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This is a very nice trail, except it's easy to get lost. I would not consider it easy with all of the steep hills. I did love it, except not knowing what direction to go.

trail running
7 days ago

I seek out greenways like this all over the US and Canada when I travel for work hoping for a place to run without having to dodge distracted drivers. I would give this trail a five on a scale of one to ten. It's relatively clean and well maintained but as several other reviewers noted, there are always a few frightening people along the way and there are some homeless people living along the fringes. There has been a different stealth camper in the parking lot every morning when I arrive. I have run it three times in the early morning without incident but I wouldn't recommend it after dark of for a woman alone. A police bike patrol would solve this shortcoming.

All in all, it's a good trail for a run when you're short on time but it's not a destination.

Come here in Spring around March and the whole park is pink from the trees looks beautiful

Love the little area where you can play in the stream.

Not sure I would call this an easy trail. It does have some long conservative inclines. Overall not bad, but if you're just starting out it might not be for you.

Good trails to walk dog after work. nice dog park too for some off leash time. recommend following app...no trails are marked.. so we found ourselves doing a couple loops.

Nice easy walk

24 days ago

Lower trails are nice and flat, appropriate for any age. There are several offshoots to hike in the upper trails. Nothing is marked, so I would suggest following the app. We spent hours exploring the area.

Nice walk for any age. A good fit for families with novice bike riders.

1 month ago

A nice park to explore while walking the dog.

1 month ago

The park looked great and had great scenery, but what difference does that make when you are having to stare at the ground so you don't step in goose poop?

Is a clean ,easy long trail with nice views all the way and safe ! Perfect for kids , dogs or solo my 2 kids were in love of the place definitely another trail to come back !!!

beautiful and well maintained park. little short for biking but we plan to come back with our puppy for a walk!

More of an out and about explore, not a marked one. Beautiful little area! There are nettles along the trails so do keep an eye out.

1 month ago

It’s a good idea to download the trail before you go. Trail isn’t marked and even with a map I continuously went down the wrong path. As my phone battery got weaker I got more and more worried! You can easily go miles out of your way.

Beautiful. Mix of forest, wetland and open areas. Great for walking or running. Paved and wide.

Love it!!! It’s a gorgeous place my kids loved the playground, the hike was nice and easy for my whole fam, and I love that there’s huts and tables everywhere so we can sit and eat as well. The only thing is there is a lot of poison ivy so just watch out for that.

Great place for our toddlers. They loved the ducks, the playgrounds, and the flat and paved trail. Parking was tough with softball and baseball games being played on the Thursday afternoon that we were there in late May.

A great bike ride worth more than one lap!

1 month ago

The main trails are well travelled, however if you take a offshoot trail you might end up down a path you really don’t want to go down. Trail could use some trail markers for sure, there are spots where there is mud and the bugs are pretty intense

Easy, peaceful trail. Well kept with benches and restrooms along the way.

nature trips
1 month ago

wish main trail was mark, we got turned around and ended up on a detour far away from the loop. to many detour trails to have kids with.

on Clark's Creek Trail

2 months ago

This was my first hiking experience. I enjoyed it very much! Some of the areas are a little steep and muddy! I could go here any day!

Great ride on a gorgeous day. Went out early to avoid the crowds. Started in Orting and rode to South Prairie. Stopped for a strawberry smoothie at the local espresso stand and rode back. Beautiful views of the Carbon River.

Great place for a walk, bike riding, and walking the dog. Clean and several trash cans for disposing of garbage. Super friendly people on the trail with clear directions posted to get around.

What a gem of trails in the forest! I’ve explored some of the lower trails leading to a bridge and by the fish hatchery in the past years.
After getting a fit bit and wanting to add more steps to my day I decided to take advantage of this wonderful park just outside my home within walking distance. Just this last week I ventured up further into the park off the main trail onto many smaller, steeper trails; one hike 3.8 miles and today 5.4! I must say it’s easy to get lost —but used my GPS maps to guide myself back to the main trail. If you go to explore, start early in the day, bring water, fully charged phone with this app or use your gps on maps and have fun!

I love to hike steep mountains, but this trail was *perfect* for taking my toddler and small dog out for a walk in the woods. Wide path. Smooth pavement. Clean! And everyone I passed was very friendly. There are also ball fields and playgrounds on each end of the trail to give the family some variety.

2 months ago

nice, clean, easy walk
parking is terrible.
come early for a walk

Great for kids and dogs.

I’ve always done the flat trail from Clark’s Creek to Decoursey Park, circling the lake and heading back. Easy Peasy and was sort of what we had planned to do. Until I saw another trail head further down the parking lot. Let’s start here I said!!! Ha ha, the trail is completely unmarked, little did we know we would soon be hitting so many possible directions to go... some lead to dead ends, many with steep terrain, because of the rain there was a lot of mud, fallen logs..... where the heck are we???? Oh my Gosh! Today the weather was bi - polar, the best part was the torrential rains and one of us being dressed unprepared. It was absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait to do it again and soon!! Even though we only passed like 5 people during the first 2.5 mi trek, it felt very safe and it is very clean. It was a great “longer than expected” journey of “where the heck are we” and even if we were so tired when we finally reached the ballpark (unfortunately we did not make it for the Decoursey walk around the pond across the road) we had a blast. Next time we will bring trekking poles, wait for a sunny day and bring water. When we finally got back to our vehicle my Fitbit said we did 5.1 mi. It was a wonderful find, a true gem and gets your heart pumping!

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