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Purcell Mountain Trail #284

There are two trails to Purcell Mountain Lookout. Trail #285 (via FR63) and Trail #284 with access from Hwy 12. An access trail from Hwy 12 to trail #284 made it much easier to get to. This access trail was made within the last month or so. Yesterday I was finally able to hike it. Trail #284 is the longer of the two trails at 7.7 miles one-way. The shorter trail is 4.2 one-way and as TR’s indicate, the one accessed more, overgrown and hard to get to.

There is parking in a pullout across Hwy 12 or on the same side next to the access trail. The access trail is sandy and inconspicuously meets trail #284, so much so that I missed it on the way back. It is steep right from the get go. Trail #284 is just as steep and overgrown in the first miles. Actually the whole trail is overgrown but lower parts are worse.

There has been some recent maintenance as blowdowns are cut and one blowdown was routed around. This trail is all elevation gain, right from the start. Only one flat-ish spot around the 3100ft level makes a good resting point. From here it continues elevation gain but not as steep and starts resembling a regular trail. Pleasant actually.

First signs of snow were at 3700ft but only one spot. It was clear for the next .7 miles til after a trail junction marked by an old non-used barbed-wire gate. Right is the Purcell Mountain Trail, left goes toward a location unknown to me. After I got back, I found out it goes toward Grassy Mountain and not marked on any maps I could find. This is also the first signs of water on the trail.

Take the left junction a hundred feet for a nicely flowing stream, 4.3 miles in at 4011ft. Go right to stay on the Purcell Mountain trail. I got blocked by snow 200-300 feet after the junction. It was constant and I lost sight of the trail. I took the left junction to see where it went and turned around after it appeared to be going more down than up and away from where I wanted to go, Elevation, 4100ft. Elevation gain to this point, 3228ft in 4.9mi.

Going down was a much needed reward and fast! 1.75hrs total going down. 5hrs going up. It seemed there were more tripping…. hazards going down than up. From rocks to round twigs to small branches crossing the trail and rain and wet. It rained going down which made an overgrown trail soaking.

All and All this is an exciting and strenuous trail. It’s easy to get to. Leave early and plan on 15 miles RT. There are no views however… they come later (I hope). Only 1 flowing water source on the trail 4.3 miles in and this could be seasonal, but I suspect one of the many that feeds Hopkins Creek. Plan accordingly. I will certainly be doing this later I the year.

Trail is beautiful, incline after Covel Falls is where it becomes hard, but Angel Falls is totally worth the incline! Some trail signs are missing, but they are working on replacing them. Over all a great trail and the waterfalls are worth it!

I have never actually done this said trail! But burley mountain lookout itself is an old fire lookout in which you can drive too. However I wouldn’t recommend taking a full size. Coval creek and angel loop falls trail at cispus learning center offer a trail that takes you to the lookout! It’s a climb! Once you reach the top you can see Mount Rainier, St. Helens. and mount hood! Tongue mountain and the side of tower rock.
You are surrounded by wild blue berries! You can see more with a good set of binoculars! The view is breathtaking.

The falls were beautiful, trails were in good condition but poorly marked. A must see adventure. Recommend taking a picture of the trail so you can tell where you are at.

6 months ago

slender nice downhill trail to the cave, beautiful lookout points, good interpretive signs. uphill was a small cardio workout. short but sweet. do it.

6 months ago

Difficult trail to find and very strenuous. We could see 4 peaks at the top so it was worth it!

7 months ago

Short. Neat, but short

8 months ago

Hiked yesterday. It was beautiful. I wish I had brought my bathing suit to jump into Walput lake after.

8 months ago

Perfect for kids. My 2yr old and I did this one together. She hiked the whole thing, and there was a lot to learn on the way.

off road driving
8 months ago

The trail is a bit busy with motorcycles but I'm into that so it doesn't bother me. The trail isn't closed per se but the road to it is washed out and construction crews are currently working on it and should have it passable by the fall. It is accessible by the Valley trail until then.

Drove 2 hours and the trail was closed! Maybe AllTrails could add trail status to its app

Angel Falls sparse late August but rock wall a delight. Make sure you have trail info, lacking signage!which could cause problems.

8 months ago

This trail is actually more like 9 miles to get out to Sheep Lake and the PCT, and should be rated as hard due to the extreme upward first two miles. After that, however, it levels out and is a gorgeous hike along the ridge to Sheep's Lake that serves as a great campsite for PCT hikers and more. We found a great wildflower meadow toward the end and our dog thoroughly enjoyed the water.

Glacier lake hike was a tough hike for me. The trail is narrow and drops off in 2 or 3 spots, and the trail is either straight up or straight down for almost the entire hike. I think this trail is a one and done for me. I would not recommend it for little kids or horses.

Found this by accident. An interesting bit Native history. Trail is easy, but a bit steep (my cardio sucks). Dogs did just fine too.

Did this hike a few weeks ago with some friends. A lot of fun!

9 months ago

Getting There: The signs along FR21 aren't all there so make sure you are keeping track of your mileage for the FR2110 turnoff. The sign for the turnoff still exist but for the return road (I know right?!?).

Hike: This short hike is definitely a tough one. As someone who gets out frequently and doesn't mind an ascent this was still a bit difficult. Mid-Summer heat on the sun exposed parts of the trail led to silt-like hills where you'll slowly avoid sliding. Once we got to the lake we dipped our feet in and enjoyed the scenery. It is not the best view, but overall this is a very involved hike. The town map says this hike is great for families and horses, but I don't see either make the entire trip up to the lake. UPHILL BOTH WAYS so don't think this is a simple walk.

A step back in time.

Our family, consisting of an 11 and 14 year old, hiked from Walput Lake to Sheep Lake via Nannie Ridge. We, along with a million mosquitoes, made Sheep Lake our base camp. From there we day hiked and explored Cispus Pass and beyond; amazing! Spectacular views. Still has patches of snow, but didn't impede our travels.

Beautiful, fun hike!

10 months ago

Good workout, but otherwise not anything incredible. Besides the waterfalls at the very start, there aren't any real views of anything except lots of trees and blow downs.

Fun short hike to some cool looking falls. Bit of a steep ascent to get there but not awful.

This hike was a bit of a chore getting up because of the rutted out nature of the trail, the mosquitos, and the fact there were motor cycles on the trail. Be careful for that! They are allowed on the trail and probably the cause some of the rutting of the trail.

But after dealing with all of that the payoff was amazing! Truly spectacular wildflowers and awesome views of Mt Rainer and Mt Adams. The is also a view of the top part of Mt St Helens that is not as amazing but still cool. We ate lunch at the summit... with a few bugs :)

For us the payoff was worth the rest for sure.

We enjoyed this hike overall thanks to the top and would consider it again in the future!

The waterfall payoffs were really nice! You can hike behind Covel Creek Falls which is fun for sure. Angel Falls does not have a lot of water but is a really pretty waterfall. You should leave the trail and scramble up the rocks to get a much better view of how green the growth is and how beautiful the water is flowing throughout it. There is also a cool part below a rock face between the two falls.

Some of the bridges were out and I am unsure when they will be repaired. The only challenge that posed was that one of the hills you must go down instead of the bridge is a slippery dirt slope.

We enjoyed this hike and would consider it again in the future!

So pretty and worth the climb to the many falls! Beautiful day and had the trail to ourselves!

Amazing overnight! The hike was intense but worth it. The weather was perfect and the views of Adams, Hellens and Rainier were very picturesque! Will be doing this again in the next season or two.

It is an amazing hike.

Solid hike. Went with my wife and one year old son. No complaints here. Lots of great things to see if you're in to geology

11 months ago

short walk easy hike there's a beautiful veiw point to the left and the small cave the size of a living room with a small fire pit

11 months ago

Definitely a moderate hike with lot of a very steep up and downs. The lake is not particularly scenic and the trail seems quite narrow with drop offs that might be difficult or dangerous for horses. There were no obstacles on the trail. Parking was a little difficult and crowded, but it was Memorial Day weekend. Will probably not be back.

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