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We saw a herd of mountain goats when we got up to the ridge. What a beautiful sight to see!

I agree to some that it's not all that bad, we only took a couple breaks and were in decent shape. Took us an 1.5 hours to get up and 1 hour to get down. Very well maintained trial except when you pass the sign when it stops. The ropes were pretty scary, just cause one slip you can go over the edge and the ropes are skinny. Some people said bring gloves which we didnt..but BRING GLOVES.
Great views but would I do it again? Probably not, there's other great hikes with great views without climbing ropes by the edge and possibly dying.

23 hours ago

Although the alltrails says this hike is hard, it really isn't that bad. There is a well maintained trail most of the way up. the last leg of the trail to the peak lookout is a sections of loose dirt/rock with ropes you have to partially pull yourself up with. The view at the top is beautiful. You get a full view of lake Cresent in front and behind is you is the mountains.

steady climb up, great work out for your quads! Go on a clear day and you will see Vancouver Island, the Strait of Juan De Fuca and of course all of Lake Crescent. If you want to get all the way to top safely wear shoes with very good traction. The 5 rope assists on the last few hundred feet of trail were also huge help on a very slippery and steep terrain.

Beautiful trail-did the last part of it around Lake Angeles the other day!

Quick and easy walk to the waterfall.

A beautiful ridge hike with lots of mountain meadow views as well as a really nice panorama of the mountains of the Olympic National Park.

My husband and I just hiked this trail today. We wanted to hike hurricane hill but unfortunately it was closed. So we figured we should do another hike in the vicinity since getting up to hurricane ridge took so long due to construction on the main park road. We felt like we went up and down 3 small mountains/hills to get to what didn’t even feel like the summit. We did see a mom and baby mountain goat (so cool!) but besides that felt like the hike was just meh. Also we keep seeing the hike labelled as 2.5 miles and we were confused because we definitely hiked more than that. We were going to settle for it just being an unfortunate hike until downloading this app and reading the comment that says we were supposed to veer LEFT at the arrow “trail” sign when we in fact went RIGHT because we saw people in front of us heading that direction (it seemed like the arrow was pointing that way). Now I feel dumb and annoyed. Oh well. Everyone else: stay left at the unclear arrow sign if you want mount Angeles!

You will love the view

on Lillian Ridge Trail

11 days ago

this trail no longer goes all the way along the ridge. it ends at the trail to Grand Valley.

Well worth the effort. Thank goodness for the ropes.

Bring gloves for the ropes!!! You will thank me later ;)

15 days ago

Just don’t forget your gloves! poles can also be helpful on the way back reducing the stress on your knees, enjoy the view!

Cool historical facts panel. Get some rose at the lodge!

Steep and a challenge for those like me with a fear of heights. Totally worth it for view at top. Beautiful hike and views.

A beautiful hike, quite challenging but loved climbing the ropes to the very top, definitely worth continuing after the “end of maintained trail” sign.

Short hike to the falls. Much more up close and personal, as you can make your way to the bottom and stand right at the foot of the falls. Do not miss this one. It does not take up much time from a busy hiking day to make a quick detour to this trail.

29 days ago

Great hike, gorgeous views up on the top. The ropes can get a bit challenging.

Beautiful trail, however due to snow & my inability to find the trail I was unable to do the full thing. I started the ridge near the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center & it was absolutely beautiful, great completely different views on both sides. I went as far as I could then turned back & drove to the Switchback trailhead, as expected it was a challenge. I climbed through a lot of snow & eventually wasn’t able to continue, I conveniently stopped on some boulders & had a great view of the lake from above. The first part of the trail on the ridge was my favorite part; wildflower, snow covered mountain & Strait of Juan de Fuca views all at the same time.

1 month ago

To find the trail head, take the Marymere Falls trail and there should be a sign about a quarter to a half mile in on your left. This was a really awesome trail, very steep, but completely do-able with some water breaks as you head up. You'll hit a section with a sign that says it's the end of the maintained trail, after that the trail is still easy to follow, it's just a little bit more sketchy. There are multiple sections where ropes have been placed to assist you in your ascent/ decent. They're quite thin, but definitely help. However, you should be comfortable with having to do that before you start your hike. The view at the top made the difficult climb 100% worth it. I recommend stopping at lake crescent on your way out for a reward swim afterwards!

nature trips
1 month ago

Super short trail with a paved path so even someone in a wheelchair could enjoy the beautiful views. The waterfall was very pretty!

This was an amazing hike. Pretty steep incline on some parts. The view at the top of the ridge was spectacular!!

Steep but the view was worth it! Love the ropes and cliffs near the top

1 month ago

Awesome hike, incredible views, very, very steep.

1 month ago

Awesome hike! Beautiful view

1 month ago

This was our favorite hike we did in the park. We didn’t go all the way to the lake, but the ridge had incredible views. When we went there was a bit of snow left including a snow field but didn’t come across any big problems with only our boots. There are 12-13 switchbacks once you meet Switchback Trail but the views are well worth it. We saw deer, marmots and mountain goats. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Steep incline from beginning to end but well worth it. The view is absolutely breathtaking!

Beautiful trail. It was a 6.2 mile hike, with 1000 feet of elevation gain with two pups. We parked near the Olympic National Forest headquarters building. Many bridges to cross, beautiful scenery, and nobody on the trail, but us.

amazing hike! saw a mountain goat at the summit of mount Angeles. minimal snow, although at the foot of the summit climb there still is some which can make it difficult to follow the trail- nothing crazy though. breath taking views!! did the entire thing & stopped for a picnic in 4.5 hours.

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