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Nice cool day for a brisk walk

I also could not find the loop, ended up going around the exercise trail a couple of times.

trail running
9 days ago

Great little network of trails!

1 month ago

Excellent, just a little slippery after a rain.

Nice cool day for a great walk. A lot of friendly people on the trail today.

Great walk to the bridge and back. Picked up one 20oz Coke bottle and the detached cap along the trail and threw them in the trash.

In the last 9 days I have lost 7lbs taking the supplements every evening that I mentioned in my previous review. I've been too busy to get out and walk or hike since starting the supplements, thats really good progress without any exercise. Doing exercise a few times a week will help lose the weight a bit quicker and improve my overall strength and stamina.

A windy day, great for walking. I was a few minutes faster then last time and not sore. Couple small pieces of garbage picked up and put in a trash can. Also picked up a few branches on the trail and threw them off into the bushes.

Found up three AAA batteries along the trail and put them in the trash. Overall the trail and park are very clean with the trash cans available. Anytime I'm out walking or hiking I'm going to have a plastic grocery bag in my pocket in case I find more trash then I want to carry with my hands. I have a couple 13 gallon trash bags in my hiking pack and will add in a few plastic grocery bags too.

Wow I am outta shape! Last year I was walking the whole trail in about 40 minutes. Today I went to the water fountain and back to the parking lot and was a few seconds shy of 50 minutes. Going to the water fountain was a bit to far, I shoulda turned around at the bridge. I might pay for it tomorrow being a bit sore, if so will rest. Will be out later this week for a bit shorter walk to build my stamina.

Cool weather and a great day for a walk. Picked up four bottle rocket sticks on the path, one with a live rocket and fuse attached. Threw them in the trash.

Took my pup here for the first time and loved it. We walked but at a guick pace the whole way. We did the circle twice. I will definitely go back

The trail is closed through the end of October.

Cool and a bit rainy but a good day for a quick walk. Wow I am really outta shape.

Trail is not too far from the cities. Good pathways for wheelchairs and strollers (paved). It can get pretty crowded on nicer days. It is around swampy marsh lands/ponds and there is different routes of trails. There's a park with a playground and large field before the trail entrances. On some of the trails there is picnic tables. The walk is inside a forested area so it does feel as if you are in the woods not off the road by neighborhoods, also this provides shade. One trail leads to an elementary school.

If you are a female and by yourself: do not come here. It is creepy. Even during the daytime on a Saturday. There's one thing to be amongst weirdos and the homeless-which is fine. But when two men watch and wait for you...not fun. Just don't do it. And if you brave it-well be prepared to see some folks that are probably up to no good. I won't be coming back here.

Great for a nice walk, clearing your head, or walking the dog. Community often has events held here and there is a big field and playground. The lake has surprisingly good views for its size and location. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get out of the house.

Great for a nice walk, clearing your head, or walking the dog. Community often has events held here and there is a big field and playground. The lake has surprisingly good views for its size and location. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get out of the house.

It can get a bit crowded on a beautiful summer day but this is a hidden treasure in the south hill area. Several paved loops so you can set your own workout. Paths are mostly in the shade, there is a hard to read map at the NE corner at the end of the parking lot that can help you plan your hike. It can be a half mile or several miles if you want to go towards the sports complex. This is my favorite dog walking park but thanks to uncaring people there is some poop next to the trail even though they offer bags and trash cans. But don't let that spoil your fun just do your part and clean up.

This is a nice park locals use a lot to get in a little exercise. From the car park to Rogers HS ballfields is about a 40 min walk round trip mostly in shade. Large playfield where people play ball with their dogs, play equipment and bathrooms at parking area. I saw a deer in the woods here. It's a wide path so families can walk and talk. Accessible for strollers, wheelchairs, bikes and skateboards. Nice at sunset as there are areas open to the west to watch the sun set. Friendly people and dogs on leash.

I only hiked the north end of the park. Because the trail isn't marked at all and there's no view out to see where you are, one could easily get off on the many side tracks. I had to carefully note things at junctions in order not to get sidetracked on the way back. There is a large parking area, picnic tables and a grass play area with bathrooms and trash bins nearby. There is a dog park to the north of the parking area accessed by 12th. In the wet season, I imagine the trails will be slick and running with water. This is a good park if you just want to get your boots in the dirt on a dry day and you happen to be nearby.

Not bike or stroller friendly

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