1 day ago

Review for back in September 2005. Awesome trail, but challenging due to steepness, especially if wearing heavy packs like my friend Dave and I were. We hiked up to high camp and stayed the night there. The glacier started right above the camp, and we did a bit of exploration there (and took AWESOME photos). We decided not to go to the summit because it was completely covered in snow and ice going up. We were equipped for a summer hike and nothing more. I nearly froze overnight and seriously thought I might die. Didn't sleep a wink. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and had a seriously crappy sleeping bag. Make sure to check the overnight temperatures and plan accordingly with the proper gear. This was one of my earlier backpacking trips, so I didn't know any better. Part of the resulting situation was due to planning a completely different hike nearby and doing this one only after failing to get to that other trailhead due to crazy rough road conditions.