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1 day ago

Very nice views of Adams to the south from the base of the old lookout and even better views of the Goat Rocks if you follow the trail to the north end of the peak. The trail up to the ridge was in good shape and the short side trail up to Nannie Peak was easy to follow and not overly difficult. Still smoky from the wildfires across the state but the bugs weren't too bad.

Great hike...good workout...decent elevation gain! The signage could be better!

4 days ago

This was an overnighter to Heart Lake on Lily Basin Trail #86 from 7-28-19 to 7-29-18 for a 15 mile round trip, not counting the time in camp, that took 5hrs going in and 2500ft elevation gain and 3.75 hrs return.

FR48 is in good condition with few potholes but there is one spot around 5.2. miles in with a deep runoff rut that crosses the road. Tricky for low clearance vehicles. One person had to unload his horses from the trailer and slowly drive across then reload. There were 4-5 cars at the trailhead with not much room to spare.

The start of Trail #86 is a gradual incline for a few miles then you start hiking on the forested ridge. The trail does have some steep grades now. At 4.2 miles you get good views as the trees thin out. You’ll cross the ridge once and cross back then finally lose trees. There is plenty of water here…but no flowing water until this point.

At 5.2 miles in your hiking on the West Slope of Johnson Peak following a cirque around to Angry Mountain. This section is 90% scree and crosses 4-5 glacial runoffs. In years past…there was a deep one that required hiking down 10ft into the runoff, crossing the water, then a wall of dirt, mud with no handholds to get out. Difficult to cross. HOWEVER, this year…it was fixed!!! I ran across someone with horses with Back Country Horsemen clearing blow-downs making his way for Heart Lake. He told me last year they dynamited that section making it VERY EASY to get across. IT survived the winter and was a breeze to get across! THANKS!

The junction with Angry Mountain Trail #90 is beautiful and a great place for a rest. Your on the alpine ridge. An old sign marks the junction and the views are everywhere. From there it’s only .5 miles to Heart Lake taking an unmarked trail down to the right. I saw one tent on the way down and ran across a 10 person Boy Scout Troop visiting the area on a 8 day trek starting at Packwood Lake. It took a long time, but they found a good spot for all of them.

There are 5 or so established camping sites here. One right off the lake in the meadow, one near the lakes entrance, one near the outlet and a couple other smaller sites above either side of the lake. However, it WAS BUGGY!!! You couldn’t sit still without being swarmed with flies. Long sleeves were a must. I camped off the trail in a dry grassy area with a fire ring. No matter where you were, meadow or forest…it was buggy and DEET didn't help. Wind helped a lot but was not constant. Bring long sleeves.

The night was beautiful! Clear view of the cirque around Heart Lake, the stars and a Moon Rise over Hawkeye Point. Gorgeous.

The return trip was uneventful and quick. You don’t realize how much and gradually you climbed until you’re going back. A fun trip…however next time I’d like to pass Heart Lake and camp at Jordan Basin near Goat Lake, for a 2-3 day point-to-point.

6 days ago

This is a fun hike. At the top you get some great views.

Beautiful trip up to some incredible scenery. For those waiting for the big wild-flower blooms, they are starting to happen but not quite there yet. No snow on the trail until you hit the snow fields above the tree line. Lots of people in the snow grass flats area up to Old Snowy. Not the place to go if you want to get away from it all (at least on the weekend). Views are spectacular as you head toward the summit of Old Snowy. Route was clear all the way with a bit of scrambling as you reach the summit.

The hike itself is good. The trail had it’s up and down slopes, not many rocks on the trail so it’s fairly even ground to walk on. The views of the lake are awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was the drive to the trail head. It’s about 15 miles on gravel roads.

The view is a 5 star view
The hike is a 1 star hike

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better view within the park. Maybe at the top of St. Helens. Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt Rainier are all very large and visible from the peak. Mt. Hood is in the distance quite a bit, but still clearly visible on a clear day (it was for us).

The reason the hike is a 1 star is because you have to book it up the mountain until you clear the trees so as to not be a stationary target for mosquitoes. They are vicious, and in numbers. I was trailing my wife and could see 30-40 swarming her at all times. Another review commented to wait a few weeks until they clear out. I'm not sure that will happen anytime soon. It's pretty dry there (not sure it's rained in some time) and they're still really bad. Once you clear the tree line it's just the flies, so we took our time at the top.

When you get to the top, you'll get a good view of Rainier and Adams. You'll then want to keep going on the trail until you see a trail that doubles back to the top of Juniper Peak. It's pretty steep, but the view is worth it.

We shared the summit with a few mountain bikers, but didn't see any other hikers. It was 90-95F in most places yesterday, but only 75F through the trails and at the summit. Nice way to beat the heat!

The trail also claimed my favorite pair of sunglasses. Not sure where i lost them, but if you find them, you're welcome. :(

23 days ago

as of june 2018 part of the road broke away but park on the side and the walk is about 2 minutes till you get to a tee in the road go RIGHT for the trail. left takes you to an old logging road. boo. the hike is in view alongside the river. one part leads you strait to the river where you can sit and take a break or just take it all in. continue on and it leads you into the open forest, a continuous trail. then you're alongside an area with huge boulders all around. it leads to the lake but you can't really explore around the lake (a long time ago you could) as theres debree from old logs and brush. you can fish or theres open areas for camp and bon fire.

This is one of my Favorite Hikes in WA (thus far)! I’ve hiked it 3 yrs in a row now, twice in April when the creek is running strong- which is beautiful- & once in early July when much of the creek is dried up. Angel Falls is simply breathtaking, esp. if you can carefully & safely climb up to the very base of the falls. Reviews are right-on about the steep switchbacks to reach the falls, if you take that particular route. But you can also come at them from the other way, which is also a very cool portion of the loop. The 2 bridges are indeed gone this year, but makeshift rocks, etc. are in place that make the crossings quite easy. Trekking poles came in very handy though!

27 days ago

we did this after hiking 6 miles on goat ridge and phew were we tired! the climb is definitely not for wimps as there are no switchbacks and lots of elevation gain in a short three miles. never mind that you’re already at a little altitude to start. you’re basically slow marching, knees up! there are even steps cut in with stone in a few spots. we had to laugh as we descended because we were again surprised at the incline in some spots. nice trail, beautiful lake, amazing basalt walls. the dogs had a blast swimming and there wasn’t a sole in sight so it was quiet. be aware of the road leading to the trailhead, it’s small and barely hanging on in one spot.

28 days ago

Review for back in September 2005. Awesome trail, but challenging due to steepness, especially if wearing heavy packs like my friend Dave and I were. We hiked up to high camp and stayed the night there. The glacier started right above the camp, and we did a bit of exploration there (and took AWESOME photos). We decided not to go to the summit because it was completely covered in snow and ice going up. We were equipped for a summer hike and nothing more. I nearly froze overnight and seriously thought I might die. Didn't sleep a wink. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and had a seriously crappy sleeping bag. Make sure to check the overnight temperatures and plan accordingly with the proper gear. This was one of my earlier backpacking trips, so I didn't know any better. Part of the resulting situation was due to planning a completely different hike nearby and doing this one only after failing to get to that other trailhead due to crazy rough road conditions.

Falls are beautiful. Supposedly, the trail up to the lookout is down at the moment but they are trying to get it finished. My dad lives about 1 mile from this hike so I do it quite often. Great workout. Can't wait until we can hike all the way to the top.

29 days ago

Easy and short, make sure you see the view as well as the cave, there's two trails that circle around at the end.

So here’s the deal folks. If your a novice/ intermediate hiker and have been “cherry picking” day hikes to meet your abilities or maybe even trying a harder trail and not finishing it out, then this trail is for you. It is awesome with amazing views of Mt Adams and the Goat Rocks. So the first 1.5 miles is fairly hard. Just take your time because the next mile is still a good climb, but not near as steep. At MP 2.5 you get your first amazing view of Mt Adams and Goat Rocks. The next two miles are just small rolling hills on the back side of Nannie Ridge that ultimately pass a couple really cool small ponds and eventually end up at Sheep Lake. The views are spectacular just make sure you bring plenty of bug spray and sun block because once you break out of the timber the sun and bugs are a little intense.

30 days ago

This trail is definitely uphill both ways. We went Saturday and camped for the night. Even though this is a short hike I’d say it was difficult especially carrying 30 to 40 pound backpacks. The lake is beautiful and the water was very clear. We were disappointed that you really can’t hike around the lake and there really only seemed to be one spot you can camp which was right on the trail. I’d say this hike is best for in and out hiking and not camping.

1 month ago

Great hike. Beautiful nature, but a lot of mosquitos!

1 month ago

Outstanding view up top but would NOT recommend right now. Mosquitos! Tons of them!! Even with bug spray, they'll lay siege to your ears, nose... one even flew straight down my throat. Seriously. There are very few breezes (which also means it can get hot) until you get to the very tippy-top, and even then a couple still tracked me down. Tenacious buggers! And it is fairly steep, so unless you're built like a mountain goat, you'll be like me - huffing and puffing and a total easy target. The steepness lets you run down the trail on the way back though!

The trail is rutted due to motorbikes, but I've seen much worse in the area (and I didn't run into any on a Saturday afternoon). The drive to get there is fine - there are many weird 'speed bumps' along the last 4 miles of road (some on blind curves - very annoying). If I were driving a sedan I might've worried about scraping, but I saw a car had made it just fine so what do I know. But yes, the view is worth it... maybe just a wait a couple weeks for those bugs to clear out.

Beautiful scenery!!! The falls are great and the kids loved every bit of the hike. This is one I will do over and over again.

Awesome hike! Very beautiful with lots of amazing views. Only gave 4stars due to lack of directions...got turned around and didn't get to complete the full hike. Definitely a hard hike, with lots of up hill but worth the gorgeous waterfalls.

Switchbacks to Angel Falls were steep.... beautiful hike!

Super easy and short. Cave was cool and the view was amazing.

1 month ago

Use road NF 48 up to trailhead #86. The road is ok for travel minus one large rut which might give cars an issue.

The Trail is still covered with large amounts of hard packed snow about 6 miles in, which are acrossed very steep sections. I made it to the base of Johnson's peak, but I would recommend going that far till about the end of July.

As my second attempt to summit Juniper Peak (first was 5/12 - snowfield blockage 0.5 mil in to trail), I am so excited to share this trip report from today 6/24.

Start temp: 59 degree @ 9:30a. Clean skies. First on the trail. Alt 3600 ft

End temp: 74 degrees @ 12:45p. Clear skies. Five cars at trailhead (some for Tongue Mountain trail)

I won't bore you with the details on the forestry road to the trailhead. It was good. No issues.

I'll do my review a little differently this time. I've broken it up to segments for new folks wanting to check this hike out and would know what to expect.

Trailhead 0.0 - 0.75mi : Consistent incline (~15% grade - felt like a 500 ft/mi pace). Trail is wide most of the way, but remember as this is an OHV approved trail (and the motorcycle track is basically a trench that you'll need to trek through or you can do it along the edge.

0.75-1.5 mi: The switch back begins. The first two segments are longer (200yds each), then the next three are shorter (50 yds), and the final one is the straight shot to the peak. After a bit, you'll see peakaboos of Adams and Juniper ridge. Note the grade increases a little. I'd say around 20-25% on average. Not too bad though. Just pace yourself. Segments are in good condition and foot friendly. Lol.

1.5-2.25 mi: The grade here gets sort of steeper, but not by much. It felt like it fluctuated 10%-25%. Overall not bad. But also be advised that the massive amount of bugs live in this zone. It's like an air raid…if it had wings…you'll know it. Great news though, you'll start to see more of Mt Adams.

2.25-2.75 mi: I honestly feel this is where the gain occurred the quickest. Nearly 45%-50% typical grade in most places. My altimeter showed a ~600 ft gain in this 0.5 mile segment through old growth. Nothing to see here…it was just shaded and steep. Take your time and breath. Not many bugs whizzing by. So you're ok. As you make the final accent to the open views, you'll come to a makeshift Y junction created by bikers. Take either…they will both converge a little ways up just before you exit the tree line. Yeah. You made it.

2.75-3.0 mi: You're already at the top ridgeline at ~5400 ft. You'll skirt the ridge to Juniper Peak (its more of a big mound/hill..200+ ft in height). Trek as far as you like forward.

Once as the base of the Juniper Peak…head to the south side staring at My Adams (so very cool). You have two options. Continue to trek another 0.5 mile to the small rock peaks (clearly visible).

Hint, not really worth it, I went. It's very buggy and visibility to St Helens is hindered a bit from nearby mountains. But you can see Rainier, Adams, and Hood. Anyways, I recommend to save that energy and climb up Juniper Peak on the back side instead. It's about 240 ft up (40-45% grade the lower half, and 50%+ at you approach the top). The first half has a little dirt trail (see in pic), but after that you make your own trail through rocks, grass, and dirt. Others have made many so you can mix and match. Here you will see FOUR volcanoes (Rainier, Adams, St Helens, and Hood in the distance. This was a real treat on such a beautiful cloudless day (but some haze did exist at distance).

Overall a great hike. I am so happy to have driven 3 hrs to get here and witness this amazing beauty.

This trail is more of a Moderate plus, due to some steep segments up top that may catch some offguard.

Bridges are down so we were a little worried about making it to the falls, but we were able to make our way through anyhow. Several trail signs are down/missing but otherwise it’s a good hike. The falls are Beautiful!

1 month ago

A fun hike for families with older children/teenagers. A narrow, ever-changing trail through varied scenery. The trail seems to be constantly climbing or descending and by the end, you will feel like you went a lot longer than 4.4 miles. Glacier Lake is a gem! We went on a Friday afternoon and only ran into one other group of hikers. Beware, the last portion of the forest service road (2110) is closed due to a major wash-out - be ready to hike a little over half a mile from FD 21 to the trail head (mostly uphill, look for a small pink flag marking the turn-off to the right).

Trail has been maintained and the views were great.

1 month ago

I would recommend go now it is in perfect condition. No snow, trail groomed, thank you parks department. Lake was in great condition, look forward to the next visit, the only down draw to this hike was the incline gain with elevation. No switch backs though.

This hike is definitely not a loop. We followed the map for the hike and it took us in a crazy route. First of all the hike is not hard, moderate is more accurate. It is not well marked at all and very confusing to find the right trail, even for us avid hikers. The hike is well over double the elevation gain stated. I think we went about 1700 elevation gain. Lastly, the falls are great. There are many on this hike and the last big ones are amazing.

2 months ago

A little early...hit 6’ of snow about 2 miles in but otherwise a beautiful trail.

Hard to write a review when I wasn’t able to get past 2.2 miles due to too much snow. I did all the hard work only to have to turn around. Still, it was worth feeling alive. It was worth the hard breathing and heart pumping. I’ll be back next month to complete the loop.

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