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This hike is easy and would be perfect for trailrunning and is wheelchair friendly. lots of beautiful cliffs, rocks and wildflowers.

my only complaint is the large amount of garbage- broken beer bottles, trash, cig butts and dog crap. It's so much and honestly kind of killed the vibe.

Great trail! Started hike at about 8am! Great amount of people on trail. About an hour up and hour back. After 9:30am, trail got really busy!

15 hours ago

Stunning views. Beautiful place. The parking lot at the trailhead is convenient, has restrooms, easy to find. The road leading to it is paved all the way. There is a small restaurant on the way. The sand on the beach is black and there are a lot of pebbles. Amazing walk. Seagulls and even an eagle.

15 hours ago

Amazing beach with beautiful views. Dark sand and pebbles. Lots of great picture opportunities. In low tide there are lots of blue sailors washed out onto the beach. Great beach walk. The wind was quite strong. The sound of the waves was very soothing. Trailhead is easy to find and parking is convenient.

It is so beautiful. A nice easy to follow loop with information about plants that you can read as you go along. There are also poems about nature by different poets, such as William Wordsworth, Theodore Roethke, Langston Hughes. Beautiful green mosses drape the trees. There is a short side trail to a cute maple grove.

16 hours ago

A wonderful forest hike along the bank of the Hoh River. Parts of the trail are muddy. There is a beautiful little waterfall along the way. There are several camp sites; you register at the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center but you do not reserve camp spots, except for the farthest ones. Hoh Rainforest gets 14 feet of rain a year; the most in November and the least in July and August.

Nice little hike. Wore the pup out :)

Something for everyone and a great hike for a few hours! Attempted this on a Sunday morning with a few friends but we did not complete the entire loop. We took our time admiring the display of hyacinths, wild life and soaked in the fresh, crisp air at Woodburn and Lower Falls. Make sure to visit the Camas Lilly Hill Loop. Trails along this loop can split and the trail allows you to hike upper or lower levels. Did you know the Hyacinth/Camassia is related to the asparagus?

Continue to Lower Falls. I imagine this would be the perfect place for a lunch. Beautifully terraced river with glistening stones and the bustle of families and their dogs. Ideal for people watching. There are also several luncheon locations along the trail through old growth groves, hyacinth hills, lake side docks, etc.

Great park that has a variety of paths. Short moments of incline paired with beautiful lakes and river systems!

Thar be newts here!

The top top never looked so good.

I was slightly confused on where the trail actually started, but it was pretty easy to follow once I oriented to the map via the app. The trails near the falls were pretty muddy, but my dog and I got to all the tiers of waterfalls easily. Very gradual gain for most of the trail which is wide and gravel. The waterfalls were very cool and a lot bigger than I anticipated. Highly recommended.

17 hours ago

Good workout and definitely a challenge for a beginner. Great views up top. Pretty busy and kind of muddy near the top but not too bad. Careful coming down.

17 hours ago

Beautiful views of the snow covered mountains, on this clear April day (last time we came, it was overcast). Nice trail for our group, ranging 10yr - early 60’s. We saw some beaver, water fowl, other birds and a few other hikers. There are restrooms not too far from the trail head. Good way to spend Earth Day :)

it's a great place to take the kids on a nice day. I wouldn't call it a hike at all but absolutely beautiful!!!!

it was a great hike!!!! the trail was pretty busy even on a rainy April day. It was beautiful even on a cloudy rainy day!!!

Nice stroll. Wildflowers are just starting to come out. Still sparse but lots of songbirds, woodpeckers & deer around as well. Will come back in a couple of weeks to see if more flowers are out.

04/22/2018-The trail is in excellent shape. Right after you step off the pedestrian bridge onto the trail, take the first trail to your right. This will take you on the trail nearest the river bank which is the prettiest part of the hike. Instead of doing the loop, I’d hike along the river 2.5 miles to Gate 35, turn around and hike back the same way. If you do the loop, half the hike is on the Centennial Trail (boring). If you do this hike as an up and back, you get to see the prettiest parts twice. Watch for Ospreys in the trees along the river as you hike.

Love this trail. Easy hike among giant cedars. beautiful green river beside you and snow covered mountains around you. one of my favorites. still a bit of snow, but the road is now opened.

Everything about this hike was amazing. A bit busy for my taste but how can you resist. The falls were breathtaking!! Will highly recommend to everyone who I can.

19 hours ago

Fantastic view on top. Except the last mile, the rest is moderate.

Great hike. I am in pretty bad shape but the views are great and there are plenty of them.

19 hours ago

nice hike in mid april. lovely views of leavenworth and stuart range. fairly steep, with distance markers at 0.5 and 1.0 miles. ~1 hr and 10 min to the top. dry.

20 hours ago

Enjoyed this trail very much especially having some down time at the water. Many stairs and various elevations.

20 hours ago

Nice, quick trail. Pretty views of the olympics once at the beach.

Nice hike! The first mile kicked my ass- lots of up and down on the trail, like a dirt bike track. After that it's a steady climb, definitely a workout for those of us not entirely fit lol. The views today were great and we only saw a few people. I was fine with the fact that the trail was actually a service road. Great for dogs. Intermittent snow about half way up, spikes would be helpful.

If you like rush hour traffic on the trail, this is the one for you. Considering what the Pacific Northwest has to offer in this area, the trail itself was rather boring with little to no views the entire way up. The view at the top is pretty great and the color of the lake was neat, but be prepared to shuffle through tourists as well as locals and good luck getting a spot on the cliff to take in the view (which was basically 50+ people taking selfies). You're better off going the extra clip to the very top to get away from the crowds, but even then it was pretty busy. It was good to spend a nice day outside with the great weather, but won't be doing this trail again.

Took some time to explore several of the side trails and thoroughly enjoyed the hike!

Was a beautiful and moderate to hard hike. Definitely a little more challenging but not that bad if you’re a usual hiker. Went with 2 people that don’t usually hike from Texas and they had a little bit of a hard time but did it with breaks in between. There’s absolutely no snow at the top, so don’t believe that. Micro spikes would be completely pointless. Beautiful view at the top, but really doesn’t open up until you’re at the top. Worth it.

21 hours ago

Great hike! It was steep and not gonna lie it kind of kicked my ass. Haha. Be prepared to rock climb.

What a gorgeous hike! We encountered multiple waterfalls on our way up along with old growth trees and beautiful vegetation. The lake at the end is truly spectacular and well worth the climb. Loved hiking here today! Lots of people so be prepared to share the trail. More dogs than I have seen anywhere else so make sure your dog is friendly!
If you go hiking within the next few weeks make sure to wear waterproof shoes with crampons. It will make the hike that much better. The snow is melting, but most hikers noted the increased snowpack this year.
Have fun!

Good, steady, upward trail! Great view at the top and we saw a paraglider attempting to take off.

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