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This trail is an amazing workout in the forest. The trail climbs up steeply. There are several switchbacks but they are usually short. At the end of March, there was slippery, iced over snow on the trail starting at about 2 miles in.

Peaceful! Not a lot of “traffic” on this gem. Haven’t gone to the top yet....

Was a tough one for me. Not a fan of switchbacks, but they are a necessary evil for this hike! The reward at the top is worth every painful step

I didn't really want to give stars because I didn't get a good enough feel. we started our hike at the trail head with 6, 7, 9,9, and 13 year olds. we only made it about 1.5 miles round trip because trees were falling all over the place at around 2100 feet up. what we saw was beautiful, but it wasn't worth risking injury.

The "Half Way" rock is mis marked on the trail map. It is a little further up the hill. Good workout, 1180' elevation gain just to half way rock. Pretty rain forest environment.

Fantastic variety in this ridge hike. A few steep points and the 13 switchbacks make this on the more challenging end of moderate. Great views across to Canada and of Mt Baker

8 months ago

Rocky trail torwards the top! Really have to watch your footing! And it is a grind of a hike! The trail is actually 6.1 miles one way! And the lake was loaded with fish! It's also nice you can hike it on a warm day cause your shaded in the canopy most of the way to the top.

I hiked this trail appx 8 miles out and back from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor's Center to Heather Park trail. The views were beautiful throughout and the final mile up involved multiple switchbacks. I saw wildlife including deer and mountain goats. The goats were on the trail initially but eventually moved off trail to let hikers by. You can continue past the peak to Lake Angeles.

10 months ago

I did this trail clockwise so I could get the tough part out of the way first. You get on top after about 2.3 miles of climbing, but from then on it is fantastic! Incredible views and I had lunch at Jasmine's Meadow, overlooking the valley with a view of Lake Crescent. The trail is well marked and I saw no places where the trail had slid away (as someone previously reported), so they obviously have fixed it. So many variations of wild flowers that I kept stopping to take pictures! Awesome place.

Beautiful and lots of nature to see (flowers, rain forest, large trees, rivers and wild life). Great views at Hurricane Ridge. This hike is not for beginners, experienced only. The trail head at Hurricane Ridge is not marked and trail is not marked or maintained well. It is overgrown and large trees have fallen across the trail. We lost the trail several times (follow the river). The trail is very steep and narrow. Not all river crossings offer bridges. The hike is 7.7 one way, 15.4 round trip. Very, very difficult up and I would consider dangerous because of steepness and poor footing. This hike is a love/hate. Excellent beauty (5 star), but worried because of dangers and getting lost (1 star). I would not due again unless trail was improved. Experts only!

11 months ago

Great hike with some beautiful views of Lake Crescent; however the views across the Straits of Juan de Fuca to Canada are minimal and through the trees. We liked the option of the Muller Divide Trail in case we were tired, but never saw the junction, luckily we had decided to do the whole loop. There were just a few patches of snow left on the trail when we did the hike that didn't affect us. It is a lightly trafficked trail - we never saw another person. Note that this is part of the Olympic National Forest, and you have to pay $5 at the trailhead (envelopes and box available).

11 months ago

Attempted to hike the loop clockwise on Sunday May 21st. The hike up to Jim's junction was great. The trail was in excellent condition. On the ridge we encountered snow in a few patches but managed to get passed fairly easily. The summit and panoramic viewpoint offered amazing views. We started our decent but encountered snow that was not passable without snowshoes at the 5.7 mile mark. We turned around and descended the same way we came up. Tough hike but very rewarding views.

11 months ago

Hiked to the peak of Mt Muller and back on 5/22. As Tammy mentioned, around mile 5.7, you may hit some huge snow banks. We didn't feel well equipped enough to traverse the steep snow banks in just hiking boots, so turned back around mile 6. Still an amazing hike as an out and back--the views stretch to Canada, Mt Baker, and Crescent Lake. Also incredibly amazing variance in terrain and vegetation--great example of the amazingness of Washington wilderness! Definitely a challenging hike, but fairly quick for about 12 miles. My husband and I are really athletic, and it took us about 5 hours round trip (including a 20 min lunch break at the top). Nothing too technical or rocky--just lots of smooth, moderately steep switchbacks for the first 3.7 miles, then a bit of up and down along the ridge. Only saw 3 other hikes the whole time, so pretty lightly trafficked and quiet when we went. 100% worth it!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

This is a lightly trafficked route that makes for a fantastic day hike. I went with one friend and we experienced a little bit of everything - challenging uphill, breathtaking views, meadows, lush forest, etc. I would highly recommend this hike to anybody in decent shape. However, be very wary of snow/ice! After the peak, you start downhill on a side of the mountain that receives less sun. We found ourselves climbing and "ice picking" with sticks across 3+ ft snow banks for two miles (6-7) on the decent. Though challenging and exhilarating at times, traversing the near vertical, melting snow was definitely a risky task! It would have been much easier with proper snow shoes or poles. Once we passed the snow the rest of the downhill was gradual and easy. Would highly recommend after June/July for the panoramic views at the top!

This trail is a great trail near Port Angeles. It starts in DNR land and enters the National Park at 1.1 miles. It ascends next to river going up and down small hills next to Big rocky faces. We went into the trail about 3 miles deep to do some trail maintenance. Most of our work was logging out downed trees on the trail, fixing the drainage issue right before the 3rd foot log, and fixed the washout before the first foot log. This should be a must do hike in the off season with its low elevation.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great trail with waterfalls and Boulder Lake at the end. There was literally no other hikers there when I went in August 2015 and I've no idea why not!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Steep trail, but it was worth it. Saw a group of five mtn goats with a baby, a marmot, and a few deer.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weather was perfect, and the wildlife was plentiful. Saw plenty of deer, a black bear, and a pair of mountain goats. There was one section of the trail under snow, but it was fairly easy to navigate even without trekking polls.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


We did this one from the Hurricane Ridge visitor's center right after we did Hurricane Hill. Saw mountain goats and Olympic Marmots. Gorgeous views.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Beautiful. The lake Angeles-khlahhane-heather park loop rocks!

Gorgeous views for a short trail. Very steep and lots of scree!

on Mount Muller Trail

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lots of climbing but great variation on coming down , was fun biking it

Hike with wildlife record. We saw goats, deers, marmots, gray jay and rabbit. Gorgeous views. Only partly shaded - bring some sunscreen. We only did about half way to avoid going down the valley and coming back up. I think the view is fairly similar half way and end point

Ran from Heather Park Trail and loop through Lake Angeles Trail (8-4-2014). This is a national park that allows one to see snowed mtn on one side and ocean on the other. Incredible views and flowers and what true colors of green is about. The loose rock and switch back near the ridge lines were somewhat dangerous to backpackers IMHO. It's an incredible place such that I missed my flight that evening because of difficulty, driving distance, and Skagit traffic consists of 4-wheels on I-5.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

This was my first hike in Olympic national park and I don't think I could've picked a nicer one. We camped out overnight 3.4 miles in at lake angles. There is a cool rock outcropping on the far side of the lake which we were doing all kinds of jumps and backflips off of into the water. We also swam out to the island in the middle of the lake. I climbed about halfway to Kahhlane ridge for both the sunset the first night and sunrise the next morning which was majestic. After that I hiked the 9ish miles remaining of the loop. It was possibly the most beautiful hike for about 6 of those miles that I've ever done in my life. Beautiful views in all directions of Canada, Mt Baker, Mt Olympus, the Lake below and out to the Pacific Ocean. I took quite a few detours off the trail to climb up to higher locations for even more beautiful views. Would highly recommend to anyone capable. Is entirely reasonable as a day hike as well but the extra time spent at the lake was a blessing.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My buddy and I hiked and camped at boulder lake on 7-19-09 and I can say that it is an awesome place to be. The hike up there is a little rough and there were some downed trees along the way but we made it safe and sound. All around a gorgeous place and the hot springs are a fabulous place to take a break. Highly recommend it!

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