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easy and beautiful.

didn't do this exact trail and cheated a bit. Went north of the trail over the bridge is quick access to the falls. smarter not harter

Nice short loop near the famous Quinault Lodge, featuring the "World's Largest Spruce Tree." Nice area, nice lodge, great for kids.

Really gorgeous! Great for our kiddo too.

Loved this trail! I got 4.5 miles up today and was stopped by snow as I couldn't find the trail today. Definitely going back when the snow is melted!

Great trail! My 5 year old and pregnant wife had no problems and loved the views.

Lots of big trees!

After hiking in Hoh rain forest this was not impressive

on Quinault Loop Trail

6 months ago

Loved this trail. Only downfall was that the trail part along the lake was flooded in multiple spots and we couldn't walk it. You can't go in sneakers as the trail is muddy and softened by the rainfall. I will do this trail again for sure!

Beautiful views. Tough hike, little rest while going to the top. Distance above is incorrect, it is at least 4 months to the top making 8+ miles round trip.

Nice little day trip, 4.5 miles from the car to the summit. Beautiful views all around at the top!

Leg burner. Worth every bit. Got rained out pretty bad, but still had a blast. Spent three nights in a hammock at moonshine flat? Woke up to bear scat a stones throw from my hammock. The summit was radical even though the view was clouds and wind/rain. Several other signs of bear. Plan on going again next time I'm back in Washington.

Ran this loop and it was great! Beautiful trail through rainforest.

8 months ago

Beautiful trail with beautiful views!

8 months ago

great hike. some parts of the trail are a little over grown but otherwise well maintained. signs are a little out dated and difficult to read and easy to bypass without notice. not a lot of traffic which is nice. fairly moderate trail until you reach the end which is well worth the last push. a ton of bugs up top and my girlfriend got eaten alive on the way down above all though that N.E.S.W. view is hard to beat at an elevation of almost 4500 feet.

8 months ago

Went on a quiet day with wife and dog. Great trail, well maintained and easy for everyone while you still feel you're far away in the middle of nowhere.

8 months ago

Beautiful hike through the forest with small waterfalls and streams. The trail passes through the front of the lake for the last mile or so if you're coming from the campgrounds.

Tough hike but the view makes it all worth it.

Tough hike but the view makes it all worth it

I really enjoyed this trail. I love all the huge trees, streams and bridges, lake path, even through camp grounds. Good time with my family, pretty easy hike, so we weren't winded and talked the whole way. I really wish some jerk hadn't gone through and erased portions of every map.

anyone saying the trail is in good shape clearly did not do the whole trail. The upper end the lake the trail is nearly impossible, trees are not only fallen over the trail, but on the trail (like the hole length of the tree is on the trail so the trail vanishes) we lost the trail on several occasions and turned back after only a few minutes.
I've tried two different parts of the trail now by the upper trailhead and both were impassable. Maybe the part of the trail by the Dam is in good shape but the other end of the trail is not. Do not expect to be able to complete the whole loop unless you have a chainsaw and machete it's in desperate need of maintenance.

If you're looking for a hike that will challenge your stamina, but can be easily done in six hours or less and provides stunning views at the summit (and the wildflower meadow above the Colonel Bob/Pete's Creek trail junction) then this is the hike for you! I made the summit in 2:45 minutes and was slowed down by snow above 3500' which made for precarious footing and obscured the direction of the trail in multiple places. If you're fortunate enough to have a clear day the reward is definitely worth the effort, but even without the views at the top I would have thoroughly enjoyed this hike-one of my top five favorites of all time-never saw another soul out and back and on a Friday with beautiful weather-my kind of hike!


10 months ago

Loves this loop!

Great 2 hour hike with 4,8,10 year olds. Lake view, 3 waterfalls and the largest spruce tree en route

Awesome hike for the whole family! Our 4-yr-old daughter walked maybe 3/4 of the trail! The rest of the way she was on my shoulders. My 8 yr old was on his feet the whole time with minimal complaining of broken and dying legs. The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this trail! Oh yeah I forgot to mention, this adventure is well worth it to witness the old growth cedars and firs that are alive and well in this forest.

10 months ago

I wasn't expecting much out of this trail but it's a really fun and diverse trail, especially for how short it is. You walk through beautiful forest with old growth trees and mosses, a creek with some waterfalls, and the lake as well. The whole trail system is tied in with the community so you're close to a lot of amenities but still feel like you're away from everyone.

This hike definitely showed me that I was out of shape! The 3600 foot climb can really beat you up. There's no way it's just 6 miles up and back, in my opinion. The hike starts in a somewhat overgrown rain forest-like area, but rises through meadows with wildflowers and some rockier conifer terrain too. The peak is dizzying...you can see so far, and straight down in some places too!

The upper reaches still had snow as of early July. If you don't have any special equipment (I only had boots), it can be a snowy scramble in some places...some hikers I met had turned back, but others reached the summit too.

The road in is 8 miles of gravel...some potholes. I saw a huge cat of some kind on the way out.

Trail is dog friendly, as long as the dog is in shape and likes snow!

10 months ago

Great day. Very nice trail.

11 months ago

Nice little trails for younger kids. My 6 and 4 year olds loved the waterfalls and the bridges.

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