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A well-maintained trail with a nice view of Lake Quinault.

Excellent option when the Hoh was closed down. Still get a good flavor of rainforest on a very easy trek. Dog friendly, on leash of course.

27 days ago

The scenery was gorgeous! Rainforest meets Washington. There was only 2 other people out there. The trails are narrow, enough for a single line of hikers but the path is worn for easy to follow travel. There are some areas with fallen trees to climb over which was fun!
We ran into a bunny being chased by a weasel!

The falls though are right off the road before you get to trail head. If you just go to see the falls, start there instead of at the trailhead. But the trail has amazing small rock rivers to see.

1 month ago

Pretty hike. Interactive info panels along the way which were interesting. Id skip the hime along the lake...a bit dull.

Came here on 09/10 in the afternoon. Lots of people in the parking lot but once on the trail we didn’t run into people too often. Hoh Rainforest was closed (I was devastated) so we came here needing to see some sort of rainforest. I guess I just don’t know what I’m missing but this short hike was amazing. There are giant old growth trees everywhere and the rainforest climate is just fascinating. You actually can feel how everything is just living and breathing. We started to do the larger loop but it sort of left what we were loving about the hike ( turned into just a regular flat trail with not a lot of character) so we turned back and finished the small loop instead.

Pretty hike. Crystal clear water in falls and river. Went later in day and light thru trees was beautiful.

We did it last week in 3 days. Be ready for rain always on this hike. If you are prepared, it’s awesome! We had a late start, 2:45, and ended at O’neil with plenty of light - bear wire is in-op here so don’t count on it or bring twine or the recommended canister. Tip - there is no privy at Pytrites. At least at O’Neil you have some cover and a place to go without digging or being rained on. Enchanted Valley is great, we were mid-week so it was not crowded. No wild life presented itself besides the slug eating beetles. But, the waterfalls are going off! Take time to explore here. We explored, opting to hike out in one day. It’s 13-14 miles to punch out but easy ups/downs make it not too bad. I do train outside of hiking to do this. I am well over 50 and got my but kicked in the past trying to hike when out of shape. Stay strong!

Beautiful part of a bigger loop. Lush rainforest is magical to behold.

September 2018. We split the hike into four days to take it easy. First night we camped at O’Neil Creek but I wish we had pushed on to Pyrites. Second night we walked right past the Enchanted Valley and camped about another mile up the trail. The valley floor itself was just crowded and brushy and not very pretty. The views there were nice but all the camping spots were far from the river or wet and grassy with little cover. Overall it was a nice hike and my first time in a temperate rainforest. I wasn’t lucky enough to see any bears or elk. Any problem addressed in older reviews about downed trees blocking the trail are no longer valid. The trail is free of obstacles and well maintained.

lots of downed trees, rocky scrambly patches, not great views but good exercise. ok hike

Awesome backpacking trip with two night stay at the shelter and moonshine flats. Recommend taking the shorter route from Pete’s creek and spending two nights at moonshine. It’s an amazing base camp prior to making the peak run.

This beautiful, easy trail was a great introduction for my family to the Olympics. We visited in late July and found a dry trail with lush green rain forest in every direction.

Great hike, rocky in areas but in all well worth the climb! This is not an easy hike but it is doable! Put your head down look up now and then and you will soon find the summit of CB!

Absolutely beautiful hike, stunning views, difficult at times, even saw a black bear in the valley!

Great easy trail as a warm up and to learn about all the local nature via posted signs.

1 month ago

Hiked today (July 24, 2018). Little longer than advertised-from parking to bridge and back was 5.8 miles with about 2100 feet of total elevation gain. 1st two miles are up and last mile is down. Really a nice hike. Lots of big trees and shade. Well maintained trail. Parking lot was full early in the morning so lots of parking was done along the road. Watch what you park under-just as we came out a large branch from a snag dropped on a car. 3 hours round trip for us. Very enjoyable all the way. Pony bridge is a nice stopping point-but it’s the hike in its totality that I found enjoyable.
Don’t let the elevation gain scare. It steady and gradual-never any switchbacks.

Never got to the waterfalls as the trail disintegrated.

Wonderful trail! Hiked in July, small parking area, but beautiful scenery.

Hiked 08/20/18. This is a nice moderate hike to a gorge on the Quinalt River.

Loved hiking this trail with my rock scrambling mountain goat of a dog even though wildfire smoke disrupted the views. The trail is washed out in parts but with some looking ahead or looking for rock clusters/cairns left by others, you’ll quickly find your way.

I only saw one other group of hikers out there all day.

The trail is very rocky - I was thankful for thick socks and my sturdiest boots, but even so my toes are sore.

The last stretch is very steep and some scrambling, but very rewarding.

Took me about 3 hours to get to the peak because of the elevation (and lots of stopping for photos/snacks/to take it all in).

Nearby dispersed camping at Campbell Tree Grove was ultra convenient.

Hot and Smokey.........Canadian forest fires ruined my pictures............Steep overgrown 8.2 miles.......of fun and rewarding trail.

The view is worth it! The trail is overgrown in many areas and a few downed trees to navigate but completely worth the view!

Good trail gets progressively steeper as you go. a few nice views along the way but probably the best 4500 foot viewpoint in the state on top. may be best selection of berries too. a definite "must do" in spite of its low elevation.

Great views, fantastic river and amazing location to camp! With unbelievable wildlife. Enjoy and be safe.

Great trail for all and the dogs were allowed. Well maintained and it’s an easy hike for all.

Beautiful hike. Parking area is very small for the amount of cars that go back there. Lots of backpackers. Get there early!

Amazingly rewarding yet ass-kicking hike to the peak but so beautiful when you wake up and hike up to the peak to catch the sunrise in the morning! lots of over growth in some areas and walked passed a bee hive just be careful going up moonshine flats

Great short distance yet moderately challenging hike. :)

This was just about 14 miles from the trail head (itself a 45 drive from the Quinault Ranger Station) to the chalet in the Enchanted Valley. It’s up and down and in the woods or on the river bank the entire way until you finally break into the valley and can glimpse just a bit of a snow-capped peak beyond the fairytale chalet. We were hiking at a steady clip with one nights worth of gear and made it in just 5 hours one way (pretty damn fast). The valley was beautiful to camp in, plenty of trees for my hammock, and cold glacial river right there. Overall the trail wasn’t as exciting as I’d have hoped for all the distance covered. Next time I’ll try northern part of the park for more Ridge lines and views.

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