from Hwy 12 to trail #284 made it much easier to get to. This access trail was made within the last month or so. Yesterday I was finally able to hike it. Trail #284 is the longer of the two trails at 7.7 miles one-way. The shorter trail is 4.2 one-way and as TR’s indicate, the one accessed more, overgrown and hard to get to.

There is parking in a pullout across Hwy 12 or on the same side next to the access trail. The access trail is sandy and inconspicuously meets trail #284, so much so that I missed it on the way back. It is steep right from the get go. Trail #284 is just as steep and overgrown in the first miles. Actually the whole trail is overgrown but lower parts are worse.

There has been some recent maintenance as blowdowns are cut and one blowdown was routed around. This trail is all elevation gain, right from the start. Only one flat-ish spot around the 3100ft level makes a good resting point. From here it continues elevation gain but not as steep and starts resembling a regular trail. Pleasant actually.

First signs of snow were at 3700ft but only one spot. It was clear for the next .7 miles til after a trail junction marked by an old non-used barbed-wire gate. Right is the Purcell Mountain Trail, left goes toward a location unknown to me. After I got back, I found out it goes toward Grassy Mountain and not marked on any maps I could find. This is also the first signs of water on the trail.

Take the left junction a hundred feet for a nicely flowing stream, 4.3 miles in at 4011ft. Go right to stay on the Purcell Mountain trail. I got blocked by snow 200-300 feet after the junction. It was constant and I lost sight of the trail. I took the left junction to see where it went and turned around after it appeared to be going more down than up and away from where I wanted to go, Elevation, 4100ft. Elevation gain to this point, 3228ft in 4.9mi.

Going down was a much needed reward and fast! 1.75hrs total going down. 5hrs going up. It seemed there were more tripping…. hazards going down than up. From rocks to round twigs to small branches crossing the trail and rain and wet. It rained going down which made an overgrown trail soaking.

All and All this is an exciting and strenuous trail. It’s easy to get to. Leave early and plan on 15 miles RT. There are no views however… they come later (I hope). Only 1 flowing water source on the trail 4.3 miles in and this could be seasonal, but I suspect one of the many that feeds Hopkins Creek. Plan accordingly. I will certainly be doing this later I the year.

Incredibly amazing place to take your kids and learn about old-growth forests - land of 1000 yr old giants! We definitely will be back again soon. Just inside the park!

This is a great hike for kids and beginners such as myself. Easy, yet beautiful. The trees are astonishing!

I spent many Saturdays on this hike in the summer of 2017. This is a very peaceful and beautiful hike. We had a range of ages and experience levels with us and will for sure be back!

My favorite trail is very beautiful.

3 months ago

Lovely waterfalls in a pleasant forest setting. If you are short on time, you can also park your car on the side of the WA123 and take a connecting trail from there to make this into an even shorter there-and-back hike that doesn't take more than half an hour or so.

Roads are closed. We tried,to get there in Dec Mt Rainier hwy 123...closed

6 months ago

slender nice downhill trail to the cave, beautiful lookout points, good interpretive signs. uphill was a small cardio workout. short but sweet. do it.

Easy hike among the giants.

Beautiful well developed trails, meandering through old growth forest. Easy and level. Restroom (outhouse) , clean and handy.

6 months ago

Difficult trail to find and very strenuous. We could see 4 peaks at the top so it was worth it!

Quick and beautiful loop that can easily done by all levels of experience. It had a cool foot bridge with a gorgeous view of the river. Ancient forest was amazing and the air just smelt so pure (im from NYC so fresh air is rare...lol). Great trail, took about 45 mins to complete!

This is a short and easy hike which I took as an offshoot of the Silver falls trailhead at Ohanapecosh campground. It's a beautiful hike through an ancient forest and a must do!

I have to give this a five star rating because it is perfect for all skill levels including the elderly and young children.

The trail is accessible from Loop B within Ohanapecosh campground. It's very well maintained and mostly covered by a canopy of old growth forest.

Within a short distance their is a side trail to the hot springs. The waterfall is beautiful and refreshing. You can choose to go beyond this point to Grove of the patriarchs as I did and recommend.

I rated this hike at 3 stars if this is all your going to do. It's nice but not all that rewarding. You'll receive greater views and rewards by continuing further to Silver falls and Grove of the patriarchs.

Real easy!
Finished loop in 60mins excluding time chilling by the falls.

Feels and looks beautiful, misty and lush green after the rains.

7 months ago

Short. Neat, but short

We really enjoyed this hike. See my recording for more details.

8 months ago

Hiked yesterday. It was beautiful. I wish I had brought my bathing suit to jump into Walput lake after.

8 months ago

Perfect for kids. My 2yr old and I did this one together. She hiked the whole thing, and there was a lot to learn on the way.

off road driving
8 months ago

The trail is a bit busy with motorcycles but I'm into that so it doesn't bother me. The trail isn't closed per se but the road to it is washed out and construction crews are currently working on it and should have it passable by the fall. It is accessible by the Valley trail until then.

Drove 2 hours and the trail was closed! Maybe AllTrails could add trail status to its app

8 months ago

This trail is actually more like 9 miles to get out to Sheep Lake and the PCT, and should be rated as hard due to the extreme upward first two miles. After that, however, it levels out and is a gorgeous hike along the ridge to Sheep's Lake that serves as a great campsite for PCT hikers and more. We found a great wildflower meadow toward the end and our dog thoroughly enjoyed the water.

Great for kids and learning a thing or two. With a 3 year old and 10 week old, short easy hikes with fun stuff to look at are key. Although it is often crowded, this hike has everything a kiddo needs to keep entertained. Huge trees, a fun suspension bridge and a rocky area by the river to throw rocks. If your looking for something your grandma or toddler can do, this is the trail for you. Even if you don't fit those demographics the 1000 year old trees make the short walk worth it.

very easy, toddler friendly walk to the hot springs. Inside campground.

we stayed at ohanapecosh campground and walked there from the trailhead in the campground (walk to the falls, you'll see the sign for the grove trail toward the highest point of the falls). wore my boots for this section as there are some knots, roots systems and rocks. the trail dumps you out on to 123 across the street. pretty little adventure walk but the grove was insanely busy (Wednesday afternoon in august). this is a great place for people to go who want to be out in nature but don't really get out. also great for kids. little suspension bridge at the end to get to the final loop (we waited in line for about 10 minutes to cross). the loop at the end is 90% boardwalked. not my cup of tea due to all the people and their cell phones and selfies. definite tourist trap. do not recommend for the outdoor enthusiast; you'll just get irritated. great for families and small kids.

9 months ago

Beautiful trail!

9 months ago

So beautiful, my first hike and it hooked me! ❤️

Love this hike

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