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might as well just walk along side the highway it's so close to it...

I love to cycle on this trail - it's a great and EASY ride out to Moscow. I'm confused how some of these trails get their difficulty levels, but this trail is fairly flat. There's some elevation gain and some wind but it's certainly not moderate in difficulty.

It's well maintained and wide. Most of the time you'll run into some folks but I've never experienced overcrowding.

trail running
3 days ago

Love going for long runs on this trail

this is a great urban riding paved type trail.

beautiful trail. Mt biked it from the bridge up and back down and out.

mountain biking
11 days ago

Bike and walking is wonderful

11 days ago

Have done both walks and bikes and seen a lot of wildlife. Always enjoy the day.

Very nice, flat stroll. Beautiful views of Lake Crescent the entire hike. Must see Devil’s Punchbowl- as others have said, take the trail LEFT of the 1st tunnel, not through the tunnel. You will cross a bridge over the swimming hole. Then loop around so that you go through the tunnel on the return trip. Great for kids!

We hiked from the Spruce RR trailhead all the way to the North Campground, about 5-5.5 miles EACH way. The CLIFF diving, also known as Devil's punchbowl in 1 mile in from trailhead. The reason newbies MISS it is because they wish to walk THRU the RR tunnel. If you're going to swim or watch jumpers, you take the dirt trail to the LEFT of the 1st tunnel. The swimming/cliff diving is on that path along the lake to the side of the 1st bridge. Water is deep, blue and COLD!! Have fun. The next tunnel is 1.6 miles continued along the trail. After that... we "thought" we'd find another trail and it was a LONGGGG trek all the way to that darn North Campground (one portapotty)and then 2 miles back to the 2nd tunnel. Kinda boring from 2nd tunnel to the North campground on a newly crushed gravel road.

Please note we only did the tunnel portion of the trail which is around 5+ miles round trip. This is a great option for the heat sensitive or for those who don’t like doing elevations.
The tunnel is a cool experience. Speaking of cool, the tunnel is a great way to beat the summer heat. If you get cold easily, be sure to bring a sweatshirt or windbreaker. Also, you’ll want a flashlight.

Starting on the Hyak side you’ll be able to feel the cool air as you near the entrance. The trail is not paved but is hard pack. There are dripping areas so there are some puddles along the way. Once you reach the other end there are some tables, a small waterfall, some nice views, and a toilet facility.

On the way back you’re walking with the breeze so it will feel a lot warmer. It u get warm u can stop for a minute and enjoy the breeze.

As a reminder, you will need.a discover pass. We forgot so used our phone and bought one online. Luckily there was a good signal. Hours are 6a - Dusk.

Great trail for the entire family. Dog friendly, shaded, well groomed trail for hiking and biking. A few tighter areas that may require walking your bike, but safe for everyone. A lot of people were looking for the bridge and Devils punch bowl but could not find it. Locals may have a better idea, as no one we encountered knew of its location. So ask around if that’s what your going for.

beautiful! Great for kids and grandparents.

*only went as far as the end of the tunnel not the end of the trail 5.4 mi r/t 100 elevation I believe*
Very easy to walk but very boring. At least 10 times I asked my boyfriend if we should turn around. We were told that it was worth it to walk to the other side of the tunnel, there is a small waterfall and a mountain range, we are currently sitting on the benches dreading the walk back. It took us 1 hour to get though the tunnel. In my opinion there is nothing to see, my suggestion is walk about 10 minutes in (for the experience) then turn around and do another trail, unless you like the blank solitude.

road biking
30 days ago

This was my first time on this trail. I've heard so much about and been wanting to try. I went 33 miles round trip. Lots of bikers, runners,walkers & pets. Everyone that I passed alway gave notice coming on your left. The trail was clean and beautiful. I will come back. Next time I'll go farther. New favorite spot. Worth the 40 min drive.

Biked this trail 7-16-2018. Not much traffic on a Monday mid-day. We have hybrid bikes, skinny tires would be a problem. Tunnel is no problem, lights not needed. Eastern half of trail is packed rock or dirt, western half is paved. There was a short section mid-trail where the dirt trail became narrow and close to the edge, as inexperienced trail riders we walked our bikes through this, otherwise an easy ride. The paved half was a slight grade uphill but easy biking because the grade is so gradual. On the return just for fun we coasted the first four miles without pedaling! Entire trip took about 3 1/2 hours including a delightful picnic on the lake.

it's what you'd expect of an urban trail.. lots of people, especially bicyclists, but the trail is quite wide, features a nice view of the bridge and the water and Gas Works Park is a neat park all on its own, featuring views of the Seattle skyline and is a great place to end.

Tried the Rock lake section of the trail but no way to access it. All private property it seems.

Great trail for a easy day hike. Take the trail to the side of the tunnel for bridge access. Tons of access points to jump in the lake and cool off on a hot summer day.

road biking
1 month ago

Awesome, took the trail from Bothell to Matthews park. Very nice ride, beautiful views of the water from the trail and parks along the way.

WHAT A GREAT TRAIL! we started in the parking lot and ended at the end of the tunnel. that's where we ate lunch.

mountain biking
1 month ago

My wife and I rode our hybrids on this trail today. We went about 8 miles out. It is not a trail for road bikes, but is awesome for hybrids and mountain bikes. Fairly flat, paved for first 11 miles and then packed gravel. Lots of nice scenery: farms, river, very green. For a family ride or more, this is a nice trail to ride. Enjoy.

Beautiful, but the swimming area draws a crowd. Definitely worth a visit for an easy stroll against a gorgeous backdrop.

Industrial area with a sidewalk to a jetty beach. Nothing special.

Bring rain gear at some point in your hike it will rain. In the tunnel, wear a blinker light on your backpack and head lamp on your head. Bikers thanked us for being visible. Gloves are helpful in the tunnel as it’s cold and wind blows West to East, it’s cold in the tunnel so you will see your breath. There is a bathroom on each side of tunnel. Fun and eerie hike!

Is a clean ,easy long trail with nice views all the way and safe ! Perfect for kids , dogs or solo my 2 kids were in love of the place definitely another trail to come back !!!

It was awesome. I remember it was so dark in the rain forest at night you couldn't see your hand right in front of your eyes.

2 months ago

It was gorgeous and we had the 13 mile walk to ourselves. Flat and peaceful. Hardly any views of the mountains though. Some river views. I wouldn’t do the hike again, but the drive in was well worth it. The views from the amphitheater were great, which is about 3 miles in. Once you’ve hit the amphitheater you’ve pretty much seen what the hike has to offer. I recommend turning around there.

2 months ago

Started at the Horseshoe Bend Rd trailhead. Followed from there for about 3.5 miles. The trail will take you through some “interesting” sections with private property on both sides, before gradually turning back to nature again. Avoid the parsley looking plants growing everywhere along and in the path, it is often full of ticks. Have a dog? I would avoid this trail (area) unless your idea of bonding with your animal is tick removal. The following day we hit the same trail, further down, starting at the Harms Rd trailhead, for more of a great desert canyon stretch of trail. Both sections are flat, as they used to have train tracks running there. Still a beautiful walk. Again, be prepared for ticks, people aren’t making that up.

Easy, peaceful trail. Well kept with benches and restrooms along the way.

Went on a colder rainy dry so the tunnel felt dry and slightly warmer then outside, perfect. Spooky at first but then loved it. Very cool experience. Only saw a few people, no bikers, most of the time we had the tunnel to ourselves.

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