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16 hours ago

Great hike. I took my 8 and 4 year olds with me and they did fine. Steady incline thats not too steep. A couple good view points, most notably on the north east side of the trail. Its easier than snow and bench lakes just down the road, but not as pretty. Still a great hike. Will do again.

The stairs are a bit steep, but overall an easy hike. Bugs are heavy but it motivates you to keep moving. View are exceptional. Wildflowers are blooming, too!

Beautiful scenery! Half way down the trail you will see a metal stake in the ground and a couple pieces of wood blocking the trail. You are missing out if you don’t take that path down to the lake! It is kind of overgrown but if you want a picture of the mountain reflecting over the lake this is the only spot to get it. Absolutely stunning!! Would have been a perfect hike if the bugs weren’t so bad!

Hiked here today. Short, slightly challenging. Would have enjoyed it more if we had not been swarmed by bugs the entire hike. I’d do it again in colder weather or if I can wear a mosquito net.

Fun trail. Challenging for beginners but I had fun keeping up with my kids. There is a waterfall past snow lake at the very end of the trail.

My first ever Real hike

Great hike for a 4 year old even though the bridges were washed out from winter and about 1/3 of the loop was covered in snow. The snow patches were always short enough we could find our way to the trail on the other side, and kept my son entertained and motivated.

Loved the changing vegetation and terrain. The end view was amazing. The only down part was walking back. Great is for kids and adults alike. Amazing views.

Hiked on 6/30/18. Easy for all ages. Some short snow covered areas near snow lake but easily traversed with normal shoes and the help of some poles.

21 days ago

amazing trail. bench lake access is kinda lame... but snow lake was beautiful and you can get right up to the lake to chill in multiple areas without overgrowth. went on 25 june and still a good bit of snow in spots of the trail

Lots of snow on the trail. Starting to melt so some spots are sketchy. We definitely sunk a couple times and my friend ended up in the creek. Poles are helpful. We only made it to the meadow and hung out there for a bit before turning around because people were heading back with waders, and ice picks, and hiking boots, and poles, and spikes, and they kept asking us how far we were planning on going and saying the snow is only worse the farther you go in. Would still recommend. Incredible views of the mountain and there weren’t a ton of people (probably because of the snow and it wasn’t SUPeR nice out).

2 months ago

Nice short hike to some different viewing spots of Narada Falls, quite impressive! Fun to sit on the wall and have someone walk around and take a photo. Crystal clear water is beautiful. Recommend a short stop, it can get crowded.

Fun family hike with a few steep steps.

8 months ago

Beautiful wildflower fields and views of Mount Rainier. The trail goes by the road in a few spots and comes close to the visitor center which can get very busy.

8 months ago

Snow shoes & route finding needed, shortly after breaking away from the Skyline trail.
Well worth the effort & braving the whordes at Paradise. Once in the moraine, don’t forget to look to the south, for views if Mt St Helens & Adams!

8 months ago

great views of the former glaciated valley, modern glacial terminus and Tahoma (Rainier) -- go early or late in the day to avoid the sun backlighting the giant pile of rock and ice

Terrific trail, based on a tip from a park ranger at Paradise Visitors Center! Plenty of snow but a sunny, warm day in mid-October. This trail starts in woods, then opens out to pretty glens with shrubs and big trees. Then you're back in wooded climbing, then more glens. There is quite a bit of climbing. Trail is never very wide, barely enough for two ppl side-by-side in parts. We passed high above a small lake that was partially frozen--probably prettier in warmer weather. Made it to Snow Lake and were the only ones there! Enjoyed a picnic overlooking the lake, seated on snow. Positively wonderful. Went down around some trees to a more narrow part of this lake, where it opened to a wide valley. But hard to tell in the snow where the lake ended and dry ground began! Carefully climbed on fallen trees across pristine snow-covered ground.

We actually picked this trail for a sunrise hike to take our engagement pictures. It was perfect - short enough that we didn't look an exhausted mess when we got there, but long enough that the pics definitely didn't look like they were taken anywhere easy to get to. We were on our way out by 9am and other hikers were just headed in. So I imagine mid day it would be crowded. But there was NO ONE on the trail of at the lake when we went!!

The trail is short but moderately steep (in places) to bench and snow lakes. Being accessible from the main road means there's a ton of people that will be on the trail with you. Ultimately, the beautiful mountain/ lake views and wildflowers make it a great place to be.

10 months ago

great for beginners and kids. fantastic for family get away, views and swimming. definitely go when its hot for the swimming part lol

11 months ago

Made this hike in late July. A little gem suggested by a ranger. Wild flowers were as beautiful as the view of Rainier. Go as far as you can. It can definitely be tricky. The end of trail you can stand on the edge of a precipice. A great way to get away from all the heavy traffic at Paradise center for awhile.

11 months ago

I would consider this trail somewhere between a beginner and intermediate trail. The two major climbs are quite steep.

Really enjoyed this hike. Most of the hike is in the woods so views are a bit limiting. But the views of the lakes from lake level as well as from the overlook are breathtaking.

I used this map and my app showed me veering off the trail enough to make me wander if I had taken the wrong trail. My GPS showed that I was further north than the map.

Overall, really enjoyed.

Fun hike and Snow Lake is amazing!

Beautiful hike, trail is in great shape

Pretty, nice hike. steep in spots, but overall easy hike.

took my 3 year old twins, 5 year old and 6 year old on this trail. they loved it !!! a little snow and a little muddy. everything about this trail was beautiful!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Fun hike for the family. Great views.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

the snow is very presence on the trail and slippery at spots. my four and seven year old loved the hike . there is a creek halfway on the trail that you need to get creative to make a crossed, but other than that an absolute beautiful hike with great views of Rainier.

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