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Perfect sunrise hike. Started the hike at 4am and made it to the lookout just before the sunrise. We had the place to ourselves. So glad we got there early. There was a crazy long line to get into the park entrance when we left around 9am. Definitely a few difficult spots that we had to stop and catch our breathe for but overall it’s a hike most skill levels can do.

Amazing hike and views!!! Got their early and with clear blue skies. Sunscreen and bug spray is a good idea on a hot sunny day.

This hike completely exceeded my expectations! (The cover photo isn’t accurate at all). In order to get to this hike, you do have to pass through a station where you can buy a day pass or an annual pass. My sister and I went 7/8 (Sunday) and there was a long line on the road getting to that station area because a lot of people were buying day passes. There really should be a line for people who already have an annual pass, but it’s okay. There’s a large parking lot and a gravel area at the top, which is where the visiting center is located. If that parking lot is full, it’s unlikely you’ll find a spot to park since the road is very narrow and doesn’t offer parking on the side. The Fremont trail features a cliffside trail covered in rocks, which is truly awesome! You won’t regret going on this hike. Enjoy! :)

This is absolutely my new favorite hike with breathtaking views. The hike itself is moderate and relatively short, but the altitude makes it a tough one on your lungs. Park at Sunrise (make sure to get there early before the parking lot is full of tour groups. Got there by 7:15 am and had it to ourselves, but coming down at noon, it was a zoo. Spectacular views at the lookout, just bring your bug spray (lots of flies) and be careful with your food, a squirrel grabbed my bag of nuts from my pack and ran!

It was an amazing experience last year when I hiked on it, little tough of a hike but the view was worth the hike

7 days ago

I hiked this trail on my way way to Fremont point, since it was part of the Fremont point trail, I rated it the same.

Beautiful day and great hike! No snow on this particular trail. You will see larger patches on the hike to the trail but none of them will be in your way.

Absolutely breathtaking sunset hike!

This trail is at the Sunrise side of Rainier NP and the views are incredible! Rangers had to make extra spots just because the trailhead starts at the visitors center and it was a very busy day. The first incline had a lot of people stopping to catch their breath for a second and then it flattens out for a little until frozen lake. Once you hit frozen lake it's about 30-35 minutes until the lookout. The trail is very narrow on the second portion, so be careful! Make sure you pick a clear day too, I had beautiful weather but it was allllll clouds at the lookout so there was no views.

13 days ago

This trail is beautiful, but I didn’t get a chance to experience the whole of it. My itinerary started at Sunrise, with plan for first night at James, then on to Yellowstone Cliffs, Dick Creek, and Granite Creek campsites. The West Fork of the White River was running too fast and I decided against a dangerous crossing with 2 kids. I arrived at the river ~4pm and the crux of the crossing was sucking hard on my boots. We rested near the river until 4am the next morning to reasses, but the night was fairly warm and the drop in river level was not enough to make it crossable to a family (approx 3-4 inches). As a 200lb person, I’m confident that I could’ve crossed, but it would’ve been sketchy I had no safe strategy for the rest of my family. So we walked out and got to experience a double-helping of Grand Park, Berkeley Park, the mighty mountain and Burroughs in snow flurries. I’ll be back, but either earlier or later in the season.

14 days ago

This hike was pretty fast but also fulfilling. Frozen Lake itself is kind of just a little kettle pond chillin out but still worth the trek up. The views of Mt. Rainier are incredible, however. Spotted some mountain goats along the way and some wildflowers were sprouting up along the trail as well. It was fairly calm and mostly cloudy down at the lodge but once we reached the lake the weather turned to massive winds and a mixture of drizzle and snow. Amazing how a little bit of elevation gain can change the whole game. Bring a wind breaker, that’s all I have to say.

Awesome views on a good clear day.

3 months ago

Did this one solo last summer. it was AMAZING! Worth all the the work for certain. It was almost like backpacking through 3-4 different micro climates. One trip I'll never forget.

The trail to the outlook is on the edge of the mountain that can seem kind of sketchy if you have an issue with heights, but I recommend it since it gives you a different viewpoint of Rainier and the surrounding mountains and valleys. The signage is good and the trails are easy to follow. The Frozen Lake wasn't a lake when I was there, so it confused me to thinking I was on the wrong trail, but the signs straightened me out :) I also hiked to the first and second Burroughs to catch a view of the glacier at a wonderful overlook to eat lunch. Most of the trail is in the sun and above tree line, so bring hat, sunscreen, and water. Totally doable by yourself if you are used to hiking distances.

9 months ago

We did this hike last year and it was amazing. Tons to see and the campgrounds were pretty nice. Not crowded at all.

Started with this trail as the goal, had to change plans after reaching frozen lake! Excessive snow and clouds so low making visibility a real issue.

But did the Burroughs trail instead and loved it!

Great views, beautiful clear weather and friendly hikers.

One of the best views in the park! Great spot for a beautiful sunrise/sunset on the mountain. Not too bad of a hike to get there either.

10 months ago

Beautiful view from the start of the trail at Sunrise to the lookout! Great hike & we did miss seeing some of the goats, but overall great hike. There were quite a few people when we went

10 months ago

One of my favs. Did this on Friday under great weather conditions about 72 degrees. Some smoke haze looking out towards Seattle but with binoculars you could see limited Seattle tall buildings.
About 19 goats just above the trail between Frozen Lake and the first turn on the transiting trail. Lots of people on the trail. Probably close to a hundred. The trail is rock strewn so best to wear a stiff sole hiking boot or you will feel the rocks by the end of the hike. It's a lot of uphill but a lot to look at going booth ways. Binoculars and a camera a must.

Fantastic views. Bordering to easy when no snow. Recommend hiking boots. Would do again.

11 months ago

Frozen Lake itself is underwhelming but the trek to it and past it is beautiful! I was thankful that I overheard a ranger saying that the 2.2 trek down the wonderland trail to the lodge was pretty!! That was well worth it!!

This is a very moderate hike except for the last climb to the top which is really steep but shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Spectacular views from the top.

The trail isn't the best you will see in the region, and the last uphill climb is quite steep but the view of Rainer and the surrounding areas are spectacular.

11 months ago

We completed this hike (our first 5mi+) in Aug 2012 without trekking poles, water, or proper shoes. There are multiple ways to complete it due to the intersection of multiple trails at frozen lake, we started on the sourdough trail, headed up the Borroughs trail for a half mile then returned back over the wonderland trail.

Absolutely stunning views, but after reading previous reviews saying it was "easy", I question what people mean by easy. There are many paths from the parking area, and we took the Sourdough Ridge one that connected to our trail to connect to the Fremont Trail. This adds a few miles to the journey, making the hike closer to 7.5 miles.

There are sections near the top that traverse narrow, rocky terrain cut into side of mountain. I cannot possibly imagine tackling that when there is still snow on ground, and that is why I probably don't climb mountains as a hobby and just stick to weekend hiking! If you bring young kids on this adventure, please use caution.

There were massive delays getting through the gates of Mt. Rainier park. Almost an hour and a half delay of cars that were letting one in at a time as cars were leaving park. Go early. You will need National Park Pass, which we were trying to purchase but their computer was down temporarily for credit card/debit card processing.

Also make sure you bring enough water and food. The snack shop in Sunrise lot has a nice water refilling station and gift shop. We were hoping to stop by before leaving, but closed at 7 pm.

Quite a lot of bugs, so bring bug spray. Mostly full sun exposure on hike, sunscreen and hat recommended. We wore tennis shoes but honestly should have worn hiking boots for traction on the rocks.

I would urge poles or a walking stick especially with the rockiness on the ledge. If you are trekking up closer to dusk, a headlamp would be essential. I saw a family with a stroller heading up as we were heading down - this is not a stroller friendly adventure!

Seriously, the views are panoramic everywhere you look. It is fantastic. Absolutely felt like the Swiss Alps and not Washington state!

Beautiful area. The hike was decent, had a wonderful adventure. Definitely one to take your time and enjoy the views.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Relatively flat trail, beautiful views!

Hiked on the Fourth of July. Stunning views the whole way up. Lots of people and still quiet a bit of snow in some spots. Make sure to bring a camera and lots of water!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Seriously stunning views the whole way! Went on a sunny Saturday, got there around 9am and it wasn't crowded. Make sure you go early, bc the crowd started building up on my way down. Round trip: ~2.5-3 hours with multiple breaks. PLEASE, PLEASE BRING BUG SPRAY. Massive bugs on the way up near the lookout house - we couldn't stay even a few minutes to enjoy the view because of this.

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