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Quinault, Washington Map
1 day ago

Memorial Day Weekend at Enchanted Valley was unforgettable. This is the most lush place I’ve backpacked in WA. Beautiful terrain, historic landmarks, fantastic fauna, colorful flora, & diverse fungi. It’s a rainforest, so come prepared. 3 days was nice, but I’ll be back for longer trips. Trail conditions were above par, and bear canisters are required. Big thanks to the rangers for being extra prepared during the busy weekend. Wish that chalet was still in use.

3 days ago

Awesome trail!!

Nice short trail fine for a 4 year old.

Great trail for kids and people with some disabilities. There are some hill climbs, but not real bad. Relaxing with some nice little water falls. Signage could be a little clearer where trails split.

Like many others before have mentioned, this trail is much longer than mentioned and very difficult. Pete’s Creek Trail is steep and after it connects to Colonel Bob, it is even steeper. Thus bring plenty of water! It was about 10.5 miles total for us. Search the trail before on this app to have the map accessible when you open the app on the trail (you won’t have service on the trail but you don’t need to download the map beforehand. This helped us when we got a little lost a few times and when the trail wasn’t perfectly marked but this allows you to see where you are in relation to the trail and kept us on the trail the whole time. Certain areas are overgrown with fallen trees and brush but you can see the trail the whole time. Yet despite all these things, it was an incredible hike featuring a wide variety of landscapes and immaculate 360 degrees views on Olympic NP, Mt. Rainier, the ocean and Mt. St. Helens. No real snow on the trail but small amounts to the side.

It’s not called enchanted valley for nothin!!

Nothing more beautiful than this gem in the hidden misty mountains! Loved this hike from start to finish. Just wonderful.

Wow, wow, wow, WOW. TO DIE FOR, stopped off at the ranger station and got a canister (free of charge) We started at 2 on a Friday and hiked the 9ish miles to Pyrites, we made it around 8 ish, after LOTS of breaks because we had very heavy packs.We set up camp for the night and got up early the next morning, left our heavy stuff and hiked the 3.3 ish miles to the valley. BREATHTAKING. I was itching to see a bear and saw none on the way in, talked to a ranger who saw some between Pyrites and the valley. I lucked out.. we walked into the valley and to the right was a bear head staring my way. We were able to get the camera out and get some footage. We hung out by the Chalet for a few hours then headed back to get our stuff. We packed up and decided to go past O'Neil (6 ish miles in) and found a perfect camping spot with about 5.5 miles left of the trail down near the water and very secluded. On our way back, 2 women were alarmed by a bear (I didn't get to see). Sunday morning we hiked the 5.5 miles back in a little over 2.5 hours and were on our way out. Absolutely incredible. There are camping spots as close in as Pony Creek and spots along the way.

over grown
14 days ago

Bring a machete for the overgrowth at Pete's Creek, and bring trekking poles for the descent from Colonel Bob. Breathtaking 360 views of the Olympic National Forest at the top, but the ascent is exhausting! I recorded this out and back trail to be almost 11 miles in total. Definitely start early and wear good shoes. Ran into only 2 other folks on the mountain, and a few easily traversed snow drifts in early June. This trail was too wet / snowed in when attempted in mid April.

over grown
washed out
15 days ago

Amazing trail!

This has become one of my favorite hikes for a workout. It’s marked as moderate but I believe it is quite difficult. I made it to the summit on the third try. It’s challenging but definitely not impossible. I really like the variation in the trek. I like that it is only lightly trafficked. It’s a fun workout!

over grown
17 days ago

All in all, this was a really fun hike and absolutely beautiful. The weather has been nice lately and we haven’t seen much rain, so it was almost completely dry. However, if it had rained recently, it would have been rather difficult to manage the trail after the halfway point because it became so steep and the terrain continued to get more and more rough the further we went. There were also a few downed trees, so the GPS on the app helped a couple of times with that. The only real issue we came across was that we couldn’t find the end of the trail once we got to the water. Thankfully we were able to just wade through the creek to get to the waterfall where we could explore and enjoy the view. We definitely had to do a bit of climbing towards the end, but it was a very fun day :) To be honest, I don’t think I’ll do this hike again, just because we went through a lot to reach a waterfall of this size and I know there are many other hikes in the area that have trails that are just as beautiful. It’s worth it to go once though :)

I went right AFTER Memorial Day solo. I have no (and i mean NO) thru hiking experience and am definitely out of shape. But i spent about 6 months researching what i needed to do to be prepared. I wanted to do this trek to take some high resolution photos —- my passion. Carrying a medium format camera, tripod and bear cannister, etc., I managed to go slow and still complete the trail in 4 days, 3 nights. But, going back down from Pyrites to the trailhead only took me one day. It was a schlep for me going up the incline on the way in. Going down was a piece of cake in comparison. I’m sure my mild asthma doesn’t help. I was lucky with weather: Sunny every day and only about 10 minutes of drizzle as I headed into the valley on Tuesday afternoon. There was a ranger stationed in the valley at the chalet for the Memorial Day weekend, so that made me feel quite safe when I arrived. There were campers throughout, but I’d hardly call it busy or crowded. However, when I returned to Pyrites, I was the ONLY person camping there Wednesday night which made me feel a little Blair Witch Project-esq. And folks had spotted bears at this camp site over the holiday, so I had those rumors stuck in my head and couldn’t sleep. Couple that with smelling smoke at 2:30 am and having to get out of the tent and investigate it only to find some idiot campers from the night prior didn’t properly extinguish their camp fire ——- scary. And I was still scared of the damn bear rumors. And then, the next day, as I was walking alone past ONeils to Pony Bridge, I was completely alone and ran across a cub and her very big Mama Bear right on the trail. And I wasn’t carrying bear spray. Needless to say, when I tried to make myself look big, and clicked my trekking poles to make noise ——- the mom really didn’t care and was sizing me up for a good 3 minutes, I was terrified. And felt really stupid. I did have a whistle that I tried blowing to make noise, but I felt like it was more of a dinner bell for the mama bear. It was like a bird chirping or annoying her precious cub. So I stopped and kept with the trekking poles —— alternating between waving them big and between banging them together. When that didn’t work, I tried to slowly walk backwards the opposite direction where I came from, up a slight incline, and I think that’s what made her relax enough to run into the bushes after her cub. It took me a good 10 minutes to work up the courage to pass the area where they were standing on the path before disappearing into the brush. When I got to Pony Bridge, no one was camping there Thursday eve —- again. So, because I didn’t want to repeat my prior nights fears, and because of my actual bear scare, I ended up suffering through blisters to get back to the trailhead and find a nice hotel for the eve. The trail itself was beautiful. If I had a hiking buddy and wasn’t doing this both solo and for the first time, and if i was carrying bear spray, I think I would have loved it. I could have also dropped the weight of the camera and tripod and that would have made me enjoy this more because then I wouldn’t feel like I was working so hard. If you have any experience hiking and camping, you will love this trail. If you wanna cut weight and keep up speed, drop the bear canister and use a bear bag and camp instead at Pyrites where there is bear wire. Then you can day hike up to the valley and back and not have to re-pitch a tent. I could have done a lot of things better. But for a first experience, and despite my own fears, it was still a good hike. Character building. And from now on, I’m never skipping the bear spray to save weight.

Amazing view at the top. Tough hoof up, but trail is well visualized. A few areas with overgrown vegetation across the trail, a few fallen trees and only a few patches of snow. We were lucky to be above clouds and drizzle at top- they had dissipated on the way down. First time to the peninsula and am so glad to be left with fantastic appreciation of the rain forest and 360 views of the beautiful Olympic Cascades.

This is the best hike I have ever done!

21 days ago

Quiet trail. Good pictures after rain, good lake views. After middle trail is becoming a bit boring imho. If you are looking calm place without crowds - its exact one. Better alternative (need to pay) - Hoh rain forest trail. Its shorter and more interesting objects / 1 mile.

One of the best backpacking trips i ever had ,got 2 see one bear but it was kind of stump ,they usually mind there own business. Also the views are worth hiking 30 miles. If possible I would definitely come back again with more friends.

Went today, Memorial Day weekend. Did this over days and I was very tired. Felt like at least 2 nights and 3 days were required. The green forest and the blue river all along the hike make this the most scenic forest hikes I have ever seen, unlike any other. Heavily trafficked trail but there are lots of places to camp, especially when you reach the valley. It was cold in the valley and in general was a wet and muddy trail with frequent drizzle or rain.

over grown
23 days ago

Good and wet. Didn’t do the whole thing

Wonderful. We hiked in at about 2 pm and stayed at the campground Pyrites (9 mile mark) Left our stuff there the next morning to sprint 3 more miles down to the Valley. Was breathtaking. Sprinted back by 9 am, grabbed our stuff and headed back out. Would definitely make it a 3 or 4 day trip next time because our fast pace wore us out! Very well rewarding. If not the most rewarding hike I have ever done. Be prepared for rain and bears. We did see a mama and her cub. Was sunny the first day and rainy the next. - Brenna

Took a hike to check out the old Chetwood walk in camp. Only two camp spots one by the water and one in the forest. Quite a few overgrown spots with old bbq pits.

Did this hike over memorial day weekend. We camped at Graves creek campground the night before starting the hike. There are 30 ish walk up campsites and they get filled very fast. This is a beautiful well maintained trail with amazing views of waterfalls and streams all along. The mountain views at the valley make this super long hike totally worth it. There are many campgrounds through the trail and at the valley. Completing this hike over 2 days and one night made it strenuous. I would probably give it 2 nights and 3 days!

Maiden hair falls

we come here every chance we can especially when the sun is out ... spectacular views, well maintained trails, clean crisp air and sparkling waters ... that's heaven to me ☺

Nice morning walk! The trail is in great condition and is conveniently located right across from the lodge. So green!

Yup, a great trail and the valley is stunning. Did encounter some bears but they were thoroughly bored by humans. A bear cannister is required for camping in the valley. The bears there don't associate people with available food, which is how we want it to stay!

had to give this stars in order to enter a comment. As of yesterday the trail cannot be continued past the junction of trail to Anderson Pass and O'Neil Pass trail - due to an avalanche. I only got as far as White River, which I chose not to cross. A few others did but it was too high for my comfort. Trail up to that point was great. A few downed trees but easy to get over. Enchanted Valley is stunning!

needs updated signs. One can easily go onto a short cut but it's all so beautiful.

Willaby campground has a great lake view. When you're by falls creek campground go over to site 20 behind there is a hidden gem of a water fall. Hike also has a rainforest that is really cool.

5/2/19 Perfect weather. Not a lot of people. Trail has a nice mix of ups and downs, but remains moderate. A little mud and water, but easy to get through and remain dry. Go beyond Pony Bridge to find some nice spots along the river to have your lunch (there are actual camps for backpackers).

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