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We enjoyed this hike more than Sol Duc Falls, but only because it offered much more serenity than the extremely busy Sol Duc Falls trail. We also found that the trees and moss (things you’d associate with rainforest) were more impressive on this trail than Sol Duc Falls. With that said, Sol Duc Falls is still worth doing, it’s very beautiful itself and the waterfall/bridge combo at the end is great, but you’d be selling yourself short if you also didn’t stop and do this leisurely 20 minute stroll, it’s a great bang for your buck!

Probably would’ve given this 4 stars if it weren’t for the crowds. The trail is short and easy, so it’s hard to spread out from others, especially at the end. The trail is very pretty though, although we found the trail 7-8 miles before it off the road to be nicer just in terms of serenity as well the rainforest type scenery (the name escapes me).

Awesome trail with gorgeous views. We hiked at the beginning of July and there was still snow on the ground. Pretty cold at night but so worth it!

This is such a beautiful area. We loved wandering through the rainforest with our three kids: 6,4,2

easy short hike to beautiful falls, the mosquitos/flys were bad (use bug repellent or where long sleeves.) this is a very well maintained, very trafficked trail. visited during a Monday afternoon at the end of July and the trail / parking lot were packed.

This hike is amazing, we only saw one deer no goats or bears despite hiking out early. We camped at solduc Park, and clear lake.
There are ample water sources along the trail.
Trail is snow free.
Lakes are surprisingly warm this year.
The bugs are out, mosquitos were a nuisance, biting black flies were constant unless you were moving and the occasion deer and horse fly gave us a nasty bite.


This place is magic. The old trees, the soft, mossy ground..... it’s beautiful. I could have spent the day just watching the light come through the canopy. We met a couple leaving as we were entering the short loop, but never saw anyone else. We arrived around 9:30 and the lighting was just gorgeous!The road is close by, but there was little traffic so the road noise didn’t ruin the magic. The drive off of 110 was pretty as well with lots of places to stop and hop around on rocks by the river. It’s worth the detour if you’re traveling along 110!

Perfect trail! It’s so peaceful and not many people around. We got married in the middle of the forest on this trail! Such a magical spot!

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on! It’s a pretty easy hike to the falls. We were hoping to get married in front of the falls, but when we got there to check out the location around the end of June it was very very wet and muddy.

My family and I took a hike down the Sul Doc Falls trail in mid-June. It was about 45 degrees and a light sprinkle most of the way. In other words, it was PERFECT! It was exactly like I would expect a rain forest to be. Everything is covered with some type of green vegetation. The trail itself is definitely not difficult at all, and the falls is a beautiful sight at the end. Other trails continue past the falls into the forest. I wish we could have continued, but my wife definitely would not go for that as she does not like the "cold". Anyway, if you like easy but beautiful hikes, this is one to take!

21 days ago

Being from the Arizona desert, this was amazing. Great weather, steady incline, and a beautiful endpoint.

This was such a magical and special place. No one on the trail beautiful views and so quite and serene. This is a must do if you are here. There are not a lot of trails in this part of the park . But even though this is really short it is so worth it

Awesome hike and falls where well worth it! My 3&4 year olds crushed it with no problem ( was our second hike of the day too) only down side is a lot of people on the trail and parking was very limited

Great short hike when visiting Lake Crescent, my family has been coming here for more than 40 years. The old growth is awesome and the falls are quite pretty. Great for kids but keep them close after crossing Barnes Creek. There are several log bridges with simple handrails and steep drop offs near the falls. Saw a child rush across log bridge, slip and fall into ravine below. Banged up with bloody nose but not seriously hurt.

Fantastic. Excellent short and easy trail to a stunning powerful waterfall. Beautiful hike through the forest leading to the waterfall.

Easy trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end. Slightly crowded.

Easy trail with an impressive waterfall at the end. You'll definitely want your camera to capture the beauty of the path and the falls. We walked past the falls a bit to see more of the little river upstream. It's a great area to settle in and do some meditation and get your nature on!

NOT DOG FRIENDLY!!! We were turned away at the entrance of the Sul Doc National Forest entrance.

1 month ago

Steady, continuous and moderately rocky climb that was rewarded by waterfalls along the way and a pretty lake view. We hiked on July 4th and encountered very few people. The mosquitoes made it difficult to eat lunch by nearby Fawn Lake, so we sat on the little bridge with a view of Deer Lake that had a little breeze. If we came back to backpack we would choose the campsites we passed on the way rather than lakeside because the mosquitoes were such a nuisance. A fellow hiker spotted a bear across the lake at the small meadow, but our furry friend did not appear again. We wanted to hike the High Divide/Seven Lakes Basin, but apparently there was snow a couple of miles past this point and we didn’t risk it. Would love to return.

Easy and rewarding trail. Falls are a cool 3 horse tail falls. We continued on for a bit to love rd s lane trail, which was pretty. Though pretty much everything in that part of the world is.

Fun hike and great falls! It's easy too!

Amazing trail. Giant trees along the route but very easy hike. A couple nice viewpoints of the waterfall.

The trail kind of keeps going into a well established but sketchy trail to a set of upper falls. Be very careful if you do that section though as it gets a bit slippy and really close to the edge. Not an official part of the trail.

By far my favorite day in ONP! These falls are a site to see. Don’t miss this one!

Short hike to the falls, but beautiful and well worth it!

Short trail, good for all level of hikers.

1 month ago

Although many may go for the view of the falls at the end, don't forget to take in the views on the way there. There are alot of neat sights to see such as the trees and moss on your way to the falls. I would consider this trail heavily trafficked.

The short trip is so worth the beauty but it does have its difficulty for those less experienced or out of shape. I did see people with their kids though. Views can be spectacular even if you know that the main attraction is a bridge over a waterfall. It still ends up being so much more.

2 months ago

Hike on May 30th. Was able to make it to Deer Lake, but lots of snow past that and had to turn around.

Super easy and a great view

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