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Killer burn to the top. Beautiful the whole way down. Easy to follow signs and great quality trail.

8 days ago

One of the best hiking for healing mind, soul and body!


Great hike. Beautiful view. Take the little detour to go down to bench lake, so worth it. Both lakes are stunning. No bugs in sept so that was good. The sign outside the hike says 700 feet elevation change and felt more like that vs the 400 this site says.

We were her yesterday. 7yr old had enjoyed the up and down and challenges offered by the trail.70yr mom.had to take some breaks but steadily we we're able to do both bench and Snow lakes. route down to bench lake is bit unsteady , my mom had to literally sit and slide.down and coming up was bit work.Though view of Mount Rainier is awesome from Bench lake bed. Snow lake doesn't have view of mountain.through out the trails we get multiple view of Mount Rainier. we took it easy and took ~4 hrs to go enjoy both the lakes.lot of berries to eat along the way.no bugs.

We were there today and it was a pretty lake, however, I went with my little daughter and I’d not consider it a kids friendly trail. Or at least not with little kids.
It was absolutely beautiful. No bugs at all. It felt
Longer than 2 miles
But I could be wrong. Totally worth it.

Amazing views of the entire cascades on a clear day. We were able to see Unicorn Peak, Mt Adam, Mt Hood and Mt Saint Helen - not to mention the incredible view of Rainier behind that! We barely ran into anyone

Gorgeous views and beautiful lakes Blueberries abound...we could have picked bagfuls. There were absolutely no bugs when we hiked it on Labor Day weekend. We didn’t even use bug spray. The trail is rather strenuous and hiking poles would have been useful.

Very beautiful lake and trail! Lots of blueberries to eat on the trail very tasty too lol!

It was a little deceiving because there was a small pond, then a small lake but much further was Snow Lake. We thought at first the second body of water was Snow Lake.
But we kept going and were greatly rewarded with the Snow Lake. Great view from camp site #1. Not many people on the trail since it was a Monday. On the weekend it would be much more crowded.
Explored the toilet up near site #2. Wow! Interesting.
Do this hike! Beautiful reward.

Loved this trail. A lot of steps but the scenery is worth it all! Will definitely come back.

Great hike for families and young kids used to do hikes. Bring snacks and do a picnic

Enjoyed the hike up Golden Gate Trail to connect back into Skyline loop and Panorama Point. The meadows were in bloom and we saw several marmots and squirrels on the way up. Remember to bring plenty of water while the sun is hot!

I hiked this yesterday and it was definitely beautiful. I never got tired of the views. Also, it is a short hike. The whole thing took about an hour and a half with lots of breaks.
I feel like the elevation listed here might be inaccurate because we had to take a lot of breaks and it felt steep. The way there is a little steep. However, I am pretty out of shape and it only took us 50 minutes to reach the lake.
The other issue was BUGS. The flies are miserable. When you are moving they are just a minor problem but as soon as we stopped to take a break they swarmed us. I didn't actually get bit by any, but I had to constantly swat at them. The mosquitos were pretty bad by the shady part of the lake as well.

Beautiful hike. Would love to go back and swim and be more prepared for the bugs. :)

Bring a camera because everywhere is a picture moment. Wonderful views. God country.

1 month ago

One of the best hikes in the park

I have been on a lot of pretty trails and this one was just plain hard. Lots of steps and tons of flys. The view was nice but you could not get to the lake like I thought you could. It was not long but took a while because of all the steps but if you stopped flys were all over you BAD. So if steps are hard for you this is not a good trail for you.

1 month ago

Took the Fourth Crossing trail up to the Skyline trail, and from there took Skyline to the Paradise Glacier trail. Saw a bird but no one else on the Fourth Crossing trail, a nice change from the usual Paradise summer crowds. The Skyline trail was moderately trafficked, and we ran into a volunteer ranger heading in each direction. There’s a family of marmots with a couple babies at the monument just before the Paradise Glacier trail. The volcanic Glacier trail only had a few other people on it, and it makes a notable change from the usual Paradise scenery. It was a cloudy day with a rainstorm blowing in, so we only stayed at the end of trail marker long enough to have a snack. We only saw Mt Adams for a bit, but I’m sure you could see much more on a clear day. I’d recommend a wind breaker and trek poles for this one.

Incredible view of the falls at the base with intermittent rainbows, cool mist, and steep decline. My 7 yo joined me, but would be too much for my 4 yo.

Mt. Rainier rates this as moderate, I would say it is moderate short hike, with a lot of steep stairs and descending. If you have weak knees , trekking poles are a must. The lake views are amazing, lots of flys! I mean lots, the whole trail. We sprayed off deep woods 3 times and it really didn’t help.

Bring bug spray!!!!

July 21, 2018

Love this hike!

2 months ago

Great hike. I took my 8 and 4 year olds with me and they did fine. Steady incline thats not too steep. A couple good view points, most notably on the north east side of the trail. Its easier than snow and bench lakes just down the road, but not as pretty. Still a great hike. Will do again.

The stairs are a bit steep, but overall an easy hike. Bugs are heavy but it motivates you to keep moving. View are exceptional. Wildflowers are blooming, too!

Beautiful scenery! Half way down the trail you will see a metal stake in the ground and a couple pieces of wood blocking the trail. You are missing out if you don’t take that path down to the lake! It is kind of overgrown but if you want a picture of the mountain reflecting over the lake this is the only spot to get it. Absolutely stunning!! Would have been a perfect hike if the bugs weren’t so bad!

Hiked here today. Short, slightly challenging. Would have enjoyed it more if we had not been swarmed by bugs the entire hike. I’d do it again in colder weather or if I can wear a mosquito net.

Fun trail. Challenging for beginners but I had fun keeping up with my kids. There is a waterfall past snow lake at the very end of the trail.

My first ever Real hike

2 months ago

Great hike for a 4 year old even though the bridges were washed out from winter and about 1/3 of the loop was covered in snow. The snow patches were always short enough we could find our way to the trail on the other side, and kept my son entertained and motivated.

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