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Port Angeles, Washington Map

Straight down to begin hike with constant switchbacks. We went on a foggy rainy day. Drive down to top of descent was a little cray but made us feel adventurous as it was 700 am and still somewhat dark. Lake was beautiful and fall foliage was amazing. We were the only people on the trail and it felt so peaceful. Trek back up was exhausting.

Fun hike with constant switchbacks. Saw some deer along the way. Moderate to hard level. Great views. Recommend.

I actually made a big loop by continuing on past the lake and following the trail (not always easy) clockwise. It was a really tough hike, totaling 12.64 miles and 8545 feet of elevation change. The elevation change is what made this hike so challenging for me. The hike to the lake wasn't too strenuous, and the lake itself is beautiful. I had mostly sunny skies and there weren't too many people out for a Saturday. Continuing up past the lake provides some pretty spectacular views looking back down. Going further, you start to hike over mountain passes, which provides plenty of great views, including of Hurricane Ridge. I hiked through snow for a few miles, though never more than 6 inches deep. The really demanding part for me (specifically, for my knees) was the last 4 or so miles, which is just a continuous downhill trek. It was quite an experience and I'm glad I did it, but I have no real desire to do that whole loop again. I would certainly recommend the hike to Lake Angeles and back, and would suggest hiking a bit past the lake for those great views from above.

3 days ago

A strenuous hike but the views of lake crescent from the top are worth it. Beware the snack stealing warblers.

3 days ago

Great trail to get the blood flowing. Due to the shortness of the trail, this is a good choice if you want to get your heart rate up and have limited time. Views from the top are great when not obscured by cloud cover.

4 days ago

Great climb! Loved the steep at the very top and views were amazing.

Beautiful views from the beginning. I felt a little guilty I drove up the mountain to get to this trailhead at the top- I like
hiking the whole mountain for the payoff- but drive provided beautiful views. Saw deer and lots of sweeping vistas. Easy hike, lots of views.

We started this hike after turning left onto the trail around 7:30am, it ended up being a perfect day with the sun out. the trail was easy to figure out, a good amount of switchbacks which leads to a rock scramble and i think 3 rope areas to climb up. I would not put your full weight on the rope, one of the ropes were pretty sketchy because it looked frayed and was tied to a very small bush. we ended up going to the "false summit" instead. This is the one where you can see over lake crescent and sit or stand on a rock ledge. The true summit was far too steep for us to handle as a normal day hike, it looked a bit more technical.
In all it took about 2.5 hours to summit and back to trail head. we ended up taking a detour to check out the falls which are like an additional .5 miles away after we hiked storm king.

Really pretty views the whole way up! The last 0.75mi up was about a 1000ft elevation gain. Climbed around the rocks at the top past where the trail technically ended. Lots of loose gravel at this point but managed to get to the top which had great views. Clocked 6mi total in 3 hours.

This trail is absolutely incredible. It will challenge you greatly, but it will be so worth it.

So gorgeous. Try to go on a sunny day to see just how crystal blue the water is!

Beautiful views! Absolutely worth every step. Would highly recommend =)

Had a really amazing time Hiking this trail solo from 9/19/18 though 9/25/18 with a rest day at low divide.

Day 1 - Started at Madison Falls trail head with a 7 mile hike start on dirt roads due to the washout. A few more miles and camped at Humes Ranch. Bear wire was a bit difficult to find as it's across the meadow near the river bed back in the trees, so ignore the first few campsights if you hike through the meadow first.

Day 2 - Sunny hike to Elkhorn Camp - probably one of the nicest camps. Was able to use the 4 bunk shelter with another solo hiker, easy access to the river for water, and the bear wire is easy to see. Also saw a ranger using the Ranger hut there.

Day 3 - Crossed Hayes river (Hayes River ranger station was under renovation) and there was a large washout of the trail just after the bridge. Because it was dry it was straight forward to get around. Camped at Camp Wilder, and again was fortunate to be able to use the 2 bunk shelter there, so a second day without having to setup the tent. Bear wire was easy to find, just south west of the shelter - and a small stream on the other side for water.

Day 4 - It rained all day, and had two spots with difficult trail findings. One was just after crossing the Elwah River before Chicago Camp, there was a large blow down of trees that hid where the trail crossed a large stream via a 3-4 foot diameter log. The second spot was just after crossing the Elwah again after Chicago Camp as there was a "T" in the trail. Go right, as left was obviously an old trail or offshoot and after about 1/10th of a mile it's clear it's not the right way. Because of the rain and the fact that the trail team had not been through between Chicago Camp and Low Divide, there were many large tree falls to navigate under/over/around and a couple large streams/small waterfalls to cross on the way up to Low Divide. The lakes at Low Divide were beautiful, and there are two campgrounds, the first just after the lakes, and the second across the meadow near the Ranger Hut.

Day 5 - Took a rest day at Low Divide, spent all day drying out gear and ready in the meadow - amazing views.

Day 6 - Hiked down to Elip Creek campground. Trail was good, a few washout spots. Didn't bother to use the Trapper shelter (2 bunk) cause it's right on the trail and not super impressive, but would be great if it was dumping rain. Elip Creek bear wire was down, but the high wire was still up and someone had kindly left a rope. I added a carabiner to the rope for ease of hanging food stores, and left it for the next camper. Instead of Fording the river at 16 mile, I chose to take the short side trail 1/10 mile up the river to a large log that the trail team had prepped for those that didn't want to get wet. Ford at Elip Creek was easy (able to get across on rocks).

Day 7 - Easy hike (7 miles) out to North Fork Campground (car camping). A couple places where the trail had washed out and had to hike up and round, but nothing difficult.

All in all, and incredible time!

Unexpectedly sunny day in early October! Beautiful visibility and evidence of early snowfall made parts of the trail a little slick. Still well rated as moderate. We went along the ridge out to the peak and I would have liked to have my tracking poles. Views you would need to backpack a few days for in other mountain ranges!

A sweet little trail to a lovely waterfall. We walked this Sept 28th and it was not too crowded.

If you want to hike some ridges, then this is your trail. I hiked this trail in early October. The weather was dynamic that day, it started off with foggy clouds and low visibility. Then there was light snow, but it didn’t stick to the ground. Eventually it started to snow harder and wind gusts picked up at the beginning of the hike. Throughout the hike the weather would clear up then go back to cloudiness and snowfall, and then clear up again, and repeat. The temperature was right around 30 degree Fahrenheit not including wind chill. I took the trail to Lake Angeles trail and attempted to have a late lunch, but the wind chill and the cooling effect from the lake made relaxing there somewhat bitter. The hike is definitely moderate. There is a switchback section, and the trail that leads from the ridge to the lake involves an estimated 2000ft descent/ascent. There are several lookout points along the route, but you may miss some depending on visibility and clouds. The trail is mostly rock and dirt, and can be slick if the trail is wet. I did not see much wildlife except for a bunny and some birds, but the views and lake made the hike well worth it. Definitely recommend this trail during spring and summer months.

18 days ago

Though the weather was damp and foggy at times, it’s still spectacular. This is a hard hike with some steep ascents in. Great bridges along the way but we clocked off at 8 kms in, due to a huge fallen tree..... well we could have climbed over. Great day. With very little traffic, especially after 3 kms inward. Highly recommend.

19 days ago

Disappointed by this hike, mainly because is was so cloudy at the top that we could barely see the lake. I’m sure it’s beautiful. The forest on the way up is not remarkable.

Great views! Saw Olympic marmot, deer, and Gray Jays. Hiked with Dad and brother Thomas. (This was Aug 19, 2014. Just catching up on AllTrails here.)

Still great conditions!

Fun climb. A good workout and not too long. I went earlier in the day and almost had the mountain to myself. So pieceful!

Good views, challenging, well worth it!

Hard hike but the view is definitely worth the climb! Be carful coming down the ropes, the sand can get a bit slippery.

26 days ago

Short uphill hike, scenic views with some great trails nearby!

26 days ago

Harrowing car ride down and then back up Obstruction Point road; especially when having to back-up on one of the narrowest parts to let another vehicle pass by. Started at Obstruction Peak and planned to hike out to Maiden Peak at mile 4 and then return. We ended up turning around at mile 3 due to a slanted, narrow trail over shale scree where you could slide off the side with a steep drop off. After getting through that, there was a turn out area when you can sit and hyperventilate about having to return that same way. We would have continued if the trail didn’t appear to take a sharp turn downward where we could not even see where the trail went. Views were okay, but not outstanding. Perhaps they get better beyond what we saw.

Just went up today with three friends in the fog and wet weather. This hike is a real workout but so beautiful in the mist. Despite the rain it wasn't muddy or slippery except for a few spots near the top. We got to the ropes at the very top but chose not to go up the last bit because it looked pretty wet and slippery. If you don't like a very steep climb then you can do Merrymere Falls nearby instead.

Came here on 09/08 a little later in the afternoon. The sun was out as we started our drive up but was getting cloudy as we approached the top. As a result we didn’t get to see the Mountain View’s as the visibility was very low. Also the Hurricane Hill trail was closed which was a surprise and a bummer since when we paid to get in at the beginning of this road they mentioned Hoh Rainforest being closed but not this (Why bring up a closure on the other side of the park but not the one we are headed to??). There was a short .5 loop hike we did on a ridge that begins at the start of the right side of the parking lot called High Ridge Trail. It was nice but started to get slippery and windy and cold by the time we finished. We should have tried to go the next morning as it seemed a bit clearer from Port Angeles but that’s a long drive both ways and it didn’t seem worth it with no guarantee of sunshine/visibility. Moral of the story make sure you check on trail closures and don’t attempt this if the weather isn’t great. Will be much better off in a lower elevation hike where visibility isn’t an issue like in the clouds. Maybe again some day we will get to see it all.

Stopped here 09/09. Was one other car in the parking lot but didn’t see anyone. Not really a hike at all if that’s what you are looking for because I think the falls are like 50 ft from the parking lot but it was easy to get here and it was worth it for a quick stop to see the falls and also across from where you park it opens up to a river with nice views. So I wouldn’t go really out of the way for this specifically, especially if you are short on time but if you are in the area and it isn’t sacrificing anything else I’d say it’s worth a stop.

This was our last hike on our trip to Washington and the landscape was gorgeous. You can access this trail right from the visitors' center. I loved how the trail carved into the steep mountain side and the constant view of Hurricane Ridge. I remember lots of bees, steep and exhausting switchbacks, and the best rock on which I ever ate a peanut butter sandwich. Highly recommend this rewarding hike.

1 month ago

This was our first hike in Olympic National Park. It was a hot and lush day, lots of bugs. We went for long stretches without seeing any other hikers and it was peaceful. Highly recommend this one.

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