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I did this one with my 2 dogs as part of a loop connecting with Tubal Cain Trail. Shady trail with a good lengthy elevation gain to finish it off. Plenty of water throughout.

Groomed trail. Beautiful views. Aggressive huge horse flies; bee body with fly wings! Steady climb up. No cover at about 2 miles. Suggest starting early to avoid the hot sun. Beautiful display of wild flowers at 2 miles.

Best maintained hiking trail I’ve been on. Went today and it was beautiful weather! A little hazy at the top but well worth every step up. Take bug spray and use it frequently- lots of bugs. Get there early for parking. Best hiking trail I’ve been on!

22 days ago

Beautiful views. Worth the trek up. Highly recommend putting this on your summer to-hike list. It is a popular hike so preferably do this on a weekday and start early if you like solitude.

29 days ago

A lot of stairs at the beginning. The river was beautiful! Very dense forest and we had to climb over and crawl under a lot of trees that were blocking the trail. The trail does not take you to the waterfall and you cannot see the waterfall while on the trail itself. You can see the waterfall from an overlook before getting on the trail. Very nice trail and it was beautiful!

30 days ago

Had an amazing time up here today.
Taking forest road 27 to the trailhead is super easy: there are signs for both the upper and lower trailheads. Lower trailhead was crowded on a Saturday morning, but we were able to squeeze into one of the last spots around 8:45am.
Trail is definitely a hard one, but nothing unmanageable and well worth the spectacular views of both the Olympics and Cascades.

1 month ago

This was an awesome trail. Trail was easily walkable for the most parts. There were several little creeks and maybe a couple medium sized creeks to get across. Shade covered the trail most of the way, which was really nice. Mosquitos were barely an issue. Only very few existed for about the first half of the trail near the water then a few more popped in the second half of the trail. But it was far from the nuisance level even when at the water. They even did not bother my dog, which was the opposite from other places with water and mosquitos. Farther down the second half of the trail was quite lush-y with tall ground plants where you will need to lift your arms as they bow along the trail quite a bit. We stopped at Bank Shanty for our lunch and camped at Camp Jolley. Both sites were pleasant and near the river.

Incredible views after the first few miles! This is a tough trail for novices, we were pooped when we got back to the the car. But smiling!

wouldn't really consider this a trail, more of an overlook. campground ou'd temporarily closed but just park next to the gate and walk in

easy trail quiet and peaceful me and my dog gauge to notch pass and back 6-21-18

Beautiful and perfect

Trail was in good shape even in the rain. Like mentioned recently there are some trail wash outs but they have been repaired and you can easily pass through. Also there is no drop box for the fee so make sure you have you pass in advance.

Trail was in very good shape the flowers were showing off and the river was beautiful there were two slides but the trail has been repaired

Cruiser hike! Great camping spots near mile 2.5 and mile 4.5. Followed the creek for pretty much the entirety of the walk about. Tail halfway point is the parking lot of the upper trail. In that case, a bit anticlimactic. Nonetheless beautiful hike. Would do again and maybe do a trail run. 10/10

Quite the hump from 27190 to the top. Seen a mountain goat at the top of the Townsend. Definitely get there around 0200-0400 to get a good parking spot. If you have those who are out of shape in your group plan on making a lot of little stops due to how steep it is. Beautiful views well maintained trail.

2 months ago

It was a beast!!! BUT so worth the long and hard trail...I don’t usually hike and did it. Make sure you bring anything that takes pictures because if you don’t...you’ll regret it. Start early!!! We hit the upper trail head at 3:30am...so worth it.

2 months ago

A grind up for someone with asthma, but every rest stop had a spectacular view. it was cloudy but that didn't take away from the experience at the top. Snow in some places towards and at the top but not enough to obstruct the trail.

Lots of rocks on the trail, but a great hike. River is beautiful, sun shines through the trees on nice days. Lots of green. Second fork you want to go right, we went left about 6 miles and had to turn back to get back on track. Got a good scenic drive in as well. Watch out for the pot holes. Happy hiking!

2 months ago

This is a very easy trail, in fact it is one of the easiest 10+ mile hikes I've done. The footpath is gentle and the slopes are gradual. The bridges are in excellent shape, so crossing water is not an issue.

The hike is peaceful and beautiful with much of it along the river. There is an area just over the bridge by Camp Jolley which should hold a tent or two. Sites to pitch a tent at Camp Shady Bark, about 2.8 miles in from the trailhead, are more plentiful.

We went all the way down to the water and we definitely weren't prepared for the difficulty of it. It's really steep going down and especially coming up, some of it gets a little rough, but there are stairs for small portions of it. I don't recommend bringing kids unless they're old enough to really have the energy for climbing! It was a great trail, just definitely wasn't easy.

Awesome hike! We had a group and had kids with us. The river was beautiful. Found a little beach off the trail and cracked a cold one. The incline going up was a little hard for the little ones but there was plenty of time to take breaks. Definitely worth it and would do it again. Thumbs up! Oh! Also we did the 0.4 mile loop at the top thinking that was the hike... the trail head to the river was actually the first trail to the left behind the map board. Have fun y’all!

6 months ago

I give this 5 stars because it's a fairly tame hike for the most amazing views. I don't think this should be rated as hard compared to the average hiker. Yes, it may be hard to some who are out of shape or new to hiking, but definitely not hard in general. If you get a clear day, you will be blown away by the 360 degree view. I definitely recommend!

How do you get to the river?

Great trial for kids. The campground is closed because of root disease, but the grounds and trails are open for day use. Parking is limited and was full by the time we left.

7 months ago

The road getting in was covered in about 6in of snow, with one set of tracks heading to the upper trailhead through about 10in of snow. We decided to risk the upper trailhead. Getting in wasn't as bad as getting out due to the steepness of the first slope out. So be careful if you're headed here in the wintertime. Call the Forestry Service and ask them how they think the road up there will be. We started with microspikes for about 2-3mi, then when the heavy switchbacks (by the waterfall) began we transitioned to snowshoes. It was SLOW going from there, tracking new path (on route) through knee deep fluffy snow. Wasn't terribly difficult to stay on route because below the treeline the cut trees/brush are good indicators. Took us about 6hrs with only enough time at summit to eat a sandwich and hydrate the pup. Be very careful to know the weather at summit because you've got systems coming off the sound or through the Olympics that turn on a dime. Overall, the views were spectacular and made for a wonderful and secluded voyage. Highly recommend. Completed on December 27, 2017.

Hiked in to Home lake on 7/24. Took side trip on Charlia lakes trail up to the magnificent viewpoint. 7/25 dayhiked up to the high ridges and basins at the head of Heather Creek and Home creek,but not down to Sunny Brook
Meadows.The views include Mount Mystery,Mount Olympus,the headwaters of Heather Creek,Inner Constance and Warrior.Also Mount Rainier,Mount Adams and Mount Saint Helens.Also Mount Anderson.7/26 Went up to enjoy the great scenery above Constance Pass again,then moved camp down to Boulder shelter.Used the Charlia lakes trail.7/27:Went back up the Charlia Lakes trail and over to the top of Boulder Peak.Magnificent views! Volunteers replaced the Royal(Roy)creek foot log in July 2017.Yours truley keeps a saw near Boulder shelter and brush out nearby trails also.

The last time I hiked up this trail was back in the mid 90’s. What I remember most was how far out you can see over the whole Puget Sound area. Of course only when the weather is clear, which it was that day. Otherwise you won’t see much because the altitude up there is above the clouds and when they roll in, you won’t see much. Another thing I thought was memorable is when you look to the west towards the other Olympic mountains, you’re right up there in the same altitude as they are, which is in the neighborhood of 5500 ft. It’s well worth the effort. Dress warm and bring lotsa water. I didn’t think it was that difficult a hike, but that was over 20-years ago, and unfortunately, we all change over time.

This trail is challenging but is very beautiful and makes you feel accomplished. I definitely recommend it!

Amazing hike with excellent views on a clear day

Amazing hike, did it on 10/15. Picture perfect day and might have had the best views I’ve ever seen.

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