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the best running views and waterfalls if your going for miles

So pretty, easy walk! Dog friendly and it wasn’t that crowded.

Easy walk with a romantic aura to it, by the water. Often cloudy and rainy. You can see Canada across the water.

No birds when we went, but lots of interesting driftwood and rocks to examine. We just drove up to the reserve boundary, parked on the side of the road, and walked from there. Not really a hike, but an enjoyable stroll.

this one had a beautiful off Trail which is called the devil's Punchbowl I thought that was beautiful and amazing and it's not hard at all super easy a stroller with big wheels could even go on

The trail was very well maintained. The area around the trail head was a little run down but once you get past it the scenery was nice. Took my 6 year old for a 3 mile walk. Easy road.

Great views. The mountains across the water look beautiful. You can watch the ferries and boats coming in and out of the docks. Great seafood restaurants.

Definitely worth the walk! Flanks the north side of Lake Crescent. Beautiful views.

trail running
1 month ago

great trail run , it is on pavement the entire way! but a good run tho

Ticks like you wouldn’t believe! Our dogs had ticks all over them!

Nice paved trail

3 months ago

We live right by Olympic Sculpture Park, and are lucky enough to walk on this trail most days! It is absolutely stunning and well-maintained. Make sure to stop and enjoy the scenery every so-often, or you’ll miss the views (or an orca, or a sea lion).

This is great for running and getting in those beautiful Washington views when you get the miles in.

I️t was a super creepy and eerie trail reminiscent of some children’s ghost tale told by a campfire. After the initial adrenaline and shock wore off of the immense darkness and cold, I️t was almost unbearable and painful to walk in this loooong freezing cold tunnel. I️ saw a lot of people with bikes though so I️ think that would be the way to go.

Probably be a lot better without all the bike people raging all over thinking they own the joint.

The trail is closed through the end of October.

long fun trail. not much cover from the sun.

I can see this trail being beneficial for cyclers not necessarily that great for walkers. Too many inconsiderate bike riders on this trail. My dogs and I stayed all the way to the right almost in the brush and they still practically plowed over us. Considering I'm an avid rider myself, that's pretty discouraging. So yes if you want to ride it you're good to go but I would hesitate if I was a pedestrian. Up side, trails are paved the entire way.


Fantastic trail. Gets better down south. Make sure to stop for the blackberries, sounds of babbling brooks, picture ops. Great variety of landscape. Unfortunately some not so attractive too but nonetheless worth doing. Make sure to save some energy for a hike along Woodard Bay.

7 months ago

I walked this the first time in 2008 from King St station through Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market, to the Space Needle and over to Centennial Park and back. I came back 4 years later to do it again

7 months ago

Great family hike. Flat and easy with nice place to jump to the lake (devil's bowl bridge and rocks around it)

As others said, the last part is the interesting one. I'd drive the first two miles and then start the walk

What incredible changes to this trail! It is now ADA, wheelchair accessible to behind Devil's Punchbowl. There is a tunnel that is very dark and goes through the hillside. If you take the rough tail to the left of the tunnel you can access Devil's Punchbowl and the bridge that goes over it. Took two dogs who enjoyed all the smells.

We just did 2 miles by South Bay.
-lots of parking along the 20 miles, and a large parking lot at the start by Woodard Bay
-stroller friendly (paved with running and horse trails that branch off and re connect)
-no restrooms in the area that we went in

Good paved path for a walking, running, or biking workout. There is not much shade and natural scenery is limited to glimpses of Mt Rainier and the river.

Very beautiful!!! I stopped at pier 90 because it got too industrial & stinky.

Great Ride! great views!

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